Every year, I look forward to watching the funny, touching and heart-tugging commercials during this time of the year. I remember crying buckets over Petronas’ meaningful videos about loved ones, reunions, good values and hope, directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad.  I love those nostalgic scenes that bring back so much memories.

Below is the latest Petronas Chinese New Year ad for 2016.  It’s called Rubber Boy.  I cried buckets again watching this.

A light-hearted one from McDonalds.


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Sorry for my lack of posts lately.  Things have been real busy at home.  The past 2 days were spent cleaning up the house and decorating for Chinese New Year.  I have bought all the cookies and necessities.  The only thing I haven’t bought is a nice Chinese New Year outfit for the first day *wails*.  I hope I get a chance to go shopping next weekend and find something I like.


Something red and gold for my basket


Mandarin oranges, nian gao and green plant on the coffee table

Since last week, I am trying to have salads for lunch instead of the usual noodles.   Besides hoping to lose some weight, I also want to eat healthily.  As I run and hike often, I want food that keeps me healthy and fuel my muscles.

Recently, I was sent some organic Super Food Powder by iSuperfoods.my, a private healthcare company that is passionate about natural health and beauty solutions.


I received Super Sprout Barley Grass Sprout Powder which is made in Australia, REA Superfood Wheatgrass Powder and Camu Camu Powder.


The first thing I tried is Wheatgrass Powder which I added some into my soup.  It was good. Wheatgrass is a very potent detoxifier, great for boosting the immune system and is an excellent skin cleanser.  The next thing I want to try is to add some wheatgrass powder with a teaspoon of honey into my drink.


For my lunch a few days ago, I added a teaspoon of Barley Grass Sprout Powder onto my lettuce, cucumber and pomegranate salad. It was very fresh and delectable.  Barley grass is rich in enzyme superoxide dismutase and chlorophyll.  SOD is a powerful antioxidant which protects the cells against toxic free radicals and chlorophyll helps to get rid of the stored toxins in the intestines.  I understand that Barley Grass helps to improve sleep quality as well as enhancing the immune system.

The next day, I also sprinkle some Camu Camu powder into my chicken salad for lunch.  I forgot to take a photo before chomping down my food.  Camu camu fruits are exotic berries with promising natural sources of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), phenolic compounds and carotenoids.  They are rich in antioxidants and are great for strengthening the immune system.

There is a wide range of organic and all natural powders at their website – www.isuperfoods.my. You can find chia seed, ginger powder, carrot, blueberry, strawberry, broccoli sprout and many more.  All these superfood powder can been added into juices, smoothies, oat drinks, yogurt, salad, snacks and etc. You can also use them for your baking needs.  For savoury food, you can even marinate your meat with powders such as ginger and lemon.  It is that easy to prepare nutritious food for the family.  Many recipes can be found on their website.

All the products from iSuperfoods.my are high quality and made of real ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.  The ingredients are sourced from reputable local farmers worldwide.    Their mission is to provide nutritious, organic or natural foods and skin care from the farmers or company people can trust.

These superfood powders are an excellent choice for people with busy lifestyle as they can just add them into any food recipes or just add into a glass of water and drink.  Parents with picky eaters may also want to check them out too as these powders can be added into their soup, porridge or drink to provide them nutrients in their diet.

For those who want to start the new year with good health, you can fit healthy eating into your busy schedule with Superfoods Nutritional Powder.

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away. Why not head down to KidZania to usher in the Year of the Monkey.  There are many fun Chinese New Year activities going on.   Check out the list below:-

Tangyuan Lessons

Description: Learn how to make delicious tangyuan glutinous balls that are absolutely yummy!

Date: 22 January – 29 January 2016

Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Martial Arts Workshop

Description: Be a kung-fu kid by learning martial arts and showing off your skills!

Date: 29 January – 4 February 2016

Time: 2.00pm

Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Lantern Making Contest

Description: Take part in our lantern-making contest to win awesome prizes!

Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016

6 February – 7 February 2016

8 February – 9 February 2016

Time: Session 1 @ 12.00pm – 12.30pm

Session 2 @ 12.30pm – 1.00pm

(Only 4 pairs of 1 Parent and 1 Kid per session)

Location: Event space

Chinese Musical Instrument Workshop

Description: Play kool Chinese New Year musical instruments that maybe you have never played before!

Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016

Time: 2.00pm

Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Traditional Games

Description: Play fun traditional Chinese games together with your friends!

Date: 1 February – 21 February 2016

Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: In front of the National Store

Magic Show & Chinese Face-Changing Mask Performance

Description: Be wowed by a marvellous magic show and a super kool face-changing mask performance!

Date: 23 January – 24 January 2016

Time: Session 1 @ 1.00pm

Session 2 @ 3.30pm

Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

 KZKL Double the Ong (final)

Here is something special for all of you.  Please share the above poster on your social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) before February 7 and stand a chance to win a free double pass (1 Adult + 1 Kid).  Please hashtag #KidZaniaKL & #KZKLdoubleTheOngDo set your settings to Public after you have shared your post. Then, do give me your links by commenting on this post so that they can be traced.  Thank you and Good luck everyone!

Nian Gao which is also known as New Year cake is one of my favourites.   This glutinuous rice cake which is sweetened with brown sugar is very popular especially during Chinese New Year.  I only buy Nian Gao wrapped with banana leave instead of plastic wrappers which are sometimes sold in the supermarkets. Nian Gao with banana leave has a traditional look which I love.  That’s the type I grew up having in my home.  Recently my mother-in-law steamed some nian gao and then coat them with grated coconut on my husband’s birthday.

nin gao

They were so delicious! I also like them just plain or fried with taro and sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to buy more nian gao these few weeks.  What is your favourite way to eat it?

Three more weeks till we usher in the Year of the Monkey. I am so not ready yet. I haven’t started decorating my home. We need to paint the porch as some wall paints have peeled.  I also haven’t bought any cookies, mandarin oranges and new clothes for me and missy.  A long list of things to do.  Need to start doing something by this weekend!  The only thing I have done is planned what to eat for our reunion dinner.  This year we are going to have steamboat at home with my in-laws and cousin and his family.  Can’t wait!


pretty lanterns from a shop in the neighbourhood

Yesterday my husband and I did our first hike for 2016.  We have stopped hiking for a while due to the bad haze and then followed by rainy season the past few months.  So we thought it’s time to get back on track.  It was a bit tough climbing the steep slopes and he had to take a few stops to catch his breath.  He hasn’t been running for a long time but I have.  Therefore it was harder to hike for him yesterday.  Nevertheless, the feeling was great after we have completed the hike in about 2 hours.   My husband prefers hiking to running and as for me, I will continue to do both *wink* We plan to hike every weekend from now onwards.


Muddy shoes after hiking as it rained very heavily at the wee hours of Saturday.

There are many things I love doing such as shopping (online or offline), wrapping presents, reading magazines, running, hiking, going on road trips and more.  Come weekends, one of my favourite to-do things is drinking coffee at my favourite cafes.  I love sipping coffee and cakes at the cafe. It is so calming and relaxing. Would be great if there is someone strumming their john lennon acoustic guitar and singing a few songs too.  I also enjoy having coffee and cakes with my girlfriends.  I do not usually go cafe-hopping around the city, just to cafes in the neighbourhood.   Are there anything that you love doing tpo?


Latte and cake at The Hound Cafe


Coffees and cakes with my friends.  Don’t you like the artistic designs on our coffee?

Holidays are over.  Boy it was hard to wake up this morning.  We have been going to bed at around 11pm every night and waking up after 7am.  Today is the first day of school and we all woke up at 6am.  My baby is in P5 this year.  Can we please slow down a bit? *sniff*


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