Watermelon Juice On A Hot Day

Have you tried drinking watermelon juice directly from a watermelon?  Well, apparently this is the latest craze in this part of the world.   We were walking along Jonker Street, Melaka yesterday when hubs saw a stall selling watermelon juice.  The melons are mini ones and it cost RM10 each.  The seller would cut a hole into the melon and blend the juice and the flesh together.  Then a straw is inserted into the melon and you can slurp away.

It is quite heavy carrying a melon around but the drink is very refreshing.  I only tried a sip because watermelon is very sweet and has a rather high carbohydrate content.


This is what hubs carried around Jonker Street.  He could only drink half of it and then shared it with his brother who also couldn’t finish it.  So if you are visiting Melaka, you may want to give this watermelon juice a try.  Remember to share it with at least 3 people.

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