Nine Emperor Gods Festival

We went back to Pomelosville yesterday for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  It is a grand celebration for 9 days starting from the 1st day of the Ninth lunar month in the Chinese calendar.  Hubs and I have been celebrating this festival since we were kids so we always try to go back every year to the Tow Boo Kong Temple to offer our prayers and also to buy the tortoise shape buns and the lotus paste buns.  Unlike those at the Ampang temple in KL, these tortoise buns and lotus paste ones can be eaten.  They are very fluffy especially freshly steamed.


The tortoise buns. Ashley is fascinated with them because they are all pink


the giant tortoise bun for prayers


Spiralistic hanging joss sticks beside the temple


Place for burning the joss sticks at the entrance to the temple.  I forgot to take a photo of the temple.  Ashley was afraid to go into the temple because it was packed and was very smoky due to the joss sticks.  She and I waited at the entrance for hubs and MIL.


The lil missy was eyeing these colourful lucky wind spinners (is this the correct term?) being sold at the entrance as soon as we arrived.  Later she told me that she would like to have one.  It cost rm10 each and of course I didn’t get it for her because I know she’s only interested in it for a few hours.


Instead, I bought her a cheaper one – rm 3.50 :)  A very happy girl and her new toy.

That’s it for today.  Will write more about our trip in my next post.  Although this is only a short trip, it is really tiring for me. Must be all the running around, trying to cover a few places like visiting Sam Poh Tong to offer prayers to my late FIL, SIL & my grandmother, sending my MIL to her friend’s house as well as packing and unpacking the luggage. I didn’t even get to meet up with my good friends in Ipoh.  Sorry girls. Next time, ok?  😀

19 thoughts on “Nine Emperor Gods Festival

  1. aiks? aiyo.. I never knew this is such a big deal! i dun even know wat it was.. until.. NOW! thanx barb for enlightening me with this.. seriously, i was never aware of this festival. :)

    For those from Ipoh and Penang, this festival is a big celebration :)

  2. Ashley is so cute in the pic. You can actually eat those pink buns? So big. How do they taste?

    hey Macy, yes, the pink buns can be eaten. Just peel off the outer layer, cut them into small pieces and french toast them :) or they can be steamed and eaten with some butter.

  3. I remember tortoise buns from Ampang temple, decorated with gold ink. How to eat wor ??
    I totally missed this festival this yr, coz we’ve moved n not experiencing the Nine Emperor God traffic jam.. all the way home this yr.
    Eh.. did u drink kopi at Pomelosville?

    ahhh…those in Ampang temple cannot be eaten. However the ones in ipoh can :) of course i drank the kopi lah…but not in sin yin loong :)

  4. Pink tortoise buns, look so cute. Didnt Ashley ask you to get her one? Since she is into “pink pink” now? hahahha

    Nice picture of Ashley, “admiring” her new toy.

  5. We never celebrate this festival. Thanks for the photos..hehe..I’ve never been to temples like this before. 😛 You bought the right toy for Ashley…see how happy she is here. :)

  6. hehehe.. the “mi ku’.. we always made it at home de.. coz my brother likes it very much.. now we are going to do it again coz Breanna prefer bread than anything else! So, my mum says better start to do the mi ku again! :) Next time get some to you ah.. 😀

  7. My father’s shop just opposite the temple. I go there every year too. My aunty told me KL tortoise buns cant be eaten, so when she bought back to KL, her friends said sure can eat or not. LOL!!!

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