10 Reasons why I marry my hubby

I’ve been tagged by the Mommy from Down Under. She wants to know why I marry my hubby. Actually I could only think of a few reasons and I really have to crack my head to come up with 10! We started dating when we were 16 (sweetpea should know) and after a few years, it just sort of expected that we will get married, etc… So young and naive 😀 Well, here are the reasons:-

1. I believe it is fated. Hubby is 10 days older than me. When his mom gave birth to him at the maternity clinic in Ipoh, my mother was also there, preparing for my arrival (dunno why they stayed there for so many days). Both our mothers didn’t know each other but our grandmothers were friends. They bumped into each other when they were there visiting their daughters. We found this out after hubby and I met each other 16 years later. Cupid must have done something at the clinic ;D. Coincidence?

2. My hubby migrated to Toronto when he was 21. I joined him a year later. In order for me to stay in Toronto, I have to be a Permanent Resident. So, we got married a few months after my arrival and then applied for a PR.

3. He is funny and he makes me laugh.

4. I feel safe when I’m him because he knows martial arts (don’t pway pway).

5. We share the same interest when it comes to shopping. We love to check out factory outlets or flea markets no matter where we go. We used to drive across the border once a month to Buffalo, NY just for a day of shopping at the factory outlets.

6. He loves to travel and so do I. However, since the arrival of our daughter, we haven’t been travelling at all. Probably when she’s older, we’ll go again.

7. Hubby is the handy man. He fixes everything in the house so I don’t have to worry much, except to find space to keep his ever growing tools 😉

8. He is a quiet man. He doesn’t like to talk much especially when he’s with people he just met. Hubby says he prefers to observe people.

9. He is ambitious and determined.

10. He loves me 😀

That’s all folks. I’m not going to tag anyone 😀

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons why I marry my hubby

  1. mommy to two angels & etcetera-mommy : yeah…Hard to believe eh?

    Huisia : Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    Peng : Ahem??? What do you mean by that…hahahhaha. You should know my reasons already 😉

  2. thanks for doing the tag … and you and your hubby arr, the old grandfather up there has your strings all tied up tightly 🙂

  3. wow!

    hey! how come i didn’t know about that part??

    … all i remember was the times when a certain “someone” who used to sit next to me in physics lab was so excited/anxious/confused (all rolled into one) coz this hor fun guy was going after her and she wasn’t sure whether to accept or not … ;P

    anyway, i’m truly happy that it has worked out so well for both of u, my dearest friend 😉

    luv & hugz!

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