When we were in Chinatown a week ago,  I wanted to check out some shops for Chinese New Year decor stuff.  The first shop we went to was my favourite – The Basket Shop near the Old China Cafe. This shop sells all kinds of baskets, ribbons, etc.  I bought a red basket for mandarin oranges.  Will take a photo after I have decorated it.  What caught my eyes were the pretty and colourful lanterns that are made from peony design fabric.   I knew I have to get them to decorate my house eventhough we already have a pair of red lanterns.  Plus, they were really inexpensive – RM14.50 each.  So here are my brand new lanterns which are now hanging outside my house.


Nice?  I love everything with peonies on them.  They are so Asian and so festive.

So, yesterday we made our way to Chinatown as I wanted to have a look at some decors for Chinese New Year and also brought missy to Central Market for a visit.  Once we were there, I remember that there is a cafe that I would like to visit after seeing many photos taken inside this cafe on Instagram.  Thank goodness it was not too difficult to locate Merchant’s Lane on Petaling Street.  I just love how charming this cafe is.  Once we stepped into the cafe, it gives me a feeling of being inside one of the cafes in the pre-war buildings in Ipoh. The paint on the walls are peeling and there are crawly plants on the walls.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have a soft spot for old shophouses or buildings.  Below are the photos I have taken yesterday.


The front door.  Love the turquoise colour.


A road sign inside the cafe.


Love how they use the spiral incense as decor


The swing which many Instagrammers have posted.


One of the sitting areas.



This is the view once going up the stairs


A little postbox


Hubs ordered roti canai with egg/dhall


I had the Italian chow mein (pasta) with chicken rendang.  Missy ordered the Breakfast consisting of sausage, eggs, mushrooms and beans, which I did not take a photo.

Merchant’s Lane is a lovely place to hang out with friends and family.  The food is pretty good too.  We spotted a few other cafes nearby which is equally charming and I can’t wait to visit them soon.

The jumpsuit or overalls trend may have started last year but it is definitely staying put. Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative to dresses and fit every occasion from work overalls to casual.  Although this head-to-toe garment is not the easiest fashion to pull off, it is very striking and a statement style.  Having the right fit and matching accessories are important because an ill-fitted jumpsuit with the wrong accessory can make a person go from fashion hero to style zero.  If you have been avoiding this trend but would like to give it a try now and ride the trend wave, well here are some tips.

When shopping for a jumpsuit, do consider what are your needs. Are you looking for something casual to wear during the day or do you want a more formal look? Do you prefer a strapless design or long sleeves for the winter months? Once you know what are your requirements, you can begin to focus on the details of the jumpsuit. Wide-legged jumpsuits are perfect for tall women while crop style fits women who are shorter. Do you know that jumpsuits can also be worn to formal dinners or parties? Just choose a well-tailored jumpsuit in dark color that flatters your figure, add a statement necklace or earrings, wear a pair of high heels and you are good to go.


For a casual look, denim or cotton jumpsuits is the perfect choice. They are great for those who want a change from the usual t-shirt and jeans style.

Besides accessorizing your outfit with accessories such as necklace, earrings or belt,  you can also wear a jacket over the jumpsuit during the cold weather.  You can even wear a top underneath the jumpsuit or overalls as this style is the just fashion now.   Take a look at StyleWe for more fashionable overalls.

If you make time to list all the things you are grateful for, and you feel the feelings of gratitude, you will feel amazing every day. Your frequency will be high and you will move through your days in love with being alive, bringing joy wherever you go, positively affecting one person after another.

When you live a life like this, everything you want will come before you even ask.

First day of school today and missy is already in P6.  Where did the time go?  My baby is growing up fast *sniff*  She was so excited that her heart was racing fast last night before bed and then she woke up before me this morning.  Couldn’t wait to get to school to see her friends.   She’s happy that some of her besties are in the same class as her this year.  This year is going to be her last year in this primary school.  I hope she will enjoy herself and have a great time in P6.


During our recent trip to Penang, we stumbled upon a few buskers along Armenian street.  We stopped to listen for a while and the buskers really played very well.  We enjoyed listening to the music and put some money in the case.   I guess these foreign buskers were there to earn some cash for travelling in Malaysia.  We also saw 2 men at the corner of Armenian Street (next to the boy and girl on the bike mural) playing music with tin cans and pails as drums and cymbals.  They were collecting funds for St. Joseph’s Home.  Perhaps one day, someone may purchase some instruments from secure shop at musiciansfriend.com and donate to them.


A violinist playing in the shade


Another group of buskers at one of the lanes near Armenia street. Must be pretty heavy to carry the cello around.



Have you eaten any tang yuan today?  Have a good Dongzhi with your loved ones.


Watch Me Snip, Watch Me Tape Tape!


I still have the Christmas newsletter from Mid Valley.  A few years ago, Mid Valley printed many of these newsletters and gave them away for free.  There are loads of information on their retail shops and fun quizzes in the newsletter.  On Christmas Eve, my friend went to Mid Valley and saw that they have many of these newsletters left so she took many for me and herself.  We use them to wrap Christmas gifts.  Just love recycling them.


Gift-wrapping is very therapeutic!

Old is Gold.  This saying is so true! Whenever I am in Ipoh, Penang or Melaka, I love to look at the old shophouses.   I always wonder who lived there and what happened in these homes.  I also love how these houses have been beautifully restored. Did you know that there are approximately 10,000 pre-war shophouses in Georgetown, Penang?   I wish that I had more time to explore Penang.  This is going to be my next agenda when we travel to Penang again.  During the recent trip, I have taken photos of the old floor tiles in Armenian Street, Lorong Selamat, Lebuh Muntri and Love Lane.  These old floor tiles evoke an old world charm. Here are some of them :-


Floor tiles from Cheong Kim Chuan shop at Lorong Selamat


Floor tiles from an old shophouse behind Penang Road


At Love Lane


Taken at Love Lane


Taken at Love Lane


Taken at Love Lane


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