This is what I have on one of the walls at my office.  Am so loving it.  This kraft banner is done by my colleague.  She knows that I love kraft paper very much and she strung this for me to hang.


Saw this photo shared on LiteFM’s facebook page. Gotta agree!  I am glad that I was a kid before technology came along :)

Missy is into clothes with animal designs right now.  Every time she sees a top with a picture of a dog or a cat on it, she would ask me to get it for her.  Of course this shopaholic mom would buy them because they are just too cute.  As long as they are not expensive, I’m ok with that.  It all started with the red tee which I bought in Hong Kong last year.   She has a few more now.

Luckily she’s not into rings yet or else I may need to get the promise rings for her.


Oh boy, I can’t believe it that it has been more than a week since I last posted something in my blog.  There is so much going on lately that I don’t have the time to blog anymore :(  Perhaps it may be because I am losing my blogging mojo :(   Hopefully when my mojo returns, I can start blogging more often :)

I was looking at my photos on the computer and I realize that I haven’t blogged about this special food which we ate in Ayutthaya, Thailand.  On our way to visit Ayutthaya from Bangkok, we passed by many stalls along the highway, selling colourful food in big plastic bags.  Our friend stopped at one of the stalls to buy them for us to try.  He said this delicacy is only sold in Ayutthaya.  I googled for more information and managed to find out that this is known as Roti Sai Mai.



So colourful huh?  This very sweet dessert looks like fine noodles but tastes like cotton candy.  How is it eaten?


My friend did this for us in the car.  Put some roti sai mai into the thin pancake and roll it up.  It tastes heavenly.  Just like eating a spring roll filled with cotton candy :D


 A must-try when you are in Ayutthaya.

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Rainbow Loom is a kit used to weave colourful bracelets and necklaces.  It features colourful rubber bands and a plastic pegboard for assembling rubber bands into an assortment of items.  Do you know that Rainbow Loom is invented by a Malaysian who is now residing in Michigan?  You can read more here –   Lately it has become very popular over here and missy received a box of Rainbow Loom from our friend in Bangkok.

I tried to make a bracelet but just don’t have the patience.  I am also pretty bad with this kind of crafty stuff.  I still prefer paper craft.  So one weekend, my sister came for a visit and she helped missy make a colourful bracelet.

I guess I have to leave it to my sisters to make more bracelets and charms with missy.

Just today, I found a different version called Loom Band at the market in the neighbourhood.  This one cost RM10 only but it doesn’t have the pegboard.   Actually there are different versions available now.

I remember using different colour rubber bands to make our own skipping rope when I was a kid.  Brings back fun memories.  I guess kids these days aren’t into such things anymore.

Saw this quote in Pinterest yesterday. This is oh so true!  Some people I have come across like to talk about how much money they have or how much they are making but who cares eh?

At the end of the day, “No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble.”

So I went for some retail therapy recently and found out that H&M was having a sale.    When I popped into the store, I found a pair of girl’s bling bling sneakers that was on sale.

Of course I cannot resist because it is only RM15!

It goes very well with a pair of Butterfly Shwings.  Don’t you think so?  Missy likes it a lot, I mean the pink Shwings since it’s her favourite colour *wink*

Recently, Mattel, Inc., through their communications representative, sent Ashley a lovely package which comprises of  the newly released DVD – Monster High Frights, Camera, Action!  Ashley was thrilled to bits because she is such a great fan of Monster High.   Honestly, a year ago, she wasn’t very keen with Monster High but now, she just can’t get enough of them.  Through Ashley, I learned that Monster High is a school where all the daughters of the famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf go to.

This Monster High adventure is about a journey to find the true Queen of the Vampires.  In order to find the true Queen of Vampires, the Monster High ghouls have to locate the Vampire’s Heart and this takes the Monster High ghouls from Londoom to Hauntlywood.  It is a very entertaining movie and I must say that Draculaura and her ghoulfriends are very fashionable and trendy.


Ashley received the Cleo de Nile and the DVD

They came in this cute little bag

Watching the movie with the doll.

Todate, she has watched this movie 3 times.  Her favourite characters are Draculaura and Abby.  She really enjoys watching this DVD and even asked me when she can receive another movie *chuckle*

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