Missy turns 12 today.  Time really flies.  It does feel like I have given birth to her not too long ago. She has been celebrating since the weekend.  Her aunt (my sis) gave her a memorable birthday gift.  She organized a Surprise Baking Party for her and her 3 besties and cousin at Masak Masak in BIG supermarket, Publika.  I have been busy messaging her friends’ moms and told them to keep it a secret even for their kids.

On the day itself, they brought their kids to Publika and they hid behind pillars when missy walked in.  Then they jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE”.  Missy was shocked for a minute and then smiled broadly when everything sunk in.   All of them had a fun time baking muffins and brownies.

birthday2Listening to instructions


Their workstationbirthday3

Blueberry muffins by the girls


Chocolate brownies birthday5On Sunday, she was invited to Camp 5 for a Rock Climbing Birthday Party.  Her friends, Fearles and Cruz also celebrated their birthdays during the weekend.  Ashley shares the same birthdate as the twin boys.

IMG_20170523_203203_HHT-01Last night, there was another round of mini celebration for her during the dinner we had at Absolute Thai with our relatives.  My nephew is back from Brooklyn for a visit so we met up.  Ashley got to meet her first cousin for the first time 😉 I bought a little cake to be cut after dinner.  Can you spot the DIY cake topper?  The idea just came to me yesterday afternoon and I quickly made them.

So missy has been celebrating for a few days already and she asked to skip tuition today just because it is her birthday.

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