Casual Winter Boots That Are Comfortable

One of the essential items to have in a cold-weather wardrobe is a warm pair of winter boots. They are best when paired with a chunky sweater, fluffy scarf, leggings and a heavy winter coat to keep you cozy. A pair of snow boots will be able to protect your feet from the winter elements when you have to shovel snow, commute to work or out and about.

The wind chill, rain, snow and slush will not be able to stand a chance against these water-resistant and weatherproof snow boots. Made with insulation and cozy linings, they will keep your feet warm and dry.  Remember to look for those with sturdy bottoms to prevent slipping on slick surfaces or black ice.

Whether you are on the lookout for boots that can keep you comfortable on a full day of walking, looking for a classic waterproof option for wet days or maybe adding a new faux fur-trimmed pair to your winter wardrobe, ahead are some of the best winter boots in fun and trendy styles for your cold-weather adventures.

Fur-lined anti-slip winter bootie

With a cuff and faux fur foldover detail, these hiker-styled booties are functional and will finish off your winter white look. Nothing compares to having a tall boot to help you brave the elements and keep your feet dry. Made with waterproof and cold-resistant suede material, it features a thick inside with a heat-gathering plush lining to lock in the temperature in the shoe at all times. Its high-top design is suitable for wearing with jeans, pants and leggings.

Fur Lined Outdoor Anti-Slip Winter Bootie

Slip On Casual Snow Boots

These boots are like a puffer coat for your feet. This stylish pair is made of rainproof silk on the outer part and thick fleece on the inner.  It is incredibly warm and soft, making you feel like walking in the air. It will keep your feet warm and is perfect for walking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. 

Lightweight Fleeced Winter Boots

If you are in need of super comfortable snow boots, this is the ideal pair.  The thick furry inner lining of this pair of winter boots will keep you toasty warm. It is a round-toe style and has a low heel. Comfortable, stylish, and supportive, this pair can withstand snow and slippery surfaces.

Women Lightweight Fleece Winter Snow Boots

Head over to to check out more winter boot styles.

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No Monday Blues

Received a surprise this afternoon after lunch. Got a call from my friend who asked me if I am at the office and to go out and take something from FoodPanda.  I was greeted with a cup of Cappuccino from Zus Coffee.  That just made my day extra special.

The coffee was still very hot when I reached me. It came with a sleeve and there is a funny message on it.

This message is so me!

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Casual T-Shirt Trends

If there is one closet staple that we all want to get right, is the basic t-shirt. They may be a classic humble wardrobe piece, but t-shirts are absolutely important as the most simple layering essential piece that goes well with just about everything, from a pair of jeans, skirts to blazers.

Why is a t-shirt such an important piece in our wardrobe?  It is because they never go out of style.  The t-shirt is spared from the fashion trend and can be worn now or 10 years down the road.  It looks good with any bottoms you have. It is important to find a t-shirt that fits you to a T (pun intended) but it is not an easy task.  I you are looking to refresh your tee collection, well don’t worry.  To help you out, ahead are some of the casual T-shirts from that are available in every style and cut that you may want to take a look.

V Neck T-Shirt

This T-shirt features a V-neckline and unique petal sleeves. The standout point are the sleeves that look like puffy shoulder pads.

Oversized T-Shirt

This loose oversized T-shirt features a fringe design on the sleeves. This cheap T-shirt does not look overly slouch and is great when paired with shorts or black pants with strappy heels for a chic look.

Women's Tassel Trim Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Puff Sleeve T-Shirt

There are times when an ultra a soft T-shirt is so right. This t-shirt features a V-neck that perfectly show off the beautiful contours of the neck and pleated puff sleeves. It is dressy enough to wear to work, but comfortable enough for brunch with friends or lounging around at home.

Casual Puff Short-Sleeve T-shirt

Casual Butterfly Design T-Shirt

Made with super soft and stretchable material, this lovely T-shirt is not too thin and is just right for the hot summer days. This crew-neck, short-sleeve tee has cross-knots and is great when paired with jeans, leggings, skirts or under a blazer with a pair of pants.

