Rectal Suppository For Children

Last week, I bought some suppositories from the pharmacy to stand by as Ashley’s fever was very high, especially at night.  I normally give her the suppository when her fever is 39 degree Celsius and above.  It brings down the fever way faster than oral medication.  However, I really hate having to insert the suppository because it is traumatizing for her.  Though she doesn’t kick or fight me off like what she used to do when she was younger, it is still not easy to insert it.  Ashley will be crying and sometimes screaming her head off.  During this time, the suppository would come right out again *pulls hair*


Do you give your children rectal suppository when their fever is high?

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  1. I gave once or twice when her fever’s more than 39. I cried along with her. Just couldn’t stand the idea of inserting it.She’d beg me not to do it to her, very pitiful and heart wrenching :( is pitiful to see our kids crying and begging for us to stop :(

  2. I do… put some baby oil before inserting… it will be much much easier.. and less painful for them.. I let them lie on their side, one leg up, then i insert it…
    I saw a doc did for them and the doc was kind to tell me how to do it fast and quick.. so far so good.They don’t wailed loudly when i do it… but they show they don’t like it thou…

    i used Vaseline but that day, I think it was too much hence it kept slipping out 😛

  3. I didn’t even know they have such a thing. When I saw your title I thought it was for constipation. There is a method of inserting suppositories that will not be painful – just like how the nurses enema-ed us to clear our bowels before delivery – like what Lyn said up there – lay them on the side in fetal position. didn’t know abt the supp? it’s the fastest way to bring down a high fever. yeah, i should try the fetal position next time :)

  4. Yes, Barb. My first time using it was after my son circumcision to relief pain. Then, Dr recommended me that this rectal suppository is very helpful during children high fever. The exact direction to use is: make the bullet wet and slowly insert it….no need to used oil. Usually, I insert during Calvin is sleeping…is easy!

  5. Yes all d time especially at nite ! I used KY Jelly together with it. It helps…my kids aint like it too.
    Once C was down with HFM, early stage – Sup didnt work! it shot up to 40! We rushed her to HOps asap!

    oh my that was scary :(

  6. I’ve never tried. 😛 Just sponge and sponge. Furthermore, their previous paed and this current one in BKK never suggested.’s funny that some paed don’t suggest that. maybe they don’t want the kids to be traumatized?

  7. For children, we actually hv to give thm with some lubricant, u can get thm frm pharmacy.;D

    i just put some vaseline 😀

  8. I used it before, I would the father to hold tight their buttocks for me to insert. Next time (hopefully no next time), I will remember vaseline or baby oil. By the way, April too just recovered from cough. No fever or running, only coughing, so I gave her muscusloven.

    i heard muscolsvan is really good for phlegm :) you know, i think it has a lot to do with the law of attraction really. cos just before i inserted the supp, i thought…hmm…this time it may not go smoothly. dunno why i had that thoughts and sure enough, i had to try at least 5 x and in the end, threw away the supp and put in a new one. when i was opening the new supp, i told myself..this is going to be easy to put in and went in within a few seconds 😛

  9. Since both my kids got hosp for fever viral, I have been using this with some gel. And since then I am quite a pro for stuffing pills into the bum. Hahah When i first told my colik who had not been a father, he said I am CRAZY for stuffing paracetamol into my kid’s bum. I wonder if he is saying the same thing now since he has a few kids of his own.

    it’s not crazy lah. only those who don’t have kids would think it’s crazy. i bet they haven’t seen how sick a kid is when he/she has fever above 39 deg C.

  10. hey barb, i’m glad to hear that Ashley has got better by now!! it must be very stressful for you. during my boys’ fit episode, i had always ensure that i hv suppository in my fridge for emergency midnight use. it’s really impt to control temperature to avoid another fit episode so they r my life saver. but ever since the boys outgrow the ordeal, i’ve not replenish any….fingers cross that i don’t ever have to!!
    take care 😀
    sigh…each time when the kids are sick, the parents would also suffer :( oh i didn’t know that your boys have fit episodes. did it happen frequently?

  11. For Gwen’s high fever (39.5C) last time (because of her prolonged cough) I gave her Nurofen syrup (contains ibuprofen). I bought it from the pharmacy in KL. Ibuprofen brings down high grade fever quite fast too.

    oh i also bought Nurofen for her upon Elaine’s recommendation. I alternate between Progesic from her paed and the Nurofen.

  12. Hv not tried this method, not sure if available frm pharmacies here. I usually sponge and alternate between Nurofen and Panadol. Sounds painful.

    i also tried sponging but it’s not fast enough and Ashley is usually too cranky to let me sponge her a few times :( Actually when her paed inserted the supp for her, it was over and done with within seconds and she just let out a little ouch :)

  13. I bought from pharmacy, call poro or something, and actually it’s paracetamol. my daughter didn’t feel a thing, so she just keep quiet lol. Actually can’t really feel a thing wor, I saw once the nurse inserting the pil in a girl’s bum bum, the girl already 8 yrs old but scream like mad, I think it’s psychological kinda thing, not so painful mah……

  14. and oh yeah, when the fever is high, suggest ibuprofen. Panic mothers like me will rush to hosp if my darling spotted with fever at midnite, can insert the pill to her bum bum first then rush to hosp, which can bring down the fever because takes time to go to A&E yeah. Even arrive at A&E, they will just do the same.

  15. My boys paed hardly give them supp, only when their fever is real high, usually the doctor will put it on the spot, and ask me go back to monitor. I remember when they are still baby, i need to do but, you know what, i dare not and don’t know how to insert it in!!! Lucky that time, the maid is good, she is the one that helping me. Scary!! Till now, i still don’t know how to do with this thing.

  16. I only did it once for YX when he shivered in the middle of the night with very high fever. Scared me to death !

    Normally, i will bath them and sponged them when their fever are high. It really brings down the temperature.

  17. Most doctors will give supp for high fever. But for Cass, anything that has to go into her rectum freaks her out. It traumatizes her terribly too. I normally shower my girls from head to toe during high fevers. At night, supp is the most practical.

  18. The doctors hardly give her supp.. only once at her hospital when her fever shot above 39 celcius. Doc prefers us to give her paracetamol/ibuprofen, alternate.
    Certain hospitals have protocols to follow. Any temp above 39 is considered as ’emergency’ and they hv to bring the temp down immediately, hence the suppository is needed.

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