Teeez Lipstick

I love wearing lipstick. Ok, I am a huge fan of lipstick.  It’s my favourite beauty product right after eyeliner. Before I take a photo, I have to put on the lipstick first.  I find that wearing lipstick makes me look more awake.   I love orangy red or plum colour lipstick as I find that these shades are more suitable for my skin tone.

Recently I received this Teeeze brand lipstick from my sister-in-law.  She said it is a popular brand in Italy but I have not heard of it before.

IMG_20170730_105046_365She gave me a Read My Lips brown matte shade.  I used to have lipsticks in this shade when I was in my 30’s.  I tried it on a few days ago and find it kinda funny because I am used to the bolder shades.  Need some getting used to.   Are you a lipstick person too?


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