It was my dad’s birthday last week and my family celebrated it by having a dinner at Noble Mansion in Jaya 33.   Dad is 73 years old but of course he looks younger than his age as he loves to dye his hair black *chuckle*

It was my first time at this restaurant.  Food was ok, nothing outstanding.  The best dish was the braised noodle.


We had the four season tray which has 4 different food, Peking duck, Portugal suckling pig, scallop with truffles, braised noodles and stir-fried asparagus with mushrooms.


My sister ordered a durian birthday cake for my dad from Eastin Hotel.  Then I did a funny sign to put on the cake since we are only getting 2 candles for this cake.  Everyone had a good laugh.

Are you always losing your house keys, car keys or wallets? Or are you like me with short-term memory who always cannot remember where I put my things?

Well no worries because help is here!  Just get TAG La™ and you won’t lose anything anymore.  TAG La™ is a bluetooth tracker that is designed to help people keep track of all the important items.  It is a very versatile and lightweight device that can alert the user on the location of the item via sound or light.  No internet connection or mobile network is necessary for this device to work.  All we need is Bluetooth connection only.



This nifty gadget is brought to us by TAG La, a Malaysian-born company with a passion for interactive technology and developing gadgets for everyday life.

Here is how it works.

1.  Download TROIKA Find” from Google Play or App Store

2.  Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone.

3.  Switch on the TAG La by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds until you hear the  beeping sound twice.

4.  Connect your TAG La device via the App.

5.  To switch off, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until you hear a long beeping sound.

TAG La is most effective within the range of 30ft. It will release a loud beeping sound from your lost items.  You can just turn it off following the step above once you can locate your items.

With TAG La, there will be no more frustrations when you can’t find your things.  This device is available in a few colours and the price is RM59.90 each.  This device makes a lovely birthday gift for your friends and loved ones.  Right now, just key in “barbarang” for a 10% discount when you check out.  This offer is especially for my readers. 


Hurry and check it out at

You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

Missy is having her mid-term exam right now.  The exam started last week and ends this Friday.   That is the reason why we did not go anywhere during the 2-week school holiday break recently as exam is looming around the corner.   Well, she did spend a few nights with her aunts and they brought her to the malls and she got to eat her favourite food.  She loves spending time with her aunts because she gets to do everything she wants.  Yes, her aunts spoil her to the max.

So during the weekend, we got her to go cycling to release some exam stress.  Actually she didn’t look stress up and it’s only me I guess.    We had some fun bringing Buffy out for a walk while she cycled.


They love each other to bits


This weekend is Father’s Day and have you any plans for your dad?   Hubs wants pizza and we are celebrating my dad’s birthday together with father’s day celebration next week.  Below is heartwarming Tesco Father’s Day video.  Grab your tissues everyone!


I have come across a few people whose lives are filled with dramas.  I always wonder why they experience so many dramas.  Could it be that perhaps they really do enjoy having them? Drama is a habit and some people crave for it when their lives seem dull.  Also when people’s lives are filled with negativity, they are more susceptible to drama.

I believe that having drama in your life is absolutely a choice.  If you want a drama-free life, check these suggestions out which I read recently :-

1.  Don’t allow someone to live rent-free in your head.  Stop talking about that person who has made you miserable.  Fill your head with healthy thoughts instead.

2.  Dramas are created because the person is in pain.  Thinking and talking on and on about how you have been wronged does not ease the pain.  The only peace from pain is the peace you give yourself.

I decided to write this post because of this quote I saw in Joey Yap’s facebook page.  This is so true!


Time to stop the Drama Train.


What is your favourite rice dumpling?  The salty type with beans, salty egg yolk, meat, mushrooms or alkaline dumplings?  I like both.


Have A Good Rice Dumpling Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)!

Did the title of my post catch your attention?  Here is what I discovered not too long ago.


A packet of Ice Coffee in Ipoh


A packet of Ice Coffee from Kuala Lumpur

See the difference?  I have never paid attention to it until recently. Whenever we order ice coffee take away, we are often asked whether we want it tied at the side with the straw in so that we can drink right away or tied all which means we can only drink when we untie the packet or pour the drink out.   I haven’t actually seen the type of plastic bags used in Ipoh over in Kuala Lumpur.  I wonder why.

When I was a kid, I remember following my mother to the bank and being led into a room full of drawers. Once we were inside, my mother would take all her precious possessions and look at them. I was curious why my mother would keep her things in this room inside a bank. She then explained to me that keeping the valuables in this place was a lot safer than in our house.

Unfortunately, when I wanted to open a safe deposit box at a bank, they will not accept any new applications due to limited space.  Just recently I discovered a private safe deposit operator where I can keep my valuables securely.  They are mySAFEBOX, located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. MySAFEBOX offers a secured yet convenient facility for the safe keeping of our valuables.  Unlike banks with restrictive hours, MySAFEBOX offers 24 hour / 365 days of operation for customers to access their important valuables.  I usually choose to head over on the weekends where I do not have to rush after work and traffic is less hectic.

Most importantly, I’ve seen that the entire premise is protected against fire, flood and theft with 24 hour surveillance by Gurkha guards. As I walked up the vault door, the entire steps are reconstructed with metal plates to prevent from drilling in. (Trust me, it can’t get any safer than that). One thing I find it cool is that all the access are also through Finger Verification (just like in the movies). I remember my mum used her Identification Card and signature as verification when she entered the bank’s deposit box room.

There are 3 sizes of Safe Deposit Box available and they are 5″ x 10″ x 24″ (Medium Size) and 10″ x 10″ x 24″ (Large Size) and 15” x 10” x 24” (Extra Large).  I personally think the Medium Size is sufficient for small family like mine, where I can keep the important documents like my kid’s Birth Certificate and the little precious cards she drew for Mothers’ Day and still have plenty of storage place to keep my valuables.

I took the 7 years package at RM3,000 inclusive of insurance and GST and they offer 1 year and 3 years package too. Feel free to check them out if you are looking to keep your valuables safely because public safety has been on a decline in Malaysia.  Below are their details :-



This year, Ashley’s school celebrated the Teacher’s Day on Friday, 27th May 2016 which was the last day of school before the mid-term school break begins.   She told me that she would like to give her Form teacher a gift so I did this diy gift.


I used a recycled can and wrapped it with a colourful wrapping paper.  Then I bought some highlighter pens, post-it-note, a hand cream and a hand soap.


Arranged everything into the can and wrapped it with a transparent wrapping paper.  Tied the gift with twine and I also printed out a gift tag which I downloaded from Pinterest.  I thought this tag which says “Thank You For Making Our Year So Bright” is just perfect for the highlight pens that I got.  There are many free gift tags download in Pinterest, thanks to the generous people who designed them.   That’s all on my simple DIY Teacher’s Day Gift.

This was the gift I did last year.  I bought 2 chocolate bars and wrapped them with colour papers.  Got this idea from Pinterest again.


“In case you are interested, here are the DIY Gift ideas that I did previously :-




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