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Hello there! Notice anything different to my little blog? Yes it has gone through a facelift :)  Nice?  I have been wanting to change the theme of my blog for a while but I dare not make any changes myself because I do not have the expertise to do so.  One fine day, the awesome and creative people from The Techy Hub popped over to help me with a new theme.  I was given a few choices to choose from and I selected this simple, feminine and pretty Marykate wordpress theme.  The Techy Hub team wasted no time and got to work immediately.  They are meticulous and fast.  They are very careful and made sure that the revamping of my blog is done properly i.e. all the posts, widgets, photos and comments are uploaded and running properly.   The team is also very patient with my endless questions and is ever ready to assist.

If you are interested to give your blog or website a makeover, do check out The Techy Hub.   They are a leading a web development, design and marketing company.   The Techy Hub offers fairly priced, experienced and fast services in the following areas:-

1.   Site protection (malware protection)
2.   Revamp website
5.   Logo design
6.   Background/cover picture design
7.   On page SEO optimization
8.    Graphic Design
9.    Web Applications
10.  Digital Printing
11.  Social Mediaompany
12.   Company Rebranding
13.   Flash Banners
14.   EDM / Newsletter
15.   Product Photography
16.   Content Writing
Here is a list of some of their clients :-
*  The Royal Press
*  Nescafe
*  Petronas
*  The Magic Wok Restaurant
*  The Grumpy Cyclist
*  Ojo Coffee

Wait no more if you are thinking of giving your website a tweak, rebrand or advertise your business.  Swing over to The Techy Hub today.

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