Tossing Yee Sang In The Oxpicious Year

Yee Sang is also known as Prosperity Toss or Loh Sang which is a dish that is popular during Chinese New Year festive season.  It usually consists of strips of salmon, abalone, jellyfish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Tossing yee sang symbolizes good luck, prosperity, health and just about all things auspicious.  During the tossing of yee sang, everyone will shout out auspicious wishes and hopes for the new year. The Chinese also believe the higher you toss, the more luck you get.  A fun activity indeed.

This year, I have tossed 3 yee sang.  One was at home and two were at the office, a day before the office closes for the festive season and the first day we went back to work.  It has always been my company’s tradition to have a feast on both days.

Tossing Yee Sang at home.

Yee Sang at the office which I bought from the famous Yee Sang seller in Taman OUG.  They sell Yee Sang all year round.

A refreshing Yee Sang with fruits at the Golden Sun Restaurant on the first day back to work.

Huat Ah!

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Cute Outfits To Wear With Sandals

When the warm weather arrives, it brings the need for a pair or two of summer sandals.  From platforms to kitty heels, there are many comfortable and cool styles to add to your shoe closet.  that are as stylish as they are practical. Whether it is a tourist-inspired sandal for a long walk, a pair of flip-flop to accompany your backyard swim look or a cozy work-from-home slide, the best summer sandals are suited for every socially distanced occasion. Buying new shoes for the warmer weather is great fun and cute sandals are great for keeping your feet fresh and sparkly with pedicures.

If you are searching for inspiration on how to put an outfit together with sandals, well look no further.  Below are some outfit ideas on how to wear the trend.

Stylish flip-flop outfits

Pair a kitten heel flip flops with a pantsuit, Bermuda short pants or long pants like above.

Shop the trend here

Thanks to plenty of well-placed straps, these slingback sandals cover your feet and yet still allow your feet to breathe and feel cool on even summer’s hottest of days.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Female Footwear Shoe and Woman

Shop the trend here

The super-comfortable go-to tourist shoe has returned again.  From the classic Teva shoes to new takes on the shape, the outdoor-inspired shoe is the ‘ugly shoe’ trend to dress down a pair of high-waisted trousers or a casual maxi dress, an easy choice for both essential runs and socially distanced walks.

Worn Well: Back to School Style

Shop the trend here.

There are plenty of cool new takes on flip-flops and you cannot go wrong with a classic pair. Style with a bra top, shorts, and a button-down for an easy summer outfit. If you want to make your standard flip-flops look polished, style it with a sleeveless turtleneck and tailored pants.

How to wear flip-flops

Shop the trend here.

When it comes to different types of sandals, there are a plethora of styles out there to choose from. If you are into a more bohemian vibe, gladiator sandals are good. Or if you prefer a beachy look, toe sandals would be a perfect choice.  If you prefer retro styles, then check out some vintage shoes that are anything but the typical flip-flops. 

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Shopping Online At Shein While Staying At Home

Since the Movement Control Order started last year, we have only visited the shopping malls like 3 times. The last time we went to Mid Valley was in early January this year to shop for some Chinese New Year clothes.  In order to curb my shopping addiction and restore my sanity, I have been shopping online.  I discovered Shein while scrolling on FB and decided to download Shein’s app and like they all say, the rest is history.

What I like about Shein’s clothes is that they are very affordable.  The tops that I bought are around USD$7 – USD9 each.  I am also very satisfied with the material.  Shipping is free above $50 if I am not mistaken.  First time buyer gets $5 off too.  Here is what I ordered.

I also bought 2 chain necklaces – 1 in gold and 1 in silver.  All these cost me around USD$28.  Amazingly cheap right?  Delivery is about 2 weeks and I don’t mind as I am not in a hurry to wear these clothes.  Right now, I have added a few more items into my cart.  Will accumulate more and buy again.  Shopping is indeed the best therapy. 

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Trendy Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses 2021 Trend

When it comes time to choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress for your bridal party, there are many things to take into consideration.  The style, the fit, the color and as well as the length of the dresses are very important.   All these create the ideal dress but there is one thing that truly transforms the garment and it is the fabric of the dress.

It can be tricky trying to figure out which fabric to choose for your bridesmaids’ dresses.  If you are looking to add some texture to your wedding aesthetics and you love dresses with volumes, then tulle bridesmaid dresses are perfect.  Tulle is a fun fabric that can add a soft texture to the dress.  Your bestbabes are going to love you for choosing tulle bridesmaid dresses because they look stunning in photos.  Tulle dresses are usually refreshing and flatters all figure very well because they are not very clingy.  Very often, bridesmaid dresses are made from chiffon so when you choose tulle bridesmaid dresses, it offers an unconventional twist to your wedding party.   Also, compared to other material, tulle tends to have more volume and shape.

