Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil

We did not go for a holiday during the one-week March break as hubs and I were busy attending a workshop.  So on Saturday, we decided to make a trip to Paya Indah Wetlands in Dengkil, Selangor with missy.  I read that this place has reopened after being closed for a few years.  We wanted to see the hippopotamus and rent a bike to cycle around.


We were lucky enough to arrive during the hippo’s feeding time.  It was awesome to watch the hippo gulping down leaves, 2 papayas and 2 bunches of bananas.  According to the caretaker, there are 3 hippos in the wetlands but only one came out to eat.  After feeding this female hippo, he went to search for the other 2.


Miss Hippo waddled back to the pond filled with lotus and water lily after her tummy was full. She submerged herself into the water and stayed there for a long time.  We left after that.


Went to rent 2 bicycles (RM5 for a bicycle and duration is one hour), one for me and one for Ashley to cycle around the wetlands.  It was a lot of fun although the sun was really hot. The breeze blowing onto our faces while we cycled made it all better.


Ashley spotted something and beckoned me to go and have a look.


We saw some tortoises and porcupines in this little enclosures.
IMG_20170325_103909Couldn’t resist taking a photo of these yellow flowers that have carpeted the road.

Admission is free to the Paya Wetlands.  Honestly, I would not recommend anyone to visit the Paya Wetlands now until more is done.  The whole place is pretty rundown. This is kinda sad because I am sure more can be done to attract visitors to this spacious park.

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