Tanah Aina Azareena Steamboat Restaurant @ Bentong

Last Sunday, our friends asked us to join them on a road trip to try the 3-tier steamboat. This restaurant is situated about 9km from Bentong town.  I was a  bit skeptical at first because I thought this place is off the beaten track.  It was a pleasant surprise when we reached Tanah Aina Azareena.  The place is just beautiful and is filled with all kinds of plants and trees.  There is even a clean, cool crystal clear stream next to the restaurant and lotus pond.   This place used to be an orchard and I spotted some durian trees there.   Below are some of the pics I took.




One of the huts where you can have your meals

3-tier steamboat

First tier was seafood

2nd tier was steamed fish in special curry sauce.  The last tier was the delicious soup.

We also ordered other dishes like stir fried vege, kangkung belachan and this fried chicken with banana chilli sauce.  Yummy!

The cooling stream

Ashley and her friends playing in the stream.

Running around looking for rubber seeds and plants

Everyone had a swell time, especially the kids. After lunch, we drove to Raub which is about 25 minutes away for some traditional coffee and awesome kaya & curry puffs.  We took the winding road on the mountain and with hubs driving like an F1 driver zig-zagging all the way made me want to throw up  *shake head*.

We will definitely go back to Tanah Aina for some relaxation and good food.  Check them out if you want an environment filled with nature.  They also have a resort not too far from the restaurant.  You can try googling “Tanah Aina Resort”.

Address :

Lot 4753, Jalan Tras, Bentong, Pahang.

(near exit to Fraser’s Hill)

13 thoughts on “Tanah Aina Azareena Steamboat Restaurant @ Bentong

  1. eh, why steamboat like that one? looks like individual dish all put in the steamer! haha! did you just change your camera? looking forward to see you! why so secretive of the GOH??

    1. yeah…a different kind of steamboat. everything is steamed…hahahaha. i am using my phone camera now. just like yours lah 😛 i want to know who is the GOH also. i think Shirl wants to surprise you. i can’t wait!

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