Boy, this week has been really crazy. So busy with last minute things, New Year Eve’s party, school reopening…etc. Missy wasn’t really looking forward to school reopening. She said she wishes that the school would only start in 2015.  However, she woke up real early on the first day of school which was Thursday and today as well.  She was quite excited on the way to school and quickly went to her new classroom.

I hope she gets a nice class teacher unlike the really fierce one last year and that missy would enjoy her time in school.

2 Responses to “back to school”

  • Yan says:

    Oh! Ashley has new form teacher every year, my girls have the same form teacher from std 1 to std 3 and also std 4 to std 6.

    April and May woke up early too on the first day. They seems excited to return to school though they said that they didn’t want the school to start so soon, just like Ashley.

  • Chloe'sMummy says:

    Haha she’s funny! She wants another whole year off 😀 Can’t believe she’s in P3 already. Started following your blog when little Ashley was only a toddler…

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