So how was your Deepavali break?  Missy’s school was only closed for a day eventhough most schools are closing for a week. We went to the park in the morning for some fun in the sun.  Ashley enjoyed her cycling time while mommy had her run.  It was a great morning after a heavy downpour the night before.  Later in the afternoon, Ashley went to her friend’s house for some play time as her friend just got himself a new set kat percussion set. I wonder if she made him play “Let It Go”.


Flowers make people happy as the presence of fresh cut flowers make a person’s day beautiful.  If you are thinking of someone and would like to make their day cheery,  just head over to Happy Bunch, an online florist which have the most gorgeous bouquets wrapped in burlaps.  Their fresh flowers are specially curated to give each bouquet that special, personal touch.   The founders of Happy Bunch are 2 childhood friends who want to make it simple and affordable to send some happiness along someone’s way.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have fresh flowers delivered the next day.  Sending flowers has never been this easy.  

You can check out Happy Bunch’s facebook page here -

This is one of my favourites.  Orchids, Carnations, Mums, Pom Poms & Song of India.  Beautiful, ain’t it?

“Flowers are the music of the ground… From earth’s lips spoken without sound.” ~ Edwin Curran

Today is the last day of the final exams for the missy.  A huge sigh of relief from me!  I can take a break from doing revision with her or keep reminding her to do her revision.   In another 1 month’s time, this year’s school term will come to an end and there will be a 1.5 months holiday for school children. Yabba Dabba Doo! Let’s bring out the karaoke machine.  Got to start planning where to go for our vacay.  So blessed that we get to travel a few times a year.  There is nothing like spending some quality time with loved ones.  So, have you made any plans for the coming holidays?


True that! Unless you aren’t really happy but pretend to be or perhaps insecurities?

Wow I can literally blow away the cobwebs from my blog.  I haven’t been very active in blogging of late.  Life has been busy and hence, blogging has taken a back seat.  Hopefully I can spare more time to blog soon.    Just wanted to share this lil craft that I did recently as gift topper.


It’s a gift for a newborn baby girl so I have decided to make an image of a girl using disposable wooden spoon and a cupcake wrapper.   What do you think?

I love coffee and I am glad that there are many new cafes in town.  I think Kuala Lumpur has been bitten by the coffee bug lately and there are many new eclectic cafes sprouting around this city just like the department 56 snowbabies at christmasplace.  Will share some new cafe haunts that I have frequented in my future posts.  This is my new favourite drink – Affogato.  It is a cup of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Mmm…so sinfully delicious!


Today is Malaysia Day and we spent a few hours at the Mid Valley mall.  It was packed as usual.  We arrived before 11am and had coffee with one of my besties.  It was nice to meet up and chat for a while though she was busy

and was in MV to check the renovation work of her shop.  Later after she left, we had lunch at a new restaurant called NY Steak.  Hubs wanted to try the steak which he said was pretty good.  Missy had Fish and Fries while I ordered grill chicken.   We left at around 3pm.  So how was your Malaysia Day holiday?

I have been watching Rear Mirror online and I really enjoy it.  The reason I enjoy it so much is because my favourite actor, Wayne Lai is in this drama.  He is such great actor.  The story is about a single father who struggles to raise his young son and meets a lady CEO of a huge corporation.  There are some memorable scenes in this show and one of them is when Tony Hung sang Stephen Bishop’s It Might Be You while strumming an ukulele. Totally love it.

I have just finished watching the finale and feel a little sad that it has to end at Episode 20.  The ending reminds me of our recent trip to Hong Kong and we took photos at the same locations where the last few scenes were filmed.  Guess I would have to start looking for another drama to watch now.

Today is Monday and it’s a public holiday as we celebrated Malaysia’s Independence Day yesterday.  It sure is good to have a Monday off.  This weekend flew by so quickly. It was a fruitful Saturday for me as I managed to settle some things and run errands.  We spent Saturday and Sunday at the mall.  Nothing makes me happier than some retail therapy :D

About 2 months ago, my mum had dengue and was hospitalized for a week.  It was a scary and sad time for us all because of mom’s age and that her blood platelet count was very low.  During that period, dengue fever was at the endemic level in our country and many people were infected with it.  We spent every day praying that mom’s blood platelet count would increase and 2 days after she was admitted to the hospital, the platelet count dropped to 10 so the doctor has moved her to the CDU ward for close monitoring.  We gave her papaya leave juice daily but it didn’t really work for her.

So my sister double boiled frog and bitter gourds for mom to drink.  The soup has to be boiled for 4 hours, using 3 frogs and 4 small bittergourd each time.  No water was added.  Mom got better after drinking this soup twice.  Her blood platelet count increased, although slow and after the 2nd night in CDU, she was moved back to the normal ward.  She was discharged from the hospital after a week when the count increased to 80.  Now, do you what is it that we never forget to use daily?   Not clothing that is liquid repellent but these :-

Whenever we go outdoor, we all smell like lemongrass :)

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