Multi-Purpose Insurance Run 2014

Hubs and I participated in the Multi-Purpose Insurance Run yesterday. It was held in Padang Merbok. This was our first 8km run :) Previously we have been joining 5km runs. I didn’t have a lot of confidence when we signed up. Padang Merbok is known for its hilly terrain and I ain’t very keen with running up the slopes. During November and December, I didn’t have much time to train for it although I have been running 5km at least twice a week. However I am glad we finished the run today.  The first 1km was uphill and then later, there is another very challenging uphill of about 2km.  I clocked in 1hr 4 mins which is about more or less 9 mins per kilometre.  I am happy with this but hope to improve on the time.    We hope to join more 8km runs and subsequently 10km runs this year.

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