Awesome Birthday Celebration

I turned a year older yesterday and it was great to wake up to so many greetings in Facebook and Whatsapps from my besties, friends, and relatives. That alone really made my day.  Thank you very much for the greetings!  I love it that my birthday falls on the weekend because I can plan to celebrate it with my loved ones.  We headed out for brunch at one of the nice cafes in town – Pickle & Fig in TTDI.


Ordered Hoisin Chicken, Turkey Roll and Avocado Chicken sandwiches as well as Salmon Carbonara.  It was a pity that they didn’t 2 of the food we chose earlier.  Nevertheless, food was pretty good and I like the decor of this cafe.  It has an industrial minimalist feel which I love – raw bricks, cement wall and counter top and wooden tables.


Later we adjourned to a mall for some retail therapy.  I was presented with a surprise Birthday Cake by my dearest friend, Annie.  How sweet of her!  

For dinner, hubs brought us to our favourite steamboat restaurant which also serves one of the best sweet and sour crabs!  Just writing this is making my tummy growl.  Food was simply fantastic!  Nothing like some spicy tomyum steamboat and crabs to end the day.


 Before my birthday arrived, I have received some lovely gifts from my best buddies, Annie and Elaine.

I received the same birthday card from the ladies…hahaha.  I bet they didn’t know it.

I had a great time yesterday, enjoying my favourite food with my loved ones.  I am also very blessed to be surrounded by many wonderful friends who bring me smiles when I need them the most.  They are just amazing people and I adore them.  Couldn’t ask for more :)

2 thoughts on “Awesome Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy belated birthday Barb! Can see that you’ve had a very good time, with good friends and good food and of course yr favorite past time that made you a very happy birthday girl 😀

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