Jelly Bunny Shoes On Sale

So yesterday I had lunch with some mommy friends from Ashley’s school after we went to school to collect the Rm100 given by the government to every school kid.   A few of us became good friends since our children were in the same class since Primary 1.  We always exchange notes regarding our children’s homework or whatever notices they bring back from school.    Back to our lunch get-together, we went to a Japanese restaurant in 1U for lunch and spotted the Jelly Bunny shop.   They have a sale going on and everything is 50% off.

Cute shopping bag eh?

I bought this pair of sweet orange flats for Ashley.  It’s only RM19 after discount.  A steal right?

They don’t have any children’s shoes and what I bought is actually for adult. It is a Size 5 (US36).  Still a little bit loose for Ashley but I am sure she can fit into it in a few months’ time.

4 thoughts on “Jelly Bunny Shoes On Sale

    1. Hi Hweili, their sales will be till Feb but they may not have many sizes left. I tried on the shoes and they are pretty comfortable as the plastic is soft. My friends bought them before and they said the shoes are comfy :)

  1. Very nice color! And yes I was also wondering if the shoes are comfy. After Ashley has worn them, do make a post on the shoes review 😉

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