Caving Adventure in Gua Kandu

Right after our White Water Rafting time with Riverbug, Gopeng, we went caving the next day at Gua Kandu.  For your information, Gua Kandu is different from Gua Tempurung though both the caves are near each other.  We went to Gua Tempurung last week and boy what a difference it was.  Will blog about it next.


We booked our adventure with Kandu Eco Adventure.  The host, Cik Norhayati is very friendly and storied us about Gua Kandu before we began our adventure.  Very interesting and intriguing stories. Love listening to them.  We were taken into the cave by a very knowledgeable guide called “Jambang’.  That’s his nickname.


All of us posing outside the cave before we start going into the cave.

Gua Kandu is a multi levelled and multi chambered cave with many unique formations. Here is the history bit – during the Malaysian Emergency, Gua Kandu was used as a hideout by Chinese Communist and then later the Japanese army took over it during the occupation.



These are the graffitis left on the rocks by the communist party.

Gua Kandu is very mysterious and our guide was storying us along the way.  Quite scary but thrilling to listen to them especially when we were inside the caves.  We went through many obstacles inside Gua Kandu.  Lots of steep ascend and descend.  We used ropes to climb up and down, crawled, etc.  Lots of upper body strength needed and very challenging indeed.  I am so happy that I managed to do it as this is my very first time.  So proud of missy too.


After a very steep climb up, we were awarded with this beautiful view.  Simple awesome. Love the chamber where sunlight shines through.


So many beautiful formations inside the cave.  At one time, we were asked to switch off all our torchlights and stay in the dark for 5 minutes.  It was really really dark and Ash got a bit scared there though I was holding her hand. There are about 300 chambers inside this cave and we covered like 10 maybe.  Took us close to 3 hours.


Here we are climbing out of the cave before climbing down again through the trees and steep slope.  We were covered with dust and soil from all the climbing but the feeling was awesome.

Caving in Gua Kandu is certainly a very memorable experience.  The white water rafting and caving we did that weekend certainly brought me closer to my family and my friends.  I haven’t seen this side of my friends before despite knowing them like more than 30 years.  All of us had a great time and this is something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Since we all love this type of holiday so much, especially my hubby who is an outdoor enthusiast, we are planning another trip at the end of the year.

Fee :  RM30 per head
Fee for the guide is RM80 per guide

Bring your own gloves and torchlights.
Spray yourself with mozzie repellant
Use a knapsack to carry your water bottle

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