It was missy’s birthday last weekend and she wanted to have a birthday party at home and invited all her good friends. I made the invitation cards and she handed them to her friends 2 weeks before her birthday.  We decided to have a pizza party.  Not the kind that the kids make their own pizzas but we ordered takeaways…hahaha. A day before the party, I decided to make a pinata so the children would have another activity at the party.  I went to Pinterest to get some idea and decided to make a pizza pinata since it’s going to be a Pizza party.  Got hold of some cardboards and crepe paper.  Also required are double-sided tapes and strings.    Here is my pinata :-


It’s a pepperoni pizza!  I didn’t have yellow crepe paper so I just used some yellow papers and cut out the fringes.  I also used red, green and kraft papers to cut out the pepperoni, capsicum and mushroom shapes.

During the Labour Day and Wesak Day long weekend, we took 2 road trips.  Hubs love to drive around and he suggested that we go to Pantai Morb and Tanjung Sepat on Labour Day.  We brought along our friend’s 2 kids and drove to Pantai Morib in the morning.  It was fun and the kids had a great time looking for crabs, walking along the beach and playing with sand.  We adjourned to Tanjung Sepat for lunch at one of the seafood restaurants overlooking the sea.  Lunch was kind of a let-down as we waited 2 hours for the food.  The crowd was crazy during the long weekend.  All’s well after lunch and we walked around the shops and took some photos at the Lover’s Bridge. I spotted many tourists taking photos with their smartphones or DSLR that comes with colourful straps just like urban prints guitar straps.


Hubs and the kids looking for crabs at Morib

 On Wesak day, we went to Kuala Selangor with our friends for dinner and to watch the sunset.  We had dinner at a riverside restaurant.  Food was awesome.  Since we were early,  my friend and I, together with the kids took a boat tour to watch the eagles while the men waited at the restaurant.  I am so glad that we went on the tour because it was so amazing to see the eagles swooping down onto the water to catch the fishes.  The boat ride was so much fun.  It was awesome to have the sea breeze blowing onto my face.


Can you spot the eagles?


 Here is another photo


This is the type of boat we sat in.

After dinner, we got to watch the sunset.  Just beautiful!


These 2 road trips were just amazing.  Great food and great company.  What more can one ask for?

Pantai Morib and Kuala Selangor are great tourist attractions to visit if you just want to get out of the city for a short break.  They are about one hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

A friend of mine taught me this very simple one pot dish which is so easy to cook.  It is a balanced meal which consists of meat and vegetables. Firstly, marinate the chicken either whole or fillet with salt.  Then, cut up the vegetables such as pumpkin, potatoes, capsicum, brinjals, broccoli and carrots or whatever vegetables that I want to put in.   Line the vegetables into the pot and add in some garlic.  Then put the chicken in and more vegetables on top.  Sprinkle some black pepper and drizzle some olive oil.  Cook everything for 25 minutes.


Voila…a very healthy and flavourful dish.

I really like it a lot.  I think I am going to try it with pork shoulders or fish next time.

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Recently we got a new decoder for the home and we can watch hundreds of channels on the tv.  No longer need to download movies or dramas or even buy DVDs anymore.  Pretty cool I would say.  So I have been watching Friends reruns every night.  It sure brings back so much memories and laughter. Who can forget Rachel’s hair, her on and off romance with Ross, Chandler’s dry humor, Monica’s OCD, Phoebe’s Smelly Cat and Joey’s famous pick-up line “How You Doin'”?  I was glued to the TV in the 90’s just to chase after the show and I never missed one episode.  I was so sad when it ended.   Were you a fan too?




Kids like visiting zoo, making cute faces when they see various species of animal there and remembering what their names were. I personally enjoy watching animals and exploring their kindle ways of habitant. Singapore Zoo is a perfect place to visit for all vacationers. It is yet another tourist attraction that completes trip to Singapore. If you are worrying about the ticket bookings then you don’t have to worry at all as I have summoned some of the finest sites that will help you with easy bookings. Take a look below:


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I was at Book Excess last weekend and was thrilled to find this book – On Gold Mountain by one of my favourite authors, Lisa See.  It was selling at RM17.  What a great buy eh?  This story is about Lisa’s Chinese-American family who had moved from China to America.   I have read Snow Flower and The Secret Fan, Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy.  Can’t wait to get started on On Gold Mountain.  The next book I want to look for is China Dolls.


Went for my 2nd hike at Bukit Wawasan (Air Keroh Forest Research) last Saturday.  To my surprised, it was not as tough as the first time.  I guess the more I hike the better I am at it. When I was ascending the steep terrain, I thought to myself, what was I thinking for getting myself into this…hahaha.  However, I no regrets.  I enjoy the quietness and listening to the sound of the insects and birds are very calming.  The after-hike feeling was just awesome.  It was a great workout for me.


A blanket of leaves on the ground

Whenever we are back to Ipoh, we would always look for this special dessert called Bee Tai Bak and Wan Tau Long.  Bee Tai Bak or Zek Lau Chi are actually rice flour strips.  The dessert are served with coconut milk (santan) and shaved ice.  Definitely a thirst quenching drink on a hot day.  The yellowish looking bowl is Wan Tau Long which is yellow jelly served with a bit of lime juice and shaved ice.  These 2 desserts are sold by a lady on a tricycle pushcart.  Her stall is under a big tree at the junction of Jalan Prince, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.  She only sells on weekend and public holidays.


So we were back to Ipoh for a day recently for Tomb Sweeping. On the way out of the temple, we spotted some lotus seed pods for sale. I have not seen them for a very long time. It sure brings back memories. Hubs bought a stalk of them for missy to try. We used to eat them when we were kids. Have you tried these before?


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