Beauty and The Beast Movie

We finally made our way to the theatre to watch the highly anticipated Beauty and The Beast last night after the big and unnecessary hoo-ha over some censorship.

It was a last minute decision to watch as we just got back from Ipoh 2 hours before for Qing Ming prayers.  Since missy does not have school today (Monday) because of Qing Ming, this means she can wake up late.  So I checked and made the bookings online around 5pm for the 9.40pm show (I love technology).  We were looking forward to it as hubs and I watched the animated classic when we were still in Toronto.  That was like ages ago.  I remember that I loved it very much.  Ashley said she wants to see Emma Watson who plays Beauty and also she wants to watch which part of the movie that the authorities think is unfit *rolls eyes*


My verdict?  Well I am a tad disappointed to be honest. Perhaps I have a high expectation about this movie since I enjoyed the animated version so much.  I find this movie very dull and almost fell asleep eventhough I had a big cup of cappuccino for dinner.  I find that the 2 lead casts pretty awkward and there is not much chemistry.  Also, there is too much emphasis on Gaston, his friend Le Fou and the living antiques.  Anyway, this is only my opinion.  It is still an enjoyable movie for the family.

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