How Do You De-Stress?

There is good stress and there is bad stress.  Good ones come to give us a sense of focus and gives us the motivation to rise to the occasion.  The bad stress can be harmful to our health and causes the mind to overreact.

So how do you manage stress?  For me, I like to listen to music or exercise.  I go for my zumba class once a week and for twice a week in the morning, I would go for a walk/run.   Then on weekends, I would go to the park for a longer run, followed by an hour of zumba/aerobic exercise which is given free to the park-goers by 2 very talented Zin. I actually don’t know where they are from and they organized a class every Sunday from 8am to 9am at an open space inside the park.

IMG_20171001_090314-01 (1)


Sometimes, after the run and dance, I would walk to a quiet place in the park which has lots of bamboo trees.  I can feel a sense of calm when I am standing there, among these trees.  This is how I keep my sanity.

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