This year, Ashley’s school celebrated the Teacher’s Day on Friday, 27th May 2016 which was the last day of school before the mid-term school break begins.   She told me that she would like to give her Form teacher a gift so I did this diy gift.


I used a recycled can and wrapped it with a colourful wrapping paper.  Then I bought some highlighter pens, post-it-note, a hand cream and a hand soap.


Arranged everything into the can and wrapped it with a transparent wrapping paper.  Tied the gift with twine and I also printed out a gift tag which I downloaded from Pinterest.  I thought this tag which says “Thank You For Making Our Year So Bright” is just perfect for the highlight pens that I got.  There are many free gift tags download in Pinterest, thanks to the generous people who designed them.   That’s all on my simple DIY Teacher’s Day Gift.

This was the gift I did last year.  I bought 2 chocolate bars and wrapped them with colour papers.  Got this idea from Pinterest again.


“In case you are interested, here are the DIY Gift ideas that I did previously :-




Ashley just turned 11 yesterday. Yes, my baby is no longer a baby *sobs*.  It does seem like I just gave birth to her not too long ago.  Been looking at her baby and toddler photos lately and they bring back so much memories.    Her aunts and hubs’ cousin and his family joined us last Saturday to have an early celebration for her at a family karaoke.  Since she’s into singing now, she enjoyed singing in the karaoke that day.  She got to sing all her favourite songs by Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Megan Trainor, Maroon 5 and more.


Missy and her cousin singing Uptown Funk


Her birthday cake with sparklers

She told me she had a great time that day and she enjoyed it very much.

Your Birthday Is The Happiest Day Of My Life”

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I heart bagels.  I can never resist when I spot bagels at the bakeries or cafes.  I won’t buy frozen ones from the supermarket though.  I like my bagels fresh.  My love affair with bagels began when I was staying in Toronto.  Bagels are available everywhere.  Can’t say the same in Kuala Lumpur though.  It’s not easy to find delicious and fresh bagels here.  Well, what do you know?  Just a couple of days ago, a friend posted about Hipsterfoods in FB and tagged me.  I was sipping my coffee while checking Facebook and was so excited that I almost spilled my drink.

Hipsterfoods specializes in hand-rolled New York style bagels that are 100% free from any preservatives.  The best thing is that Hipsterfoods is in Kuala Lumpur and they offer delivery too (RM15 delivery in Klang Valley).  Bagels on wheels!  Ain’t that awesome?  Yay, now everyone can buy bagels in Kuala Lumpur.   Hence, I wasted no time and placed my order.


My 3 bags full of mouth-watering bagel schmagels.


I ordered poppy seeds, plain and cinammon-raisin.

I think before the delivery guy left my neighbourhood, I was already chomping down on the poppy seed one.  It is so fresh and delicious.  The bagels are super huge too!   Too bad I didn’t have any cream cheese at home but the bagel is yummy just on its own.  I am planning to make my own bagelwich with ham, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

Check out their website here.  There are Blueberry, Cheddar Chilli, Onion, Parmesan, Sesame and Chocolate Chip bagels beside the ones that I have ordered.  I found out that Hipsterfoods has just released a range of spread such as Chilli Spread,Pepper Spread, Salmon and Dill Spread, Honey Walnut Spread, and Garlic Spread.


(photo taken from their Facebook page)

I am definitely going to order again and I would like to try the salmon spread too.   Just writing about these is making my tummy growl.

So, if you want to sink your teeth into some awesome and fresh bagels, swing by Hipsterfoods at :-

Facebook –

Website –

For the past few days, I have been hooked on Pinterest. Actually I am a Pinaholic (is there such a word?). To date, I have 2000 pins  *chuckle* I get my inspirations from there and it is a good place for me to de-stress as well. Since I have a few presents to wrap, I have been checking out some gift wrap inspiration. Have you wondered how to wrap a power iso for someone who is into music?  Here are some of my favourites :-




There are a few birthdays coming up and also Teacher’s Day celebration in school this week.  This means it is time to wrap some presents.  As usual I will be digging out the kraft papers and boxes for the gift wraps.  I need some gift tags too and Pinterest is such a lifesaver!  Managed to find some lovely gift tags printables for free at this blog .  Thank you Craving Some Creativity.   Next step is to find a Teacher’s Day/Appreciation gift and start wrapping.


On Mother’s Day, my family, including my siblings had lunch at Big Baba Restaurant in Taman Desa.  I have heard of this restaurant last year but initially they were closed on weekends.  Luckily they have since changed the operating hours.  Been wanting to have nyonya food for a long time.  The last time we had them was a few years back when we were in Melaka.

Big Baba’s food is very spicy.  I have never had such spicy Nyonya food before.  We ordered a few dishes which you can see from the photos below.  Perhaps I have a rather high expectation before coming here from all the reviews I have read.  However, I didn’t find the food really out of this world.  This is just my opinion.  If you like Peranakan food, do give them a try.  We probably didn’t order their best sellers but I like the otak-otak.


The entrance


love this rustic blue door.




We had cincalok egg, four season vegetable (very spicy), petai sambal prawns, ayam pongteh and rolled minced chicken.



No 34, Ground Floor, Jalan 2/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-7987 7755). Business hours: 11am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday).

It has been raining almost every day for the past week or so.  Do you notice that every time it rains, the lighting is getting more and more furious?  It is so loud and intense that all of us sitting inside the house are scared.   We’re  jolted out of our seat from the sound.   Just a few days ago, this little fella was also scared and  she stayed close to the door.  She kept looking outside whenever there is lightning and then looked in at house.  We know she wanted to come into the house so we let her in.


Wonder why the sky is so angry these days.

Today is back to work.  It was a good Labor Day long weekend and I really needed the short break.  We went to Kuala Selangor on Sunday morning for a short road trip.  We made our way to Bukit Melawati to visit the fort.  We actually passed by this place during our previous trip to Kuala Selangor but didn’t stop here so this time, we came here to sit on the tram that took us round the hill top.


Missy was so excited that she got to go on the tram.  Luckily we were early and the crowd was still manageable.  The tram stopped at 2 locations and we have to get off to check out the locations so that other visitors who were there earlier can take the same tram down.  We then waited for the next tram to bring us to the next stop.


Posing at one of the cannons found on this hill.  Can you spot something on the cannon?


Lovely view


The lighthouse that was built by the British in 1907


One of the many silver leaf monkeys that are found on this hill.  Here is a mother monkey with her baby who is orange in colour.

It is fun to visit Bukit Melawati.  The view is nice and you can even visit the museum to learn about the history of Kuala Selangor.  If you don’t want to take the tram up (RM5 for adults and RM3.50 for children), visitors can walk up the hill and enjoy the scenery.

We then drove about 10 minutes away from the hill to the riverside for our lunch at Jeti Seafood Restaurant, located beside the river.  I didn’t take any photos of our food though.  We had salted egg prawns, stir-fried vegetables, stir fried cuttlefish, fried tung fun (noodles) with lala (clams) and braised yee mee (noodles).   It was great having lunch while enjoying the breeze and looking out at the river.

Click here to read my earlier post on Kuala Selangor.

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