Today is back to work.  It was a good Labor Day long weekend and I really needed the short break.  We went to Kuala Selangor on Sunday morning for a short road trip.  We made our way to Bukit Melawati to visit the fort.  We actually passed by this place during our previous trip to Kuala Selangor but didn’t stop here so this time, we came here to sit on the tram that took us round the hill top.


Missy was so excited that she got to go on the tram.  Luckily we were early and the crowd was still manageable.  The tram stopped at 2 locations and we have to get off to check out the locations so that other visitors who were there earlier can take the same tram down.  We then waited for the next tram to bring us to the next stop.


Posing at one of the cannons found on this hill.  Can you spot something on the cannon?


Lovely view


The lighthouse that was built by the British in 1907


One of the many silver leaf monkeys that are found on this hill.  Here is a mother monkey with her baby who is orange in colour.

It is fun to visit Bukit Melawati.  The view is nice and you can even visit the museum to learn about the history of Kuala Selangor.  If you don’t want to take the tram up (RM5 for adults and RM3.50 for children), visitors can walk up the hill and enjoy the scenery.

We then drove about 10 minutes away from the hill to the riverside for our lunch at Jeti Seafood Restaurant, located beside the river.  I didn’t take any photos of our food though.  We had salted egg prawns, stir-fried vegetables, stir fried cuttlefish, fried tung fun (noodles) with lala (clams) and braised yee mee (noodles).   It was great having lunch while enjoying the breeze and looking out at the river.

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Although many people know that improving their mental and physical well-being would empower them to lead a more positive, energized life, they oftentimes lack the knowledge necessary to get on the path to incredible health. If this is the case for you, this article can help. Utilize the simple tips and tricks found below to get on the road to healthier living:

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So one weekend I was at the mall and was checking out some sales items at Uniqlo.   While going through the shelves, I saw a lady who was standing opposite me wearing the same top that I had on. Horror! She didn’t notice me but I quickly held a plastic bag which I was carrying to my chest to make it not so obvious that we are wearing the same top.  I still haven’t done looking at the shelf so in order to continue doing what I was doing without anyone noticing, I had to do that.  Pretty funny incident but a little embarrassing.   I bet if I were to shop online like at kirkland store Guitar Centers, I do not have to worry about bumping into another person wearing the same outfit.


This is the black top from Padini which I wore.  Gotta becareful next time.

A new eatery has opened in the neighbourhood and we are so loving it.  This unassuming little pop-up stall is called Down To Bones and they specialize in Bbq Pork Ribs, Lamb and Chicken.  It is opened outside a coffeeshop (same row as Caring Pharmacy).  The seating area is either beside the road (open air) or along the passage way of a row of shophouses.


A group of young guys and gals cooking and manning the store.

We have been there twice and here’s what we ordered.


Grilled chicken (RM14).  Very tasty and we love the generous portion of the mash potatoes.


Hubs had pork ribs (RM18) on our first visit.  The ribs are really huge and lip-smacking!


Missy had grilled chicken and she wanted to eat it with some disposable gloves that are provided.


I ordered the pork ribs on our 2nd visit. Hubs ordered the grilled lamb but I forgot to take a photo. We really ate everything down to the bones.

Down To Bones opens only on Saturday and Sunday evening for now.  If you love ribs, you really got to try them. I am sure you won’t regret it.

Address :

27, Jalan Hujan Rahmat,

Taman Overseas Union,

58200 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

Instagram :

A wedding dress is the most expensive women’s clothes and it is different from clothes we wear daily.  Every wedding dress is different and can be mechanized produced fully for a slightly high-grade brand.  The manual process of making a wedding dress is more complicated than other clothes, from designing the products, selecting materials, beads, making samples, to sewing beads and applique, everything is controlled manually. A great wedding dress is made by experts who have more than 3~5 years experience.  The wedding dress factory is not a simple OEM and is different from the electronic factory we usually know, required for workers, and reliant on the product design. So you can’t simply compare the wedding dress factory with that electronic OEM factory.


The main factors that affect the price of the wedding dress are design cost, materials and labor cost. Due to these factors, it is difficult to reduce the design cost now, although we don’t know whether it would be the same later on. Do you know why China could be a big exporter of wedding dress?  The main reason is because labor cost is much lower than Europe and USA.  Just provide specific design drawings to the wedding dress factories in China, choose the material you want and all you have to do is wait for the finished products. Now, many wedding dress factories in China are following this process mode, but with the rising labor cost, this superiority is being more and more weak.

