How was your long weekend peeps?  Did you all make any travel plans?  We did not go out of town but spent a lot of time going to the park.   Since hubs and I run almost daily, going to the park is like going to the mall for me now.  *Gasp*… did I just say that?   Running is therapeutic, just like shopping so there is a similarity eh?

Ashley loves the park too and she had a great time on Friday morning.  She went on the swing, climbed, sat on a see-saw and she even made new friend 🙂

Swinging away

See-saw with daddy


Her new friend @ the park.

Hope you all had a great long weekend.

9 thoughts on “fun time

  1. Ashley met new friend in the park? Kekeke~ We seldom go to the park nowadays the weather is so hot. We prefer to stay under the roof. We are such a lazy family….

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