Whether you are looking for something romantic, classic or dramatic, scroll ahead for some tulle bridesmaid dress inspiration from

A one-shoulder bridesmaid dress like this flutter sleeve A-line tulle dress is a good choice for bridesmaids who have broader shape.  This design makes the shoulders appear smaller and adds a little springy touch.  One-shoulder gowns work on most body shapes too.

If you love the ethereal long tulle bridesmaid dresses look, then this off-shoulder A-line pleated bridesmaid dress is just what you need for a truly romantic look.  Off-the-shoulder sleeves are having its moment and their partial coverage is perfect for a spring wedding.

A two-piece bridesmaid dress featuring crop top and maxi skirt offers a lighthearted spring combo.   This style with loose floaty skirts are perfect for brides who want a boho bridesmaid trend.  It looks chic and very comfortable to wear.  Your best gals will be free to tear up the dance floor.

Tulle bridesmaid dresses usually have more flow compared to chiffon dresses.  They also tend to have a more whimsical aesthetic and are simply delightful. 

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Low Carb Peach Gum Dessert

Today is Day 6 of the Chinese New Year.  I decided to boil a pot of nourishing dessert as I haven’t been having any since I started my keto / low carb way of eating.  I came across a post by Yummy Keto By Charine on Facebook page  where she whipped up a Low Carb Chinese Dessert or Chinese Tong Sui – Goji Berries Peach Gum Collagen Dessert.  

Peach gum has been rather popular in the recent years for its nutritional properties. Peach gum is the resin from Chinese wild peach trees that are sold in small little golden nuggets.  They are rich in amino acids and allow collagen to be easily absorbed into the body. Definitely a lot cheaper than bird’s nest and are usually cooked in dessert and soups.

This is the packet of peach gum that I bought. I only used 1/4 to make my dessert.

Below is the recipe from Yummy Keto By Charine.

15g Peach Gum = 7.5g total carbs
30g Lakanto = 30g total carbs (I used Erythritol which I bought from here)
5g Goji Berries = 1g total carbs
About 10 pieces of blueberries

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the peach gum in hot water for 2 hours. Soak goji berries for an hour
2. Rinse and strain it before use.  You will some black strips on the peach gum which you can remove using a knife.
3. Add Erythritol to 500ml water and bring it to simmer.
4. Add peach gum, goji berries and cook in low heat for 30 mins.
5. Lastly, add in blueberries and turn off the heat when it’s softening.
6. Serve hot or add some ice for a cooling dessert.

After soaking in water, you can see that the peach gum have expanded in size.

My first low carb peach gum dessert or peach gum tongsui.  I find that this dessert taste like leng chi kang, another type of Chinese dessert that helps to cool down the body.

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Tips for Boosting Your Confidence

It’s difficult to do everyday things and remain confident throughout everything you do. So often, negative thoughts intrude and self-criticism invades everything. Some awareness and the actions you decide to take can help you cast away doubt and raise your self-esteem.

Positive Self-Talk

How do your daily actions make you feel? Even if you’re doing “healthy” activities, maybe you’re approaching them in ways that don’t support you. For example, if you begin a bike ride by engaging in negative self-talk about your lack of endurance, you might be more likely to use anything that goes wrong as support that you are weak. Everyone has weaknesses alongside strengths, but it doesn’t benefit you when you equate those shortfalls with your whole identity. List the talents you have, the compliments you receive, and the activities you enjoy. Build up positive self-talk.

Looking Your Best

Sometimes, you’re not comfortable with your appearance. You can do many things—large and small—to feel more official, more self-assured, or just more satisfied with how you look when you work with and spend time with other people. Change your wardrobe so your clothing both fits well and gives you the sense of professionalism you want. Add some hair color Westchester County NY to revitalize your appearance or express yourself differently. Experiment with different styles, but trust your gut feelings.

Preparing for What You Can

When you feel prepared, it’s a lot easier to silence your doubts. If you like to plan things, make sure to always have a weekly planner on hand and some notepads. You can make it fun by purchasing planners with your favorite designs. As you make plans, keep in touch with everyone who is involved and come up with some alternatives. Imagine worst-case scenarios, but don’t let them take up too much mental space. Over time, whether things go as planned or not, review your successes. Remind yourself of what you’ve done well, and keep going.

Remember to check in with yourself throughout the day. Celebrate the things you’ve done well.

