Saranghae Bridge At One Utama

If you can’t go to Seoul to visit the Love padlock bridge at N Seoul Tower, an iconic symbol and popular attraction, well there is a mini one in One Utama. I stumbled upon this cute version called The Saranghae Bridge while checking out PJPAC. Needless to say, I was thrilled because I am big fan of K-dramas.

Surprisingly, there was no one at the bridge when I was there. To go out to the Saranghae bridge, one has to open the door and walk out. Many people may walk past it as it is not very obvious.  I went out to take some pictures and of course some selfies too. I would have stayed longer if not for the rain.

This is the door that opens out to the Saranghae Bridge.

Right smack in the middle is this famous hand symbol


Love Padlocks on both sides of the bridge

I think it would look really nice at night with all the lights on. Check it out when you are in 1 Utama.


2nd Floor, 1 Utama E (near PJPAC)


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Trendy And Affordable Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online

Once the engagement is over, it is time to begin a very exciting task and that is shopping for a wedding dress.  This is the most important part of any bride’s wedding planning journey. There is no doubt about it that every bride wants her wedding dress to look the best and leaves them feeling like a million dollars. It is indeed a magical moment but with so many shopping options, buying a wedding dress can get overwhelming and stressful.

It is, after all, one of the few chances that a woman can look like a princess. A wedding gown will be the most elegant dress a woman would ever get to wear. That being said, this big day can add up. There are a number of options to find a beautiful wedding dress without spending a bomb.  Wedding dresses come in different designs and different prices.  It is possible to find the perfect dress with the right price tag and the best place to get it is at, a leading online dress retailers that specializes in quality and beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and more. There is something for everyone at

Ahead are the trending cheap bridal dresses 2023 trends that you may want to know.

Sexy Lace Off Shoulder Wedding Gown 

With this off shoulder floral lace wedding dress with a deep V sweetheart neckline, you can make as much of a statement from the back as well as the front. You will look absolutely stunning at the altar in this.

Clean and Simple Wedding Gown 

The minimalist look is trending more than ever, as brides prefer clean and simple silhouettes to suit intimate wedding themes and venues. Pairing the clean silhouettes with beautiful and intricate organza increases the romance of a special occasion.

Modern Minimalist Boho Wedding Dress

This trend is all about clean lines and is just perfect for minimalist brides. Why not take the minimalist boho trend’s fresh and playful direction with this lace tulle in clean lines instead of plain satin or crepe dresses?

Flirty Skirts

Long gowns are a classic wedding silhouette, but apart from making a grand entrance, this new trend sees 2-piece gowns in a playfully flirty style that create beautiful movement.  This is the perfect wedding dress for beach wedding that makes walking in the sand effortlessly.

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Today is polling day and hubs and I went to the polling station which is about 5 mins drive away from our house. This year we went later which was around 12.30pm and there was only a short queue of about 20 people ahead of us. We were done in 20 minutes. This super fast compared to 5 years ago where we set out in the morning and waited for over 2 hours.

Luckily the sky held up although it was a bit gloomy. 

Mandatory inked-finger photo

We have done our duties for a brighter and better Malaysia!

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Stylish Men’s Gift That Will Impress This Christmas

Getting gifts for the men in your life is a bit tricky because they are hard to shop for. However, it does not have to be. Even if the man you are shopping for, whether he is your cool boyfriend, husband, brother, brother-in-law, grandfather or best friends who claims that he does not need anything or he already has everything, there are many unique and stylish gifts for men that will impress him. 

Jewelry may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you are making a list of gift (and checking it twice) for Christmas gift, but it can be a treasure trove of possibilities when gift shopping for men. Accessories make a huge statement and best of all, they can last a lifetime too. They are also make heartfelt and meaningful gifts.  

If you want to stay away from gimmicky gifts, you may want to check out some accessories for the men in your life. Below are some great gift ideas for men that you can buy from Helloice. Whether it is a bracelet, ring or chain necklace, they will surely appreciate the gift. 

Check out these picks to find the best gifts for guys on your list, whether they’re looking for quality men’s bracelets or just some new ways to accessorize their look in general.


For many men, a metal or traditional leather watch is all they need to complete their look.  For those who are ready to step up their style, bracelets can be a good option. Men can wear almost any kinds of bracelets as long as it looks appropriately masculine like a tennis bracelet. 

3mm 18K Gold Finish Single Row Tennis Bracelet


Many men have never worn any jewelry other than a wedding band but there are those who are completely open to consider bold men’s rings. The popular metals range from white and yellow gold to more unusual choices such as titanium and frosted steel. These rings for men are highly attractive and some also come with stones. 

