Some friends in my Facebook are crazy about Le Creuset.  It is a popular French cookware manufacturer that is best known for its colourful enameled cast iron cookware.   These are how they look like :-

So pretty right? However, they are very expensive and I would not pay so much for a pot if you asked me.  I remember I have something similar which my mom used to cook our food.  It is our good old blue enamel pot.   I used to see this pot in the kitchen when I was little and mom would be boiling soup or making a stew with it.

I think this pot is more than 30 years old.  So precious.  Have you seen one like this before?  My friend, Elaine called this the Le KongPoh (Cantonese for enamel pot)….hahahahaha

Recently, my sister and I have been a lil crazy over necklaces.  It all started when I spotted the statement necklaces on Pinterest.   Then I chanced upon an online store selling accessories and I went giddy with excitement.  To add on to our crazy obsession,  Diva was having a big sale.  These are some of our loots recently :-

Dangling Feather Necklace from Diva (RM13)

Bursting Silver necklace from Diva (RM13)

A pretty one from (RM39)

Chunky fushia from Diva (RM13)

Mint green necklace (RM9)

… all you need is just an ice-cream.

One of my happy moments is when I am with my dearest friends.   My besties are all over the place.  They are in Ipoh, Penang, KL, Singapore and Sydney. It is not easy for all of us to meet up unless we plan a gathering like what we did for the last few years in KL and Bangkok.  We spent hours chatting, laughing and shopping.  During my recent trip back to Ipoh, I met up with some of them at Myth Cafe which is at M Boutique Hotel where I stayed.  Though it was only for a few hours, it’s always great to see my girls.   We usually stay in touch via Whatsapp and Facebook :)


My gorgeous friends at the recent meet-up.  One of them came back from Singapore and I had no idea until I saw her at the cafe.  What a wonderful surprise.  Missing the rest of them.

Ashley is a big fan of Bovril and Marmite so one weekend I decided to cook Marmite pasta for her. I added some minced meat and broccoli. When the pasta is cooked, I just mixed everything up with a teaspoonful of Marmite .


Verdict : Missy likes it a lot.  A happy kid is a happy mom :)

On our recent trip back to Ipoh, we visited my aunt again.  This time she has a swing in her porch.  I was surprised to see it and was even more surprise when she told me that the swing was from her old house.  It is the same one that I used to play on when I was a child.  I frequented her home a few times a week and spent many wonderful hours on this swing with my sisters and my cousins.   So much sweet memories.  It used to be in silver and  the people who rented my aunt’s house painted it grey.  Ashley loves the swing and only dared to come out of the house when my aunt’s dog was tied up with a dap collar.   After taking this photo, she asked me to push her from behind :)  

I found some fabulous ideas that we can do with colourful paper straws.

as pretty cake topper

fun props

banana pops

lovely paper flowers

You know, paper straws ain’t for drinking only *wink*  If you are interested in getting some paper straws for your parties, do check out Unikbarang.  This is the direct link to the Paper Straws Album.

I went running yesterday evening after a thunderstorm. After an hour, the rain came back and I was drenched.

Then I took shelter at one of the shops. I seldom go there so I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lil quaint cafe has opened along that street. I went in to order an Iced Latte. I know it’s not good to drink that after a run but I just feel like having one.  At the cafe, I also saw these babies …..

The Mille Crepes were practically calling me to eat them. Arrgghh….I had to refrain myself from having them after a good run.  However I have been thinking about the cakes since then.  I have a weakness for cakes and pastries :(  So, maybe I would go buy a slice this weekend to curb my cravings.   Bleh!

Have a good weekend peeps!

So I was in the washroom last night reading the newspaper and doing the biz at the same time.  Barely 5 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.  Then came the voice, “♪ Do you want to build a snowman?”.  I said, “Please leave me alone and disturb your daddy”.  The little voice said, “Please answer  - ‘Go Away’”.  So I did as I was told because if I didn’t, there will be no end to it.   Then the little voice said, “Okay, bye” followed by “ ♪  Do you wanna build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around the halls. I think some company is overdue. I’ve started talking to the pictures on the walls ♫  “.

Arrgghh…I have enough of the songs from Frozen.  I just want my 5-minute break.

Last week school was closed for a one-week break.  We took the opportunity to go back to Ipoh for a short break and also to pay our respect to the dearly departed since it’s Tomb Sweeping season.    We decided to check out one of the latest hotels in Ipoh - M Boutique. We have heard some nice reviews about this hotel and booked a night there.  Here are some photos of taken of the quirky hotel.

A photo of the hotel taken from its website.

The waiting area at the lobby

The lift lobby.  I love brickwalls!

The oh-so comfortable bed.

The cupboards.  Such a rustic look.

Loving the burlap covered lamps.

A quaint corner where we had our free breakfast.  Check out the recycled doors wall panel.

Can you tell that I love the decor in M Boutique hotel?  It features many decors made from recycled material, wooden tables and rattan chairs.   If you are making a trip to Ipoh, do check them out.  I am sure you would love it as much as I do.

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