LeX Slide @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Thanks for all your well wishes in my earlier post.  Ashley is still coughing and has a runny nose.  She skipped school on Friday because her cough was pretty bad.

During the New Year holiday weekend, we decided to check out the Empire Shopping Gallery.   That was our 2nd time there.  I kinda like this mall because it is not that packed and there are some pretty good stores and eateries there.  We had dinner inside Jaya Grocer.  I’m sure you would be wondering what kind of restaurant is inside a supermarket eh?  Hubs spotted  The Four Seasons Restaurant which is famous in Bayswater, London for its BBQ Roast Duck.  My dad has been raving about Four Seasons in Bayswater and he never fail to eat there every time he goes to London.  Well, I guess there is no need to fly to London now 😛  The roast duck was good and we will definitely be back for more.  Sorry, no pics of the dinner.

Right after dinner time, Ashley spotted the LeX Slide which is the World’s Tallest Indoor Tube Slide. She was so excited and kept bugging us to let her go on the slide.  We weren’t that sure we would want her to try it out because the slide is 50 metres ~~ 5 storey high but she was adamant.  In the end, we let her have some fun since she said she’s not scared.


This is how the slide looks like.  Photo is from google image.


Another photo of the LeX slide via EwinEe.com.  I don’t think I dare to slide down.


My little daredevil coming down.  I didn’t have a camera with me so I used my handphone to take this blurry photo.


Yay! She did the slide!  The first thing she said to me after the ride was “It Was Awesome, Mom“.   She wants to go again but we told her next time :)

15 thoughts on “LeX Slide @ Empire Shopping Gallery

  1. I wonder what happen if my girl went and started crying half way down the tunnel.. isk isk isk… Ashley is so brave!

    oh i think little princess cannot go yet. you never know..when she’s older, she’ll want to try it :)

  2. walau, your ashley so brave!! my girl not qualified la, still very short. but i think even if she is qualified, she will be very scared.

    i’m now thinking whether to try it…looks so fun la!

    thanks. oh i think Rye Li is tall enough. she may want to give it a try if she sees it :) oh it looks fun but i have claustrophobia. Scared i can’t breathe inside the tube 😛

  3. Ashley is very brave! We were there last weekend too. Chloe was too scared to try it when I asked her to. Her feet wobbled when she looked down and saw the slide spiraling 5 floors down haha 😀

    yes she is :) i am such a wuss 😛

  4. AH, i read about this slide, i wanted to let my boys try. It do look scary to me, i sure i am not brave enough to slide it down. Now i wonder if my boys dare to go to that Lex slide or not.

  5. OMG, you let Ashley try it? I dont think I will let my girls try it. When it comes to heights, I will have all sorts of morbid ideas in my head :S
    Regarding sweeping the floor, Aly & Sher’s school makes the pupils bring a container from home. All pencil shavings are to be put inside the container and brought home to throw 😀

    Hahaha, she kept saying she wants to try and that she’s not scared. When we said no, she started complaining that we didn’t allow her to take the cable car in Langkawi or the mini para-gliding at Oriental Village, etc. You know, she sounds like a nagging old woman sometimes so in the end, we just let her try it out. She was so excited that she didn’t even say goodbye to her daddy before entering the slide. I was at the bottom waiting for her :)

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