Have you tried eating Bovril like this?

My husband is a big fan of Bovril.  He grew up eating Bovril and it’s practically his comfort food, or spread.   This is how he used (still is) to incorporate Bovril in his food – mix dollops of it into plain chee cheong fun (flat white noodle).  He buys chee cheong fun without any soya sauce because Bovril is kinda salty.

b2Even missy loves eating chee cheong fun like this now.

Another way is to spread Borvil on the tortoise-shaped buns which we buy yearly during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  The buns are sliced and grill ala French toast style and he would spread Borvil on them instead of butter.   You will get a salty and sweet taste while chomping down the buns.

bovrilFunny eh?

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