Hiking with children can be a great way to introduce them to the wonders of nature.   Been reading articles about hiking with children and I couldn’t wait for missy to join me. Hubs wanted to go hiking too so last Sunday, we finally went hiking as a family.  It was a first time for hubs and missy.  We went to Puchong Hill, Taman Wawasan which is also known as the Ayer Keroh Forest Reserve.  At first, I was apprehensive about bringing missy along as Puchong Hill is quite steep.  However, I am surprised that she could climb well and downhill was fine.  She did grumble a little and said that her chest hurt so we slowed down.  We also stopped briefly to look at some holes on the ground which I think are nests but not sure what kind of animals live in them.  We saw giant ants, wasps nest and some pretty awesome trees.  We made a few stops to rest and managed to cover the whole hill in 2 hours.  I am so proud of her.  Missy said she enjoyed the hike so I think we will be hiking more as a family.


Taking a breather and replenishing lost fluids.


Dad turned 72 a few days ago and we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Damansara to celebrate his big day.  There were 10 of us that night and it was a fun gathering.  Everyone is busy with their own lives so getting together for dinner was good. Ash had a blast and pretended that it was her birthday again when it was time to blow the candle.


Have you heard of Zentai suit?  You probably have seen it before during Halloween parties, themed parties, sports events and more but not sure what it is called.  Zentai suit covers the entire body from head to toe and is also known as a full bodysuit or second skin suit.  It is breathable and can be worn without the headpiece.  Made of spandex fabric, they are comfortable to wear and are just perfect for those who want to transform themselves into any look.  Zentai suit is getting more and more popular now.  There are many retailers who offer a range of zentai catsuit for sale but the one that offer the best quality and right fitting costumes is TomSuit.com.  This online store has a massive range of products which caters to customers from across the globe.


On top of zentai suits, you can find bodysuits of leotards, catsuits and unitards at this website.  TomSuit.com also has an extensive range of unique and cool Belly Dance costumes, Halloween costumes and accessories such as leggings, stockings and more.


It is very easy to shop at their website. You can choose the costumes you want from its drop-down menu.  Its website is easily navigated and provides ample information on each product.  With TomSuit.com, you do not have to search from store to store as everything can be done conveniently in the comfort of your home.   If you cannot find the size that you are looking for, no worries.  TomSuit’s costumes can be made to measure.  All you have to do is to provide them your measurements.  Their products are shipped using reliable shipping service provider such as Fedex, UPS & TNT.  They also have a 30-day return/exchange policy if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase.

So if you are looking for quality zentai suits, belly dance costumes or any kinds of costumes for your event that are not hard on your pockets, just check out TomSuit.com today.

Missy has been asking for a dog for the longest time and we finally got her one on her 10th birthday.  It’s a Rottweiler and her name is Buffy.  Missy is so happy that she has a pet now.  Buffy came home when she was about 6 months old.  We did not get a smaller puppy because we want her to be trained for obedience.  The first few weeks, Buffy was a terroriser.   She bit all our slippers, furniture and even the wall.  We have to buy new slippers and now we have to keep them inside the house.  She also wants a lot of attention from us and loves that we scratch her.   If we ignore her, she would climb onto the chair outside so that she can look into the house and see what we are doing.  What a cheeky girl!


Every once in a while, a dog enters your life and changes everything”

What? Getting money back after shopping?  Yes you got that right.  My heart was beating really fast when I heard about ShopBack Malaysia.  Without missing a beat, I quickly hopped over to check it out. ShopBack is a cashback website where you can literally get cash back when you click through their merchants.  On top of the existing great discounts and voucher codes, shoppers can get back a percentage of the money that they spent.  That is the best value you can get for the money you spend. Once payment is made, the cashback is credited to your ShopBack account which can be cashed out later into your bank account or Paypal.  Get paid for shopping is just awesome right?

ShopBack is a legitimate service and they have established themselves in Malaysia and Singapore.  They plan to expand to Philippines and the rest of South East Asia.  ShopBack works hard to source the best deals and coupon codes from reputable local and international retailers so that we can enjoy greater savings on our favourite brands.   Their partners include Groupon, Zalora, Rakuten, Lazada and many more.

Just how to use ShopBack?  Well, below is a step-by-step tutorial :-


1)  Click on any store

2)  Get Redirected to the selected merchant’s site

3)  Shop and Pay On The Merchant’s Site

4)  Get Cashback in your Shopback account within 1-2 days

Its website is user-friendly and very easy to navigate.  You can narrow down your search according to categories such as Home Living, Travel, Fashion and etc.


ShopBack is definitely taking online shopping to a whole new level.  So, super savvy shoppers, head over now to sign up and get rewarded for shopping.

Recently we got an electrical oven so I have been trying to bake more often.  I went online to search for a potato casserole recipe and found a simple one.  The ingredients are potato, bacon, sour cream and Parmesan cheese.  Boil the potato in a pot and slice them.  Place potato slices in a buttered tray, add in bacon and sour cream.  Sorry I forgot the exact measurement required.  I only used half a tub of sour cream, 6 potato, 6 slices of bacon and a handful of Parmesan cheese.


Before baking


After baking for 30 minutes.  The family loves it.


Yup, this sums up exactly what I am feeling now.

You know, moms everywhere seem to share the same problem and that is not enough time to get everything done. Managing a busy lifestyle can be challenging sometimes.  Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home mother, you have probably got more errands and tasks than you can keep up with.  There are doctor’s appointments, school projects, homework, shopping trips and more. There is good news for tech-savvy moms.  Ensogo.com.my is here to help busy moms save money and time.  Ensogo.com.my is the one-stop shopping destination to source and purchase great quality deals.  You can find products such as kids educational toys, baby essentials like milk bottles and prams, kids apparels and many more.

Ensogo work hard to find and handpick the best offerings for consumers, from the latest electronics, stylish fashion, to 5-star hotel buffet dinner.  They only work with highly reputable, selected merchants and brands so consumers can have a peace of mind when they shop at Ensogo.com.my.  They certainly make shopping life so much easier for supermums everywhere.

I am always looking for new finds that won’t break the bank and Ensogo.com.my is now my favourite.  I feel so satisfied that I save both time and money by snagging great deals.  Dear readers, you can now get RM 20 off any purchase on the site with a minimum purchase of RM 60 for Home, Living and Fashion products on Ensogo (http://www.ensogo.com.my).  This promotion valid is till 21 June 2015.  Just key in the promotional code: BARBARA20 upon checkout to enjoy this lovely deal.  Hurry and hop over to choose from a wide selection of supermom’s supplies!  You can’t get this promotion anywhere else!


The Mango Sale is on! Hurry and go check it out.  There are so many good bargains when you shop online at their store.  Goods are shipped directly from Spain and if in any case the clothes don’t fit, you may return them to Mango (free shipping) or exchange them at their stores in Malaysia.  Good deal eh?  I love MNG!



In case you are wondering, yes, I have placed my orders online *wink*

The best places to shop in Bangkok are of course the night markets or street markets and my all-time favourite – Platinum Mall.  This mall has the latest fashion at affordable prices.  When we were there recently, there are clothing at 200 baht a piece which is about RM20 for a nice top or a dress. Can you beat that?  You cannot bargain at Platinum Mall and usually when you buy more than one piece, you would get a wholesale price.  As for the night market / street markets, bargains are allowed.  We went to the night markets near Siam Square and also near Pratunam.  There are so many things to buy.  I bought a traditional dress for Ashley.  It has a bohemian touch to it.


Nice?  I paid 200 baht for this dress.

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