Rainbow Loom is a kit used to weave colourful bracelets and necklaces.  It features colourful rubber bands and a plastic pegboard for assembling rubber bands into an assortment of items.  Do you know that Rainbow Loom is invented by a Malaysian who is now residing in Michigan?  You can read more here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Loom.   Lately it has become very popular over here and missy received a box of Rainbow Loom from our friend in Bangkok.

I tried to make a bracelet but just don’t have the patience.  I am also pretty bad with this kind of crafty stuff.  I still prefer paper craft.  So one weekend, my sister came for a visit and she helped missy make a colourful bracelet.

I guess I have to leave it to my sisters to make more bracelets and charms with missy.

Just today, I found a different version called Loom Band at the market in the neighbourhood.  This one cost RM10 only but it doesn’t have the pegboard.   Actually there are different versions available now.

I remember using different colour rubber bands to make our own skipping rope when I was a kid.  Brings back fun memories.  I guess kids these days aren’t into such things anymore.

Saw this quote in Pinterest yesterday. This is oh so true!  Some people I have come across like to talk about how much money they have or how much they are making but who cares eh?

At the end of the day, “No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble.”

So I went for some retail therapy recently and found out that H&M was having a sale.    When I popped into the store, I found a pair of girl’s bling bling sneakers that was on sale.

Of course I cannot resist because it is only RM15!

It goes very well with a pair of Butterfly Shwings.  Don’t you think so?  Missy likes it a lot, I mean the pink Shwings since it’s her favourite colour *wink*

Recently, Mattel, Inc., through their communications representative, sent Ashley a lovely package which comprises of  the newly released DVD – Monster High Frights, Camera, Action!  Ashley was thrilled to bits because she is such a great fan of Monster High.   Honestly, a year ago, she wasn’t very keen with Monster High but now, she just can’t get enough of them.  Through Ashley, I learned that Monster High is a school where all the daughters of the famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf go to.

This Monster High adventure is about a journey to find the true Queen of the Vampires.  In order to find the true Queen of Vampires, the Monster High ghouls have to locate the Vampire’s Heart and this takes the Monster High ghouls from Londoom to Hauntlywood.  It is a very entertaining movie and I must say that Draculaura and her ghoulfriends are very fashionable and trendy.


Ashley received the Cleo de Nile and the DVD

They came in this cute little bag

Watching the movie with the doll.

Todate, she has watched this movie 3 times.  Her favourite characters are Draculaura and Abby.  She really enjoys watching this DVD and even asked me when she can receive another movie *chuckle*

Every time when we walk pass the convenient store, she would ask to buy this.


Missy was over the moon when I bought her this Monster High top from Mango Kids online.

She is so into Monster High right now.  Will soon blog about what she received recently.

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Recently overnight oats is getting to be rather popular.  I see them in my Facebook as well as Pinterest.  Overnight oats is actually oats soaked in milk and keep in the fridge overnight so that it absorbs the liquid.  You can actually put in whatever you like such as kiwi, mango, apple, nuts or chia seeds.  No cooking is involved.  Just leave the overnight oats in glass jar.  I decided to give it a try recently.

Preparation for my lunch the next day.

I added the yoghurt and mango as well.  I only put in the banana when I am about to eat the oats.

I like that it is cold and flavourful.  Some people add a spoonful of honey, a muffin, a cookie or a teaspoonful of peanut butter.   Give it a try one day and make your own combo.


I have been neglecting my blog lately.  Just too many things going on right.  Busy busy busy.  School is starting next Monday so things will be back to the routine soon.  This is the last part of my trip to Bangkok.  Besides lots of seafood, I managed to have my favourite Thai dessert and it is Tub Thim Krob which is Red Rubies in coconut milk.  Yummy!  It was so delicious.  Our friend brought us to this nice Thai Restaurant called Ban Thon Thanon.