Casual O-Neck Bufferfly T-shirt

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Brunch?

This mid-morning fusion of breakfast and lunch is an easy way to connect with family and friends. There are many benefits of getting brunch. From establishing new relationships to spending quality time with family, brunch can benefit your entire day. Read on to discover how you can enjoy the benefits of getting brunch. It is time well spent, and you’ll be glad you did.

Breakfast for lunch

A recent study found that 25% of Americans do not get enough breakfast. This is terrible news for schoolchildren because it results in lower academic achievement, a higher risk of dropping out, and worse employment prospects. The No Kid Hungry campaign commissioned the study. They found that students who skip breakfast tend to be more likely to be overweight. But brunch can provide the energy we need to get through our busy day. So why do so many people skip breakfast? If you’re from the U.S., be sure to check out some of the best brunch in the United States!

Research has also shown that getting breakfast in the morning can help students’ concentration. Eating breakfast before class can help them focus better and perform better on academic tests. According to the Journal of Economics, children who eat a complimentary breakfast before class scored nearly 25% higher than those who did not. It also helps students’ overall health. Researchers have linked a healthy breakfast to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The benefits of eating breakfast are numerous and many!

Eating breakfast can help employees bond. Many employees are unaware of each other and are not acquainted with each other. By providing breakfast catering, they can encourage employees to socialize, improve communication, and build stronger teams. Additionally, a hot breakfast can promote a sense of camaraderie, which can result in increased productivity. This can only be a good thing for any business! Getting a breakfast catering service might help if you’re in a hurry.

An opportunity to build new relationships

Brunch is a mid-morning fusion of breakfast and lunch. It’s a great way to get together with friends and family and enjoy great food. There are several benefits to brunch, including a great way to develop new relationships. First, organize brunches to bring together different groups of people. Second, brunch parties also allow you to network with new people, whether they’re family, friends, or extended family.

Start by asking people if they’d be interested in sharing your product. At the brunch event and through email, Ryan gathered feedback from attendees. It turned out that most attendees were interested in sharing what he was selling. Besides, people talked about it at the brunch events and in private conversations. With the proper buy-in, you’ll have a great community of people to talk to about your new product.

An opportunity to spend time with family

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or want to share details about your day with loved ones, brunch is a great way to connect. Family members will love spending time with each other over a delicious meal. In addition, brunch will help you build a stronger connection due to the time you spend together. 

Whether you’re meeting up with coworkers who work late or want to spend quality time with your family, brunch offers an excellent opportunity to bond. Brunch is a meal where you can enjoy a variety of dishes for several hours. You’ll be able to savor each bite. In addition, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss what you’ve eaten the night before.


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Where To Buy Cheap And Delicious Keto Cakes

Recently I have found a baker who bakes really delicious Keto Rolls and Keto Cakes. Not only are they yummy, but they are also very affordable too. Kar Wan Page bakes a variety of keto rolls that taste just like normal roll cakes which I miss very much. The roll cakes are very soft and moist. They are available in mocha, chocolate, coconut, cream cheese and matcha.  She also bakes regular cakes too as well as 6″ round cakes.

I have ordered twice from her. Each roll can slice into 8 pieces.

The rolls come in a cute box too that is great for gifting.

Next time I want to try the butter cake and the Keto Strawberry Box cake. You can find out more from her Facebook Page – Kar Wan Page or place your order on this link.

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Waterproof Snow Boots You Can Buy Online

When the winter season arrives, you may be ready to dust off the winter boots that you have been wearing for years. Although you may still have your trusted pair of winter boots in your shoe closet, having several pairs of these winter staples is essential to help you check off the list of basics you need to weather through the winter months.

No matter if you live in a place where there is lots of snow or planning a skiing holiday, having a good pair or two of waterproof snow boots will come in handy. There are many insulated and waterproof styles that can help to withstand ice and rain as well as comfortable and durable styles for walking on cold days.  Having the right boots will be able to protect your feet from the cold weather until the warm days arrive.

