The Surgery

We just came back from the eye specialist today. Ashley has a cyst / pimple on her lower left eye lid. The doctor confirmed that it needs to be taken out and the day care surgery will be done this Friday morning at SJMC.

I noticed a little lump on Ashley’s eye last November but I thought maybe she has a little eye bag that won’t go away. When I tried to press it, there was nothing. So, I didn’t really worry about it although I monitor the situation. Then during CNY, it was slightly swollen and I took her to an eye specialist in Assunta Hospital. The doctor said it was due to blocked duct and it was a sty (ngan chiew cham). He gave us some eye drops and cream and asked us to wait for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the sty was still around and this time it has become red. Took her to the doctor again and he said he can’t remove it since it’s red and gave us more medication. He asked us to wait for another 2 weeks and then come back for the surgery. It will be a minor one but Ashley has to be under General Anaesthetic 🙁 I was hoping that the sty would burst and then we would try to press the pus out so she doesn’t need to go through surgery.

can you see the lump under her eye?

It did burst last week but we couldn’t get everything out because she was in pain and was struggling a lot. Then we found out that there is an eye specialist near our house so we decided to get a 2nd opinion. As soon as Ashley stepped into the clinic, she started to cry and wanted to leave. She’s beginning to have this immense fear of doctors. When we went into the doctor’s room, she began to scream and cried. My mum quickly carried Ashley out of the room once the doctor had a quick look at her eye.

The doctor said she needs to fast for 6 hours before the surgery and can’t even drink any water. He’ll do the surgery around noon and we have to admit by 11.30am. The doctor also said that a lump may still be present after the surgery and he cannot be sure 🙁 Luckily Ashley doesn’t need stitches. Though this is a minor surgery but the thought of Ashley going through it and has to be under GA really pains me. I pray that she’ll be a good girl when we are in the hospital and everything will be done very soon.

22 thoughts on “The Surgery

  1. I’m sure everything is be a-okay. My sister used to have cysts around her eyes..she even had one taken out via surgery.

  2. ya from the photo can really see the bump clearly…dun worry…after this minor surgery…she’ll be all new again and back to the old cutie self

  3. AIYO, can see the bump lar…
    Wishing her all the VERY VERY best for the surgery, and dear God, please take good care of her…

    I think the 6 hour fasting will be a little difficult, but you’ll do just fine… update us all yeah…

    MUACKS MUACKS to ashley…

  4. I know how a mummy feel when their kid went for a surgery , even just a minor one.Dont worry Barbara, Ashley will be fine.Keep us update ya..take care.*muak muak* to Ashley

  5. i know you very ‘sam toong’… poor dear! just shower her with extra TLC. looks minor but hope everything’s ok. here u go, it’s just one of the many hurdles we have to go through, so, hang in there and be tough MUM!!

  6. Hope Ashley is doing ok now… Poor girl to have to go through all the pain at such a young age.
    Send my hugs to her 🙂

  7. poor lil ashley!!!….u be good girl, and then aunty give u present ok?

    😉 anything to make her feel better!


  8. Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for your well wishes, kisses and hugs 😀 Tomorrow is THE day. Will update once the ordeal is over.

  9. eh ! i read some aunty give pLesent ??? ohhhh…. *rub palms with evil grins*

    will the yee yee get something too ? hahahahahaha ! kidding.. so not shy!

    (ahem ahem) on behalf of the family, i thank ebrybody too, for your concern & well wishes.. (chewah!)

  10. Sometimes when our kids are sick or in pain or have to go thru things like that, how I wish we could ask god to give it to us instead.(((HUGZ)))) for you and lil Ashley.

  11. I would’ve been devastated too.. if Chloe had to go for any surgery.. be it a small one..! you and ashley are very brave..! God bless..!!

  12. Thank you so much to take your time and effort to sent me this link. YX’s eye still have the red lump (a tiny one) even the other day, some pus + blood came out. The eye spec. gave him an appointment in March and we shall see how it goes then. Yes, the doc talk about surgery too and we are all so worried and heart pain. But if it is necessary, then maybe we have to. Pray pray pray….hope it will gone by march.

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