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Happy Niu Year Everyone

Today is Chor 4, Day 4 of the Oxpicious New Year.   This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is very different for most of us.  We couldn’t travel back to Ipoh to celebrate like how we have been doing for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, I looked forward to the CNY because my family will make our way to my aunt’s for a gathering and my cousins and I will play all day while receiving angpows.  When I grew up and have my own family, we would travel back to Ipoh on Chor 1 to my aunt’s house and celebrate with all my relatives.  There will be a buffet lunch for everyone. At night, I would have Reunion dinner with my dad and family.  The good memories.  We will definitely have a grand celebration when the pandemic is over.

For our Reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year, there were only 4 of us (me, hubs, missy and mother-in-law).  Usually we would have a reunion dinner with hubs’ older brother and his family and also his cousin and family.  This year we ate at home and ordered a Pun Choy which is our first time.

The Pun Choy is a bowl consisting of mushrooms, sea cucumber, prawns, duck meat, abalone, chicken and napa cabbage simmered in stew gravy.  Our version is small and there was no roast pork.  We added another can of abalone to the Pun Choy.

We also had grilled Yong Tau Foo and Samgyupsal Gui, which is grilled fresh pork belly.

Dinner was good but less merry this year.  Nevertheless, we are thankful that everyone is safe and healthy at home.

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Chinese New Year Wreath Which I Recycled From Christmas

Remember my Christmas wreath which was a gift from my dear friend, Sasha? So the flowers have dried up and the whole wreath turned into dull brown with only dashes of red left.

I got the idea of turning the Christmas wreath into a Chinese New Year one by adding some fake cherry blossoms on it.

Tadaa… is my recycled Chinese New Year wreath. 

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Running To Clear The Mind

Since the Movement Control Order 2.0 started about a month ago, hubs, missy and I cannot go out to the park anymore as it is closed.  The SOP also states that only 2 people from the same household can go out to run or cycle.   So, the 3 of us take turns going out to exercise.  I would either go out for a run with hubs or missy.   I try to make it a point to bring her out at least once a week.  Being cooped up at home is not good for mental health.  Everyone needs to get some Vitamin D and the sun is the best source.

Exercise like running is not only good for health, it helps to reduce anxiety and stress.  Running helps me to unpack my mind.  Last Saturday, missy and I decided to walk to a playground in the neighbourhood next to ours to exercise.  On our way back, I spotted an Instagram-worthy place so I asked her to take a photo of me.

It’s nice to discover little things when we walked around.

We also spotted this cute lil fella looking at us and we stopped to say Hi.


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Hip Hop Jewelry Trend For 2021

Remember the 90s fashion?  The decade that was ruled by hip hop and skate culture? Well, the 90s never did leave us. The revival of tie-dye t-shirts and influx of sneakers everywhere for the past few years suggest so.  Having said that, it is not just the fashion we are talking about.  Fashion always comes back around, even in the world of jewelry. It is no surprise that we will be seeing a lot of returns from the beloved 90’s in this year’s mens jewelry trend.

The heavy-duty gangster chains sported by rappers in the 90’s are the latest haute accessories.   These flashy accessories are a must-have for celebrities who are associated with hip hop and those who are not as well.   Influenced by streetwear style, mens choker chain also dominated the menswear runways.

Designers have also unveiled a whole men’s jewelry collection of cuban link chain that is a type of chain featuring flat close-set links with thick texture that was made popular by Tupac, LL Cool J and a host of other rappers shimmering from head to toe in bling blings.

Gold mens chains are a symbol of wealth.  It is also a symbol of their achievement, hard work and a way to express their attitude.  This jewelry is also decorative and make one stand out from the crowd.

Many people look up to their favorite hip hop artists and often find themselves wanting to emulate their style, from clothes to  their trendy jewelry choices. With fashion trends moving fast, you probably may want to update your hip hop jewelry collection with the latest pieces. Here are some of the mens jewelry you can find at Helloice, a trusted name when it comes to jewelry for men and women. They have an array of chains at pocket-friendly prices.

The Chain

The chunky chain will always remain prevalent in the hip hop industry, and now artists are getting more creative with their updated chain style and pendants.  This white gold chain for men is 26″ in length and made with beautiful 18K white gold finish.  You can mix different length chains and wear it under or over your shirt.


In the hip hop circle, everyone wears earrings. Earrings for men have always been popular in the hip hop jewelry market, and they add to your whole ensemble. From custom hoop earrings to iced studs, there are options for men and women.

Iced Earring in Gold


Pendants are becoming favorite pieces of jewelry among modern men.  There are many mens pendants to choose from such as animal motifs, religious motif pendants, dog tags and more.  These chain pendants for men look especially cool & casual on link chains.

Add some jewelry to your cart now  to help you stand out from the crowd!

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