Getting My Dance Fix With Zumba

I enjoy listening to music and I love to dance.  This is something that many people do not know and my friends were surprised when they found out.  Maybe I do not look like a person who loves dancing *smile*  I have been waiting for a Zumba class in my neighbourhood for a long time. The reason why I don’t want to join classes which I have to drive to is because I know that later I may not look forward to attending classes when I need to drive over, look for carpark and etc.

So, I was very happy when I found a new Zumba class near where I live.  I wasted no time in registering and got started right after Chinese New Year.  Need to workout after feasting on all the goodies.

I enjoy the class very much as the Zumba moves are so fun.  My Zumba coach is very experienced and conducts several classes a day, 6 x a week. She has been doing this for more than 10 years.   I also love the music a lot and we zumba to some of my favourite songs such as Uptown Funk and Cheap Thrills.  The sound system in the studio is fantastic and it is equipped with power conditioner available at Musicians Friend.

As last week was March break for school, Ashley followed me to my class and she also zumba-ed.  She enjoyed dancing too but she couldn’t keep up with mommy *chuckle*.


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