Fast And Stunning Flower Delivery By A Better Florist

Flowers make people happy when they receive them.  A study has shown that people were more likely to feel happier and have more enthusiasm and energy when flowers were in their home or office environment.  The saying, “Flowers Make Everything Better” is very true as they always evoke a sense of joy even during sad moments. Therefore, flowers make really good gift.  Do you like sending flowers to friends and family to celebrate their special day or just to brighten up their day?   Have you experienced ordering flowers for someone but end up feeling disappointed with the delivery?  I know I have.  Just recently, I ordered some flowers for the opening of my friend’s new hotel but the flower was delivered a day after the opening.  That was embarrassing, needless to say.

Well, at A Better Florist, you can say farewell to frustrating delivery service because they have got you covered.   All you have to do is go to their website, pick the flower arrangement you like,  select a time and place for delivery, make payment and the flowers will be delivered on time for free.   A personalized hand-written card is included as well. The order process only takes about 2 minutes.  Easy peasy eh?  Same day delivery is also available and it is free of charge too.

This floral e-commerce start-up flower delivery service source their flowers directly from farms in Cameron Highlands and their flowers are only 2 days old.  They also cut out the middlemen to keep their prices low.  Hence, customers get the freshest flowers at affordable prices.

A Better Florist has been featured in Straits Times, Forbes and Huffington Post.


Forgot to send flowers and need a last minute delivery?  No worries because they have a 90-minute express flower delivery guarantee.   Just place your order online and they will do the rest.   A Better Florist also offer customisable flowers and fruit baskets for special occasions.

For those who would like to learn how to make a beautiful flower arrangement, you can learn some basics in floristy at its weekly Flower Jam Session.  It is a fun and enjoyable session to indulge in a new hobby or just spending some quality time with your family.flower2

So, if you are looking for a florist that will provide faster service, cheaper beautiful handcrafted bouquets that are Instagram-ready, then hurry and order your flowers from this top flower delivery company.   Make your loved ones feel special with the perfect flower bouquet.

Currently, A Better Florist is only available in Singapore.  They are planning to expand to Kuala Lumpur soon.   So exciting as I would really love to learn more on how to make a succulent bouquet.

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