Overnight Oats

Recently overnight oats is getting to be rather popular.  I see them in my Facebook as well as Pinterest.  Overnight oats is actually oats soaked in milk and keep in the fridge overnight so that it absorbs the liquid.  You can actually put in whatever you like such as kiwi, mango, apple, nuts or chia seeds.  No cooking is involved.  Just leave the overnight oats in glass jar.  I decided to give it a try recently.

Preparation for my lunch the next day.

I added the yoghurt and mango as well.  I only put in the banana when I am about to eat the oats.

I like that it is cold and flavourful.  Some people add a spoonful of honey, a muffin, a cookie or a teaspoonful of peanut butter.   Give it a try one day and make your own combo.


3 thoughts on “Overnight Oats

  1. Barb, thank you so much sharing, i love overnight oats immediately i tried it for the first time. I put in steamed Japanese sweet potatoes. It tastes so good.

  2. I just soak the oats with drinking plain water for a few hours (not even overnight) and put in almonds, walnuts and pecans and I really like eating it this way. Save electricity or gas – no need to cook the oats.

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