Just Because It’s Valentine’s Day

Yup, it is the time of the year where people go crazy proclaiming love for their loved ones. For restaurants, florists, jewelers and chocolatiers, this period is the most lucrative moment of the year.   It is getting too commercialized.  Actually I don’t understand why celebrating love is only dedicated to one day – 14th February. Why not celebrate your love every day of the year?  Funnily, I saw this video on how to prepare a Valentine’s Day related breakfast with a few simple ingredients. Decided to try it out over the weekend and surprise the fam.


I cracked an egg into a heart shape cookie cutter and fried it.  Then cut cocktail sausages diagonally into half and hold them together with a toothpick.  Did the same with some little tomatoes.  Don’t they resemble hearts?

When hubs saw his breakfast, he asked, “why so many hearts this morning?”.  When missy saw her plate, she said, “Mom, next time please make stars. Heart shapes…err…noooo”.  Everything that has got to do with love and kisses is a no-no to her at this stage.

So much for Valentine’s Day. Meh.

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