All’s Well. Thanks!

It’s over 😀 Ashley is fine now. To my friends and all the mommies bloggers, a big THANK YOU for your well wishes. I’m really overwhelmed by the comments received in my post on Ashley’s surgery. I also received sms from my good friend, WP, Sasha, Shannon and Annie, telling me not to worry and asking about Ashley’s condition. I am so touched by all the concern shown, especially when she asked me if I wanted anything and she could get them for me because she works nearby 😀 We haven’t even met each other, well, at that time (I bumped into her and her nice hubby yesterday at the Mattel sales) and she offered to do something for me.

We arrived at SJMC around 10.30am and Ashley started to cry when we stepped into the lobby. I guess she knew we were taking her to see a doctor. After all the paperwork at the Day Care surgery on the 1st floor, we went down to the lobby again and bought her a Barney balloon to stop her from crying. Around 12.30pm, the nurse fed some relaxant to Ashley and 5 minutes later, she started to giggle. She must be feeling high from the medication which is supposed to make her relax. It was a funny sight. The medication began to wear off around 1.30pm and Ashley started to cry again as she was feeling scared. The surgery was at 2pm, after a delay of 30 minutes because the OT was not available.

Ashley wearing the hospital gown and feeling high on mummy’s lap.

Then nurse brought me and Ashley into the waiting area to get ready. I tried to calm Ashley down by explaining to her what the nurses and doctors were doing in the room. She stopped crying and was actually very interested in seeing all those people. Then suddenly, the Anaesthesiologist approached us with a few nurses. He was trying to look for the right vein on her hand to stick the needle. 3 nurses and I had to hold Ashley down when he poke the needle on her hand. I wanted to follow them into the OT until she’s asleep but they would not allow it. Ashley was sobbing when they whisked her in and it broke my heart. Tears started flowing down my cheeks eventhough I tried very hard not to cry so I quickly left the room. After 30 minutes, the doctor came out and told me that everything is ok. He said the cyst was filled with oil and blood. We had to go back to see him again in a week’s time. Ashley was wheeled into the waiting area and woke up shortly. She was crying and tried to take off the patch but we managed to calm her. She slept in my arm for a while and we gave her some water around 3.30pm. She was shivering from hunger and we could only give her a little milk and some bread. We left SJMC around 4.30pm.

Ashley after the surgery

Ashley was back to her old self again at night. We took out the eye patch at 9.00pm as per the instruction by the doctor. I was expecting some bruises around her eye but luckily there was none.

Munchkin without the patch

Overall, Ashley has been a good girl and didn’t make a lot of fuss. Thank God!

22 thoughts on “All’s Well. Thanks!

  1. hey! Ashley’s eye look so much better now!

    Hope she is recovering well!

    Hugs hugs from Darrius di-di 🙂

  2. that part when u sent off ashley to the OT eyes also fill with tears lei!I know how u feel..If i were u,i would have cry too!Anyway, glad to know that Ashley is fine!!She still very cute!!*muaks muaks*

  3. like sasha said, the photo really does soothes everyone’s heart… she is ok!! hahaha… no more bengkak… GOOD GOOD… next gather gather, ashley is expected yeah… 😀

  4. ai yo poor lil ashley! looks so kesian with bandage on the eye….i can imagine how you all must have felt. thank God she is ok now….and she looks absolutely adorable in the picture where she is sucking her thumb 🙂

  5. Glad that all is well now!

    She looks so pitiful with the bandage on her eye – must have really broken your heart

  6. hi. hope that lil girl is ok now. sorry i was busy and i didnt remember that lil girl is not well… hope you are feeling ok too.

  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks for your comments. Ashley is well and the wound is still a little red. Will be taking her to see the doc again tomorrow for a follow-up. Keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be fine when she sees him. She is just so terrified of doctors now. Thanks again for all your well-wishes. I’m so touched 😀

  8. ok, i know this is VERY belated …

    sorry to learn that little ashley had to go thru so much at uch a tender age… but very glad that all’s well now. 😉

  9. So sorry.. Barb…!! i am more than a month late.. to learn about Ashley’s ordeal..!!! What a terrible person i am..!!! I have you on my blogline.. but i donch know why .. it never updated me.. of new postings..!!!! i only realised it today..!!! I’m glad that Ashley is well.. and that everything is going good..!!

  10. Oh dear…reading this post really make me feel like crying. When sending the little one for surgery, it is really pain in the heart. Glad that Ash completely recover from this eye ordeal. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed for YX. Pray pray again…hope he can escape this kind of surgery. I will cry too. Definately.

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