Where To Buy Almond Flour In Malaysia

In my quest to make my own low-carb pancakes, bread and cakes, I have to use Almond Flour.  I went everywhere in search of it.  It is really not easy to be on low-carb when you are staying in Malaysia.  Well, staying in Kuala Lumpur is a lil bit easier compared to other cities here because we have access to some supermarkets that offer a better range of sugar-free food items like jam, syrups, etc.

So, back to Almond Flour for low-carb bakes. I saw Bob Red Mill’s Almond Flour at Jaya Grocer and they cost a freaking rm60 for a bag of maybe 500 grams.  Insane right?  Well, I did not give up and went everywhere to find it.

Guess what?  I finally found it at Bake With Yen.  There is a Bake With Yen outlet in my neighbourhood so I popped over to have a look.  When I saw them on the shelves, I was in Almond Heaven.


A bag of Almond Flour for RM20 which is about US$5 for a bag of 500 gm.  Not cheap but at least I can get them here.  Here are what I have made using Almond Flour – http://chumsyashley.info/2017/05/2-minute-low-carb-english-muffin/ &  http://chumsyashley.info/2017/08/low-carb-bagels-using-only-5-ingredients/.   Stay tuned for more low carb recipes using almond flour.

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