Baby Box Is The Best All-In-One Starter Kit For New Parents

Parenting might just be the toughest job in the world, and expecting a baby can be very scary, especially for new parents when you know there are a gazillion things to prepare.

Well, don’t fret because when a baby is on the way, let the celebration begins and the worry ends!  Orange Orangutan Co is here to help you focus on enjoying parenthood with a special and unique kit that helps parents prepare for the lovely bundle of joy.

The Tropical Baby Box helps you save time and money by packing carefully selected baby products such as baby clothes, blankets, baby essentials, vanity kits, toys and mattress into a giant box!  Yes, you read correctly, this Tropical Baby Box includes a mattress.  Besides acting as a box for all these items, during the first few months of the baby’s life this box can be used as a bed. When the baby has outgrown it, the box can be re-purposed into a fun craft project or storage box.


Let me tell you more about this amazing huge baby box.  It is made from unbleached, kraft paper and this strong box is can last for years.  The mattress is made from natural latex and is covered by cotton fabric that is zippable and washable, as well as waterproof crib sheet for convenience.   Also included in this box is an insect net to protect babies against bites.   The baby can sleep safely in this cute and practical box.  It is highly popular in European countries!


The founders of the Tropical Baby Box are parents themselves and when they came across this convenient concept of Finnish Baby Boxes, they decided to bring the wonderful tradition here by replicating them to help new parents ease into parenthood.  Do you know that in Finland, the baby box is the first bed for many babies since 1940s?   Baby sleeping in a baby box has helped to achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

The Tropical Baby Box comes in 3 types – the more popular version for new parents is the Homecoming Edition with 34 items. But if you are looking for a gift for that special friend, you can opt for the Gift Edition (14 items). If you are in the mood for a little mix and match, try out the Starter Kit where you can customize your box.

Orange Orangutan Co. is passionate about charity work and 5% of their proceeds go to Parents without Partners, an NGO to help single parents in dire needs.   Gifting the Tropical Baby Box is an extra special way to congratulate the parents. Order one today as a gift or for yourself when you welcome your new bundle of joy.  Delivery is free within Malaysia.
Hop over to their website or Facebook Page to find out more.

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