This week is already the 2nd week of the school holiday.  Time flies very quickly and before we know it, the new school term is here.   Missy was kinda bored at home during the day.  She has tuition twice a week and I also asked her to do her English  exercises daily.  Other than these, she would spend her time on her ipad, watching tv or reading her story books and comics.

So her aunts who spoil her to bits,  decided to bring her out for some fun and she also got to stay over at one of her aunt’s home for 2 nights.   They brought her bowling and followed by a 3-hour karaoke session.  She’s truly very blessed to have many people who dote on her.


Bowling fun for a few hours.img-20161208-wa0012

The ‘Dab’ Queen.  What’s with the dab these days eh?

Besides these 2 activities, she also got to have some fun like making her on karaoke video while her aunt was driving the car.  It was such a funny and entertaining video.  She must have learned all these from youtube.  Sorry I can’t post the video online.  Missy said she had loads of fun and didn’t want to go home.

We just came back from our holiday in Penang.  We were there for 4 days and 3 nights and we stayed at Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Ferringhi, Penang.  It is a lovely hotel and it is great for families.  The weather was not very bad during our stay though it was gloomy on the day that we arrived and followed by some rain after dinner.  The next day was gloomy with light showers too but overall the weather held up pretty well.  Here are some photos we took during our holiday.  Will be posting more later on what we did and where we went.


We drove to Penang via the new bridge.  It is a lot longer than the old bridge and quite scenic.


We had lunch at Kek Seng Coffeeshop on Penang Road, upon recommendation by my mother-in-law.  This coffeeshop has been around since 1906.


The durian ice-cream is indeed delicious and tasty.


Ice-kacang with ice-cream soda.  Kek Seng is famous for these.  I read that their Hainan Chicken rice is also famous but we didn’t like that the chicken dish was filled with black sauce.  Even the kids didn’t enjoy it.  The pai tee weren’t good either.  The only food we enjoyed were the lor bak and char koay teow.  We didn’t try the assam laksa though we read that it is not too bad.


After our lunch, we walked around the lanes behind Penang Road and chanced upon these lovely prewar shophouses.  I love the colours and the old tiles.


This shophouse is now a construction company. Love the door with the intricate designs.

Stay tuned for more on our Penang holiday.

The school holidays are here again!  It is time for the kids to take a breather from schools and lessons.  This is a wonderful time for families to take time out from their busy schedules and spend quality time together.  Spending time with children is very important because this would make them feel loved and secure.  So during this school holiday, why not take a break from the wild race of life and enjoy some family bonding time together?

I have recently discovered this awesome colouring book with Augmented Reality technology.  It allows the children to learn the fun way of colouring and turning their artwork into 3D pieces.  How does it work?  Well, all the kids need to do is to colour using their favourite crayons on the various colouring books by CreativAR.  Then scan the artwork using the AR Family App.  Sit back and watch the interesting animation characters, animals, buildings and etc, appear from the paper.  These 3D characters become alive and will also interact with the children.  Can you imagine just how exciting this is?  The AR Family App also allows children to store the 3D characters into their album folder and share these magical experience with their friends.  Isn’t this awesome?




With CreativAR colouring books, children will be able to unleash their creativity and learn about Augmented Reality Technology.  This is an activity which parents and children will enjoy doing together.    CreativAR has a few workshops and holiday programmes for children this November and December.  Check out their Facebook page and website for more information.   Hurry and register your children now.   Definitely a fun way to relax before school bell starts ringing again!

During our earlier visit to Melaka, we had lunch at SamFu Restaurant, which is an Asian/Nyonya Restaurant situated in the Chinatown of Melaka.   I never knew there is a Chinatown in Melaka had we not chose to eat at this restaurant. It is actually about 10 to 15 minutes walk from Jonker street.  I am glad that we chose to walk there albeit some rain as we got to see some old shophouses in Chinatown.

SamFu Restaurant is inside the Mimosa Hotel.  So it is easier to find Mimosa hotel from the main road.  If you are coming from Jonker Street, the hotel is on the right side.  There is a side entrance to SamFu Restaurant.


This is the photo taken from their FB page.  It shows the entrance to the restaurant at the side of Mimosa Hotel.   I love the wall art!


Some of the food we ordered.


The interior wall of the restaurant.


Another eye-catching painting on the wall.


Wall art


I love the cozy and classy charm of this restaurant.  We ordered pork pongteh, cili babi garam, pineapple prawn curry, steamed ladies fingers, cincalok egg and pie tee.  The food is simple superb!  I love the steamed ladies fingers the most and I think I can eat 2 plates of these.  The cili babi garam is so delicious.  It is spicy and flavorful. We finished all the food and were so full. Will definitely go back again to try their other dishes.

Hotel Mimosa, Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka, Malaysia.

Operating Hours: Wed to Sun for lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm.
Dinner: 5:30pm – 9:30pm.
Closed: Mon & Tues.

Tel; + 606-282-0113

Facebook :

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, my friends and I spent 7 hours in Chatuchak weekend market. Oh what a joy! One of my intentions is to look for this shop that sells enamel pots and tiffin carriers. The name of this shop is Junktion JJ.   After the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong gate of the Chatuchak market,  I almost wanted to give up looking for this shop.