So if you are in the market for the best snow boots to wear when you are going for a hike or taking out the winter sled for a spin, check out the best waterproof snow boots that are stylish and affordable from

Waterproof  and Snowproof Winter Boots For Women

Made for the coldest months of the year, these waterproof winter boots are the perfect wardrobe staple to conquer the cold temperatures and feet of snow. This pair of boots is stylish, comfy and affordable. Made with PU sole, it offers excellent traction when walking on ice and snow.


Faux Leather Snow Boot

Offering versatility and comfort, this vintage faux leather warm winter snow boot will lock in the temperature inside of your foot thus keeping your feet warm when outdoor for a long period of time. It features a lightweight and soft PU sole and has a strong grip and gradient shock absorption.

Faux Leather Water Resistant Snow Booties

Waterproof PU Leather Front Zipper Boots

When shopping for snow boots, you may immediately think of them as heavy and clunky. However, with these boots, you will get the total opposite. They are not only waterproof, but highly comfortable and made with a durable EVA+rubber composite sole. Designed with a wind and snow zipper to lock in the temperature, the inner wool will give keep your feet warm. You definitely won’t regret picking up these cozy boots this winter season.

Waterproof PU Leather Front Zipper Winter Boots

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How To Solve The Tummy Pooch Problem

Many of us can agree that having a fat belly is annoying and we all wish that we can get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course we can always do that by following a healthy diet and exercise.  However, for some of us, who do not see the results even after doing that, there is something that can help us flatten and tuck in the tummy bulge temporarily. It is no other than the amazing shapewear.

Shapewear comes in many different options and styles.  The best shapewear for hiding tummy pooch will be able to shape the entire midsection and slim down the love handles too. In order to help you make the right buying decision, below are some of the best shapewear pieces that will work.

Body Shaper Bodysuit

A full body shaper looks like a bathing suit and it can smooth out and compress the bulges, giving us a more sleek silhouette. It also shapes the back bulges which many women struggle with.  No matter what outfit you will be wearing, this fully body shaper can instantly make the tummy pooch less visible.

AirSlim® Hourglass Full Body Shaper

Padded Butt Lifter Shapewear

Besides offering enhanced tummy compression, this shaper also enhances the rear with its padded booty-booster pads.  The removable pads are strategically placed to lift the buttocks.  Its underbust design allows you to wear your own bra for a better fit.

AirSlim® Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear

Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

If you want to see faster result when you exercise, you may take a look at this latex abdominal tummy wrap.  Woven with high quality polyester and latex, this waist trainer for women is worn around the waist to increase heat in the core, which in turn makes you sweat harder. It has 3 pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners for easy adjustment.

NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

Sculpting Lace Wonder Bodysuit

This bodysuit can offer maximum body sculpting and shaping effect.  This plus size shapewear will smooth the midsection while firming the tummy with its 2 layer mesh panel.  It has adjustable straps where you can wear it spaghetti style, criss cross or V design.

AirSlim™ Backless Lace Smooth Bodysuit Shaper

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Fear Of Heights

Yes, that’s me. I have this fear of sitting on a cable car, ferries wheel, crossing bridges such as overhead pedestrian bridges and hanging bridges as well as standing on top of a tall building and looking down.  I still remember the very first time I sat on a cable car in Da Nang and Thank God it was misty so I couldn’t really look out.  My friends were there to hold my hand and distract me so it was ok.  The second cable car ride was in Genting about 3 years ago.  I just sat there without turning my head to look down so it was ok too.

Recently we drove to Semenyih and visited the Sak Dato Temple.  There was a hanging bridge that connects the temple to the other hill and at first, I thought I would be ok walking on the hanging bridge. While walking out with hubs and missy, a man was shouting loudly at his daughter, telling her not to look down. That gave me anxiety and I could feel the bridge swaying with all the footsteps on it. I quickly turned back and waited for hubs and missy.

This bridge at Sak Dato temple is an instagram-worthy place.