Micro Pave Round Cut Band

Earrings For Men

Whether the men in your life wears one or two earrings, this holiday season is the good time to expand his ear jewelry wardrobe. Best thing is that you do not even have to worry about the size. 

Iced Sapphire & Black Stones Hoop Earring In Black Gold


Besides women, pendants that hang from chains are available in many styles that are suitable for men and boys. You can find themes such as sports, religion (cross), ice drip designs, numbers, alphabets and many more stylish designs in white gold, silver or gold. The pendant chain can be engraved with names and other information. You can have your guy’s name or his favorite sayings engraved on the pendant.

Baguette Cut Double

Neck Chains

A chain is a classic piece that never goes out of style and looks great on every man.  Rope, box and Figaro are among popular mens chain styles for men. 

2.5mm Stainless Steel Franco Chain

Once you have picked out the accessories, you may also want to check out Helloice apparel and add them to your gifting list if you think some of them are not into jewelries. 

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Sheldon My Funny Husky

Sheldon has a rather quirky character and he is so different from Cooper. He is very inquisitive, does not behave like he is needy and all he thinks about is food.  Cooper on the other hand loves to be near us and would stick his body close to us. If he sees me patting Sheldon, he would come close, like really in-your-face close so that we will pat him or ‘see’ him.

Sheldon loves to see what’s going on along the street in front of the house. If the neighbours have visitors, he would go to the gate and look at them. He also loves staring into space as if he has a lot on his mind.  A few days ago when it was raining, I saw him sitting down and staring at the rain. It must be therapeutic for him.

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Should You Buy An Airconditioner Online?

Some time last year, the airconditioner in our bedroom was blowing out hot air and not working at optimal level. We thought that filters were dirty and removed the front grill and took out the filters to wash. However that did not solve the problem. We had no choice but to get a new air conditioning unit and we thought that the fastest way was to buy it online.

After doing some research, we chose an airconditioning unit from one of the online shopping platform and placed the order. The aircond was delivered within three days. Thereafter, we managed to get the contact an aircond technician from a friend to install the new aircond for us as our regular technician is no longer available.

We were shocked to learn that there is a charge for dismantling our old aircond unit and we have no choice but to fork out an additional RM80 for dismantling besides being charge a few hundreds for installation. The other problems were the aircond that we purchased is of a different size from the old one and the technician needed to add more brackets to hold the aircond unit. Then there were additional charges incurred such as changing the copper pipes and piping. We thought that buying an aircond unit online is convenient and cost saving but there were other hidden cost that adds up to be even more expensive.

So we learned a lesson from this experience. It is best to purchase an airconditioning unit from a reputable and reliable service center like They have an experienced service team with extensive knowledge and professionally trained to give the right advice on what is the best air conditioner unit for your home and offer the best and safest installation.

Airconmalaysia can inspect your home for the best solution taking into account the size of your home and the number of occupants. Once you have decided on the type and model to purchase, they will  return to  venue again to provide the best solution in respect of efficient cooling. This aircond installation service provider can install all kinds of units, from ceiling to mobile air conditioner units, whether they are split units or centralized units.

Airconmalaysia is also the authorized Sharp air cond service provider and also are Samsung climate solution partners with full support from Samsung HQ. They also have experience installing airconditioning units from brands such as Daikin, York, Panasonic and more. This professional aircond service provider also offer aircon servicing, repair, chiller and freezer repair and servicing work.

Give them a call at –  017 332 0897 or send them an email at if you have any queries. They are the one-stop solution to all your airconditioning needs.

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Happy Halloween From The Rockstar

With missy still having her IGCSE exam until mid November, I wasn’t sure if she would like to dress up for fun this Halloween. No, we don’t do any trick-o-treating but I have been DIY-ing her costume every year because it is fun to see what I can DIY. I have been doing it every year.

So I saw this really easy and cool Halloween costume a few days ago and asked if she would like to dress up and let me take a picture. Since we already have what we need at home, it is super easy and quick to DIY. She agreed and this is what she dressed up as.

Axl Rose from Guns n Roses!

All we need is a red bandana, aviator sunglasses, a pair of ripped jeans and plaid shirt to tie around the waist.  Easy peasy! Missy finds it cringy and asked me not to tag her when I posted on Facebook *chuckle*

Here are some of the past DIY Halloween costumes that I have made for missy.  Here are the posts on the previous Halloween costumes, 2019 & 2020 and  2021.

