Remedy For Dry & Heaty Cough

I have been coughing for over a week now and the cough gets worse whenever I am sleeping.  I was taking Mucoslovan for the phlegm and King-to Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa for the cough but they did not help.   Then yesterday, my mom suggested that I drink Ya Sei Mei (24 Herbs Tea) from the herbal drink stall near my house.


The Ya Sei Mei tea consists of 24 herbs all boiled together to make a dark, black, bitter tasting drink.  It helps to clear toxic substances and heat from within the body.  For extra oomph, you can add a teaspoon of powder into the drink. This powder is actually grind snake grass herb which is a good remedy for heaty body.  Whenever I drink Ya Sei Mei, I had to gulp it down asap without stopping.  You can imagine the bitterness.  Then I’d need to suck on a sweet to get rid of the taste 😀

Guess what?  After drinking one big cup yesterday, I could sleep better last night and my coughing has reduced tremendously.   I just drank another cup today and hopefully my cough will be gone soon.  Have you tried Ya Sei Mei before?


The above is a photo of the Snake Grass plant via, for your information.  My late grandmother used to plant them at home.  She would grind the leaves into powder for us to take whenever we are heaty.

18 thoughts on “Remedy For Dry & Heaty Cough

  1. Snake plan is fantastic for those red patches rashes on newborn too. My nanny used to put the leaves in hot water and then rub her face with the cool tea and it heals like miracle!

  2. Is it the bitter drink from those herbal shops? Sometimes you see them in malls. We would also take it but I must check next time if it’s Ya Sei Mei.

    I think you can get them from the herbal shops at the mall. Make sure to add the powder too :)

  3. Normally would drop by the herbal stall to get a drink for heaty body, without asking the name :p Next time will try to ask the lady for the name, hehe!

  4. My late maternal grandma used to do that too! She would grind the dried snake leaves into powder and put the powder into capsules. Looks yucky! But pretty good for expelling heat.

  5. My grandmother does the same thing too with the snake leaves. Everytime someone goes back to visit, we will get several bottles. It works, if I notice signs of heatiness, I quickly pop the capsules.

  6. The snake leaves is very good for sensitive skin as well. Everytime my kids skin red red, I just pick a few leaves and put hot water on the leaves, and take one handkerchief later on, and wipe it on their affected areas….. Redness dissapear in short time!~

  7. Hi Barb, I think they used to sell this ya sei mei mixed with the bitter powder at leong char tong back in Ipoh long ago. Is that powder called wong lou kat?

    the man told me that he used the “snake grass” herb powder :)

  8. The herbal tea is very good. For my case, I often have stomach pain very sharp that I cant sit or sleep when I eat strong food especially rice but with the help of ya sei mei, I can now eat anything and the pain stop within 5sec.
    I love it. I wish I can prepare it at home.

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