DIY for Doggies

Did you know that science has shown that dogs benefit our lives by improving our physical, emotional and social health? They lower our blood pressure, stress levels and allergic sensitivities. They increase our activity levels, make us feel less lonely, and decrease depression rates. Dog-friendly communities have even shown larger scale health benefits and higher levels of community engagement.


With all that dogs do for us, sometimes it is nice to give them a great big “Thank You!” We hope this article will inspire you to use some of your crafting know-how and creative energy to make something that will add to your canine companion’s joy!

 Make your own dog treats.

 One of the easiest and fun ways to let your fur ball know you love them is to bake your own doggie treats. Making your own treats at home is easy, and it lets you control ingredients which is very handy if you have a dog on a special diet.


Ingredients such as peanut butter, yogurt, sweet potato, pumpkin and salmon all add some diversity to your dog’s diet along with vital nutrients and fiber.

 Make sure that you use recipes that are approved for dogs to avoid any potential hazards. Don’t assume that if a person can eat it, a dog can too. They have trouble digesting some human foods, and in some cases normal ingredients can be fatally toxic to dogs, as in the case of raisins and some low-calorie sweeteners.

 Make paw print greeting cards.

 One of the cutest doggie crafts is to use your pal’s own feet to make adorable artwork or personalized greeting cards. The sky is the limit if you use the paw print as a design element, for instance, painting or stenciling leaves to make the colorful prints into cheerful flowers.


If you decide to try this craft idea, be sure to select non-toxic and washable paints so that you can easily get the paint off your little fella’s paws when you are done. Another tip is to do a little trim work to clean up the fur around the pads before you paint them for a sharper outline.

 Upcycle denim to make dog toys.

Denim makes a great fabric for upcycling. It is readily available in the bottom of your closet, or cheaply attained at your local thrift store. Your dog won’t mind you are being thrifty!


The simplest toy is a denim tug bone made from long, wide strips of denim tied into a few knots. If you are handy with the sewing machine then it is a cinch to cut identical shapes, seam together inside out leaving a small unfinished section, turn inside out so the good side is facing out, stuff then hand sew closed.

 Denim can also be cut into thin strips and braided for a sturdy leash or harness. This is a great gift idea for your dog loving friends!

 Build elevated dog bowls.


 If you happen to have a larger dog then you may have heard it is better to feed them from elevated dog bowls that don’t force them to crouch over low to eat. If you are handy with a jig-saw then all you have to do is cut a hole that is just shy of the lip of standard metal dog dishes.

 Two ways to incorporate this craft idea into your décor is to use the seat of an old wooden chair or bench. You can trim the legs to just the right height!

 Another option is to use some scrap wood to build the feeding station into one of the drawers in your kitchen. This makes it easy to pop it out of sight for a tidy look when not in use.

 We hope these ideas have inspired you to use your creative energy to make something for Fido! Your dog will appreciate your love and attention. Have fun with it!


Author Bio

Mat Coulton has worked with dogs for just under a decade and is the founder of a doggy lover’s website that provides great tips and advice for paw parents everywhere.

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