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Exam Month

Missy’s Cambridge exam started on the 17th of October and now, 11 days later, most of her major papers are done. The only ones left are Economics and Chemistry which will be on the 17th of November.  Last week was a marathon of exam where she had 2 papers a day for every day of the week. She seems more relaxed now. Phew!

In a few more weeks, she will bid goodbye to her school and friends. I think I want to cry thinking about this because my baby is growing up fast. She will be in college next year and the  3 years of undergraduate studies.

This is her going to school on the first day of the IGCSE exam. As usual she won’t let me take her photo but I managed to snap a fast one. She was screamed and said “Don’t post on Facebook!”. She has been lugging a heavy bag of textbooks and  a box that is filled with past years exam papers to do revision in school daily. I bet she cannot wait to give all these away to her cousin who will be taking over her books.

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The Best Bridal Jewelry For Your Wedding Dress Neckline

2022 is known as the wedding season and although we are approaching the last quarter of the year, there is no sign of slowing down. If you have said yes to the dress, it is time to start planning how you would add the finishing touch to your look with accessories. When styled correctly, your jewelry will elevate your wedding day look to a whole new level. 

Much like your wedding hairstyle, the jewelry you choose to wear has a lot to do with your wedding gown’s neckline. It is important that you find something that you love and can help complete your look cohesively.  If you would like to find out more about how to select the right bridal set, well do read on for the styling guide to accessorize your bridal look for each type of neckline. 

V-Neckline & Plunging Neckline

If your wedding dress feature a V-neckline or plunging neckline, you may want to make sure that the necklace compliments that specific shape like a pendant with a drop that matches the angle of the neckline is a good option. A statement gemstone necklace like this brilliant-cut green spinel helps elongate and emphasize the area without keeping it bare.

Jeulia "Green Mystery" Spinel Gold-plated Copper Necklace

High Necklines 

Dresses with high necklines such as boatneck do no leave much room for necklaces. As such it is best to focus on statement earrings like this elegant sterling gold earrings featuring princess cut stone. This pair is captivating and eye catching. Pull your hair back or wear your hair in an elegant updo style to show off the earrings.

Jeulia "Melting Romance" Princess Cut Sterling Silver Earrings

Brides who are not into bold statement earrings can opt for a pair of chic stud earrings together with their engagement rings can also add a subtle statement and give the same wow effect.   

Jeulia Bezel Set Radiant Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Strapless Neckline

A straight-across strapless neckline will leave the neck and collarbone exposed. This will give you a wide selection of jewelry options. A statement necklace resting on the collarbone is a good choice. This chain statement necklace, for example, is a sure way to dazzle because the upper chest area would not be overwhelmed with fabric or patterns. 

Jeulia Unique Design Sterling Silver Link Chain Necklace

Scoop Neckline

Traditional and feminine, a scoop neckline neckline is the perfect canvas for minimal pieces. A simple and delicate necklace is good choice. You also can leave your neck bare and just choose a pair of long dangling drop earrings to keep the focus towards your face.

Jeulia Flower Pear Cut Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Sweetheart Neckline

For sweetheart neckline, it is best to highlight the natural romantic curves by keeping the bridal pieces simple and delicate.  This simple link classic necklace that is embellished with shimmering round white stones adds a modern vibe. Do ensure that the necklace sits right on the collarbone so that the neckline and necklace complement one another.


Jeulia Magic Link Sterling Silver Necklace

The above timeless, elegant and feminine pieces from Jeulioutlet will make you feel confident and gorgeous for the moments that will create special memories.  Designed and handcrafted in-house in their state-of-the-art studio, the jewelry collection from Jeuliaoutlet is a sophisticated addition to elevate your look.

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Branded Clothes For Less Continuation Post

If you have been following my blog, you would have come across the posts that I have written regarding my favourite past time which is SHOPPING. Yes, I shop a lot because there is a stall in my neighbourhood that brings in stock overruns from factories that produce clothing for Zara, H&M, Monki, New Look, American Eagle, Cheap Monday, Bershka and more. These clothes are all brand new.  I have been buying for Ashley, myself, my sisters and my friends.

Here are the previous posts that I have written about my shopping loots – Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 and Post 4.

Below are some of the loots I got for Ashley from the same stall.

A ribbed top for RM10. I am not sure what brand is this.

A drawstring paper bag shorts for RM25

A black H&M top for RM10

A pair of jeans legging for RM20

What a great bargain right? I am so happy find all these good deals and it is definitely therapeutic for me to shop.

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