Some China clothing factories and electronic factories have moved to neighboring countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. However, Suzhou and Guangzhou city which have the biggest production factories rarely see wedding dress factories  moving out.  Why? It is because of the distinctive wedding dress industry, as mentioned earlier,  running a factory that produces wedding dresses is not a simple process.  Wedding dress can be copied easily and some factories sell to bride-to-be directly through the cooperation with China trade companies.  This means that there is no additional costs involved such as the brand maintenance and store rental, so the price from online shop is much more lower than other Europe and America brick and mortar stores and web shops.

In early 2016, the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association (ABPIA) sued hundreds of wedding dress companies in China and also blocked thousands of Chinese wedding dress websites.  This is a big impact to Chinese wedding dress export industry. This event also blocked the imitation of the wedding dresses.  Looking back, this is similar to China’s  cottage mobile phones industry, but now Chinese XIAOMI and HUAWEI have become famous brands in the world.   Whether or not the China wedding dress companies will come out with their own brands is still unclear.  However, some powerful wedding dress factories have begun to upgrade their brand visualization, such as Jusere.  This Suzhou based company, established in 2002, has its own design team and factory. In early April in Beijing, Jusere started its own wedding dress fashion show and it was reported all over the media. Will there be other factories that would organize their own fashion show?  Only time will tell.


It is because we can’t get enough of Cookie, the beagle.  She is the resident pooch at The Hound Cafe.


Who can resist this cutie pie?


Coffee is good too.

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I used to have highly sensitive nose.  I sneezed every morning and have runny nose till noon time. On certain days it would get so bad that the runny nose continued for a few days and I would need to take Zyrtec or Clarinase.   I could not stand dust, smoke and strong perfume.  They made me sneeze till my head swayed. I also could not sleep with the air-conditioning on every night.  That would make my nose runny and develop into cold/flu.  I become an asthma patient because of this.  Now all these are behind me.  This is what cured my sinus.

super lutein

Super Lutein, a nutritional supplement that contains of rich amounts of carotenoids (β-carotene) as well as blackcurrant polyphenols, vitamin E, B group vitamins, and DHA.  Carotenoids are found abundantly in brightly-coloured vegetables and are an essential nutrient for the maintenance of good health.


I take 3 caps a day which is the equivalent nutritional value of 4 servings of fruits, 5 servings of vegetables and 6 colors of natural extracts from the fruits and vegetables.   If you find it difficult to consume sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables daily,  then Super Lutein is the best.  This is the easiest health supplements for busy lifestyles.

Since I started taking Super Lutein last year, I can sleep in airconditioning room every night without any problems. No more runny nose and no more wheezing at all! Super Lutein makes me a healthier person.  Click here for my earlier post on this awesome health supplement.

If you would like more information, do post your comments here or you may email me at

When we were back in Ipoh recently,  I decided to get some curry chicken bread from a bakery in Pasir Puteh.  This bakery is near the Tuck Kee Restaurant.  Hubs was actually in that area to take-away his favourite ice coffee which is just next to this bakery.  I have seen quite a number of people buying the curry chicken bread from this bakery so I thought I would give it a try.

2016-03-27 18.10.20

This is how it looks like when I teared the bread apart.  The curry chicken is wrapped inside this aluminium foil and baked together with the bread.

2016-03-27 18.12.24

The curry chicken portion is not that big.  It consists of 2 pieces of chicken with some potatoes.  The cost for this curry chicken bread is rm6.

Verdict :  I didn’t quite like it. Perhaps it is because I did not re-heat the bread in the oven.  I bought another one for my friend and she said it was delicious and she re-heat it.  I should try the famous Curry Chicken Bread from Kampar next time.

Bake With Yen has opened a branch in my neighbourhood so when I went to check it out recently, I saw some ice-cream mix packets on the shelves.  I decided to try out the chocolate ice-cream mix.


All we need to add is Full Cream milk.  As cold milk is required, I refrigerated the milk overnight.


Instructions on the packet.


Pour everything into a bowl and mix them up.


Then you may pour the ice-cream into a tray or ice-cream mould of your choice.   You can even add chocolate chip, nuts or fruits to the mixture.  I kept mine simple this round.  After leaving the ice-cream in the freezer overnight, it is good to eat.   Sorry, I didn’t take any photos of the ice-cream but let me tell you, it is so delicious!  The ice-cream is smooth and taste like dark chocolate ice-cream.  Yums!  I am going to buy more and try again.

Hubs and I love to check out the running and hiking items from the sports shops at the mall.  One of our favourite shops is Why Pay More in Mid Valley Megamall.  So we were there over the weekend and I stumbled upon this nice cap which I can wear when I go running or hiking.   Guess how much it cost?


RM10!  Insane eh?  I checked the cap thoroughly to make sure that there is no defect.  Can’t find any at all.  I just love a good buy!

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