Here are some of my shopping loots :-

 My colourful bags.  The orange one is from Asiatique and the yellow one is from my favourite shop – Ginger at Siam Paragon

 Purse, wallet and messenger bag made from recycled cement bags which I bought from Chatuchak

 Colourful purse, wrislets and cushion covers made by the natives in Northern Thailand.  I bought them at Chatuchak.


We went with 2 bags but went home with 4.  You can imagine the things I bought :P

 Goodbye Bangkok. See you real soon.

A continuation post from the previous one.  For the past 2 years when we go to Bangkok, we only visited the malls, Chatuchak and savour the delicious food.  This time, our Thai friends who are ever so gracious, insisted that we should go to Ayutthaya, the ancient city of Thailand.  Ayutthaya is about 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok and on the 2nd day after we were done in Chatuchak, they picked us up and head to the ancient city.  I am so glad that we went because we had a really enjoyable time there.  I love the History subject and I remember reading about this city and seeing the ruins and temples in the book.  Ayutthaya existed from 1351 to 1767 and was a thriving city in the East. It was attacked by the Burmese in the 18th century and almost completely burnt the city down to the ground.   Hints of the spectacular city can still be seen now in the many ruins of the monasteries, temples and palaces. The sight is pretty amazing.


 Headless Buddha statues in a row at Wat Mahathat

One of the few complete Buddha statues

Buddha’s head embedded in the roots of the Bodhi tree. This is one of the most famous symbol of this ancient city.   I have seen this image many many times before and being able to see it face to face was just awesome.  On the notice near the tree, it says that those who wish to take a photo of the Buddha’s head with themselves would have to squat or kneel down so that they are not position higher than the Buddha as a mark of respect.

A description of the head of the sandstone Buddha image

Our friends quickly booked us on a elephant ride as soon as we reached Ayutthaya.  It was our first time and I was quite scared initially.  I felt so sorry for the poor elephant who had to endured our weight.  Ashley was thrilled as usual.  The elephant took us around part of the ancient city.

After this, we head over to the Chinese Buddhist Temple called Wat Panan Choeng located at the East bank of the Chao Phraya.  It has a beautiful gold Buddha that is 19 meter tall.

 Photo taken from google.

It was a memorable trip for us and we are so grateful to our lovely friends for taking us to Ayutthaya and treating us to a sumptuous Thai food for dinner.    We had been feasting on lots of seafood, tom yum goong and my favourite glass noodle with prawns.  Simply marvellous!

I wanted to have a holiday badly to de-stress and decided to go to Bangkok for some retail therapy and tom yum goong.  My girlfriends were not free to go with me as it was a last minute decision so the 3 of us went as our family vacation.  When I made the bookings, Bangkok was not ruled by the military yet.   So I was kind of worried before the trip and have been monitoring the news daily.  Our Thai friends told us not to worry and just go for our holiday.  I am glad we did because we had a great time in Bangkok.  Shopping was great and the food was simply awesome.


 Hubs holding Ashley’s hand while we walked to the Erawan Shrine to pray.  See the black knapsack on hubs? That’s for the shopping loot.  He brings this bag out each time we go shopping in Bangkok :)

The Four Face Buddha at Erawan Shrine

On the first day, we went to Platinum mall for retail therapy.  Shopped till I almost dropped while hubs and Ashley waited for me at the food court on the 6th floor.  Then later in the evening, we took a boat ride to Asiatique.  Had a lovely seafood dinner there and more shopping.

Shopping at Chatuchak on the 2nd day.  It was very hot there but good place for shopping.

My favourite cafe at Siam Paragon.  I love their Thai Fusion food.

This was the only time we saw soldiers during our stay in Bangkok.  It was the 3rd day (Sunday) and there was supposed to be a protest in front of the hotel we stayed in at Ratchprasong.  The protest didn’t take place there eventually as it was being lock-down by the military.  So the protestors went to Terminal 21 shopping mall instead.  We were already in Siam Paragon at 10am so it didn’t bother us.  Relatively it was very safe in Bangkok.  The military was there to control so that there will not be any chaos.   Do stay tuned on where we went next ;)

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