If you have been to this weekend market, you would know that this place is a maze.  You have to know the Soi and the Sections and they are so confusing even if you are holding a map.  My friends insisted that we find this shop since I have been looking for it for a few years.  Yup, each time I come to Chatuchak, I could never find it and because missy cannot stand the heat and the crowd, we have to leave after 2 hours.  You can imagine my joy once we found it after walking round and round and making a wrong turn.


Look at the tiffins.  Aren’t they cute and colourful?  Since there are many of these in KL now, I didn’t buy any tiffins But, I bought a small red pot which is hanging up there in this photo.  Can you spot it?  I also bought two enamel cups in white and red.  My friend, Annie bought many things from this shop.  If we weren’t so tired, we would spend more time in Chatuchak.  We managed to get some really nice clothes between 200 to 400 baht.  Will blog more about the stuff we bought in my next post.  Stay tuned.

You can check out Junktion’s instagram here –

My 2 girlfriends and I went for a 4 days 3 nights getaway to Bangkok and we just returned yesterday. It was a good break for us mummies.  We went shopping, eating and massages (twice a day). Simply wonderful!  We laughed and did silly stuff together.  I laughed so much till I ran out of breath. Best of all, I got to be in Chatuchak for 7 hours!  This is something I couldn’t do whenever I am in Bangkok with missy and hubs. The most missy can last there were 2 hours.  This time, all 3 of us really shopped till we drop.  When we were too tired, we went for coffee, followed by massage. Then we continued shopping again.  Here are some pics of the trip.  Will post more again.


Mango sticky rice at the food court in Platinum mall. Very good!


Tom Yum Goong


Braised Pork Leg Rice


Us at the Sky Train from the airport to the hotel


One of the wonderful massages we had.

“Life Is Meant For Good Friends And Great Adventures”

In this age of smartphones and gadgets,  it is very easy to take photographs of our loved ones, friends and memorable events.  However, if one is looking for quality photos, there is definitely no substitute for photos taken with cameras.   Life’s special moments deserve to be preserved with beautiful photographs as they are the most treasured keepsake.  Finding and choosing the right photographer to capture these memorable moments is important and it is crucial to look for a professional who understands your need for your special day.

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Easy and convenient right?

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It has been a very busy time for us during these past 2 weeks.  Hence the silence.  Year end is always such.  Hope everyone is well and happy :)


We made a day trip to Melaka on Saturday to bring my brother-in-laws to visit the historical city.  They came here a few years ago and for us, it was our first trip after 2 years.  It was a rather gloomy day with hardly much sun.  It drizzled on and off too while we were walking around.   I love visiting Melaka because there is so much to see.  Love the old buildings and how they are preserved now.

We managed to have Nyonya food for lunch at SamFu Restaurant which is in Chinatown.  It was pretty rush for us as they close at 2.30pm and since we had late breakfast at Jonker street, we thought we could hang around there until 3pm.  We decided to walk over there from Jonker street before 2pm and it was tiring for my mother-in-law and my mom.  Will blog about SamFu Restaurant in my other post later.

My in-laws got to try the durian chendol, the nice ice coffee at sam shu gong, buy pineapple tarts and nyonya dumplings.   Too much food in just one day!  Too bad we didn’t get to walk around more to explore the sidelanes.  I spotted some newly painted shophouses when we were on the River Cruise.  Below are some photos taken on that day.


Walking to Jonker street after we have parked our cars


So surprised to see H&M occupying this whole building which is just opposite Hard Rock Cafe. Alas, I didn’t manage to go in as I was not allowed to shop there by missy and hubs.  But, I’ll be back!


Spotted some old buildings in Chinatown. Reminds me of Ipoh in the 70’s & 80’s


This is an old barber shop and the barber was having his lunch while waiting for customers. Love to stumble upon scenes like this.


I love this blue door with a bicycle parked outside.  I wonder what is inside this shop.


It is important to have clothing that is appropriate for each occasion. You should have standard pieces of clothing to wear each day, and you should keep other wardrobe options available for fancier events. Here are some ideas for wardrobe options that will help you stay in style for every celebration.

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Select Stylish Accessories
Adding accessories to your wardrobe can be a great way to achieve an elegant appearance. You may want to choose colorful jewelry to complement neutral clothing. For example, a beige dress can pair well with accessories of almost any color. A necklace with bright hues, for example, can make a powerful fashion statement. A handbag or small clutch that coordinates well with an outfit can also be an ideal accessory option. Try to maintain a collection of pieces that coordinate well with your wardrobe.

Dressing Up
Some occasions call for a more sophisticated appearance. For example, you may be attending a bridal shower or a wedding. These celebrations are more formal occasions, and you will want to dress appropriately. Elegant evening dresses can be ideal choices for these fancier occasions, and you will want to choose a dress that showcases your best features. Close friends may be able to help you pick the styles that flatter you. Make sure to pair your outfit with a stylish pair of shoes.

Building up a wardrobe that offers options for all occasions can take some time. If you start with a few basic pieces, then you can add to your options as you are able. You will soon have a variety of pieces for every occasion.


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