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Platform Sandals That Are Comfortable For Your Feet

Summer is here, which means it is time to reorganize your shoe situation to make sure that you have the styles to take you into summer. One sandal style that is ever popular for warm-weather footwear is the platform sandal. Love it or not, this beloved trend from the Y2k era is making a big return in fashion this year.  Many celebrities and fashion influencers have been spotted wearing the platform sandal and it has become a wardrobe staple.

One of the reasons why comfortable platform sandals are a popular choice is because they are by far the most versatile sandal. They represent the perfect blend between comfort and style. Platform sandals offer that little bit of lift that everyone loves while offering all-day comfort that can easily be dressed up or down. Scroll on Instagram at any day and you are bound to this shoe trend on your feeds.

The platform shoe trend is one of the easiest styles to incorporate into any wardrobe right now. You absolutely cannot go wrong with any version of this shoe because they are just too cute. It only makes sense to invest in a pair of platform sandals in the hot summer months.

If this shoe style has never left your sandal rotation or if you are looking to revive this trend, then you have come to the right place. From minimal to colorful, there is a platform sandal ahead for everyone at, a leading online shoe retailer that has a wide selection of comfortable and trendy shoes that can elevate your look.

Braided Platform Sandal

For a pair of platform slides you can just throw on and head out the door, you may want to consider this comfy pair. It features a simple and retro woven texture and 3 to 5cm heel.

Braided Treaded Platform Sandals

Leopard Platform Sandals

Don’t be afraid to walk on the wild side with this pair. Made with PU materials, it features double straps to keep your feet snug and in place.

Fish Mouth Vintage Beach Leopard Platform Sandals

Cutout Wedge Platform 
Made of high grade PU leather, this colorful pair of sandal is lightweight, soft, durable and offer excellent breathability. Your feet will thank you after a long day of walking. 
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Two Piece Wedding Dresses You Will Love

Women come in all shapes and sizes so it can rather difficult to find a one-piece wedding dress that complements from all angles.  Two-piece wedding dresses are a great option.  It is undeniable that bridal separates sets or two-piece bridal dresses are the most fun and versatile choice. The demand for wedding gown separates has been increasing in recent years because many brides realized that two-piece wedding dresses have many benefits. When you can mix and match the outfit, you have more flexibility to achieve the look you want.

Wedding separate dresses can feature a matching crop top with a structured skirt or a detailed top with a contrasting shade skirt.  The possibilities are endless and can suit your own personal style or taste. With a two-piece garment, brides who have different sizes on their top and bottom would love the idea of fewer alterations required.

Best Bridal Separates For Every Style 

If you are looking at the idea of wedding separates for your walk down the aisle, well look no further than, a leading online retail store that has a wide selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and homecoming dresses. Dollygown understands that all brides are different and their range of wedding separates will ensure that you feel confident and beautiful from head to toe on your wedding day. Whether you prefer lace, sleek and elegant, dresses with sleeves or without sleeves, they have got you covered. Check out their gorgeous and reasonably priced bridal separates sets below that could easily be worn to the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, honeymoon, and beyond!

Short Sleeve Lace Crop Top Wedding Separates

For boho brides, this beautiful set is a smart pick and should be on your radar. Not only is the set reasonably priced, but this dreamy set is also stunning in photos too.

Long Sleeve Bridal Separate Dress

Wow everyone in this sophisticated dress. This two-piece ensemble fashions a high neckline with lace crop top designed with long sleeves. The skirt is tailored in a sheath silhouette and flows to the ground. Flatter your figure with this eccentric designed bridal separate.

Boho Long Sleeve With Yellow Skirt 

Undeniably sweet and eye-catching, this long sleeve lace crop top comes with an ethereal-looking yellow skirt  The long sleeves can also keep you warm in the chillier months.

Cap Sleeves Hi-Low Wedding Separates

No one does effortlessly chic quite like this two-piece set. This set is crafted with a cap sleeve lace crop top and the pleated hi-lo skirt flows to floor length. Wow everyone in this beautiful bridal separate.

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