Books For Next Year

A couple of days ago, Ashley brought back the textbooks and some activity books for Primary 2 next year.    Time really goes by so quickly.  I can’t believe it that my baby is going to be in P2 in two month’s time.  I still remember seeing her in her school uniform for the first time *sheds tear*  I am incredibly proud of her and what we have gone through and survived this year.  Actually, P1 ain’t that bad after all 🙂


 I think Ashley is going to have an amazing P2 year.  She made a lot of friends in school and she knows more Mandarin now.

She even has a list of her BFFs from school.  I found this in her school bag.  She’s a funny girl 🙂

14 thoughts on “Books For Next Year

  1. I sure pengsan if I see so many chinese books. Dunno how I’m going to survive when my time comes. Wah…Ashley has so many best friends! She’s doing well in school.

  2. LOL@ the list. My girl has the same list, just that it’s shorter :p

    Ashley got her P2 books already, wow, that’s fast! Mine haven’t got hers yet. I see they are in good condition and are all wrapped nicely 🙂

  3. hooray!! She survived her 1st year .. now you said it was not bad huh?!

    Hahaha.. it’s funny .. you know my girl has a friend list too … and she is very proud of announcing to us that now she has X amount of friends.

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