Doggy Decisions: Choosing The Perfect Pet

Do you want to add a new addition to the family? Are you in the market for a furry friend? Well, look no further than a dog. After all, canines are a man’s best friend, and they’re also fond of women and children. Sure, they need lots of attention and the cost can be high, but it’s easy and cheaper than getting pregnant!

The hardest part is picking the perfect breed because there are hundreds of choices. You may only see Labradors and Jack Russells on the street, but there are Shih Tzus, retrievers and cocker spaniels to name but three. And, they are all as cuddly and as cute as each other.

So, the question becomes: how do you choose? Because, if you go off looks alone, you may end up with a kennel full of canines! To help, here are the key considerations to keep in mind.


Adult Or Puppy?

Dogs can be grown-ups or they can be babies. Usually, puppies are the most popular because they are small and cute and can fit in the palm of a person’s hand. However, don’t let their appearance fool you as they aren’t angels. Any experienced breeder will tell you puppies have a dark side and can make life ten times harder. For example, they chew through sofas, sneakers and electronic devices. Apart from costing you a fortune, it may be a hazard if they get their teeth on a device which is plugged into a socket. Also, they need training, and that is a long and tiresome project. Before you make a decision, analyze whether you have the time and energy to look after a young dog. Older pooches are much more chilled out, listen to commands, and require less exercise.

Male Or Female?

Gender is a big deal as male and female dogs have different characteristics. Whether they are positive or negative depends on your circumstances. Are you an average dog owner who wants a companion around the house? If the answer is yes, a female mutt is the best option. The reasons for this are they don’t have as much testosterone and are cheaper to maintain. Guy dogs are subject to their urges and will hump anything they get near. To stop it from happening, you need to take it to a vet and pay for an expensive procedure. However, if you want to breed dogs, a male will be a necessary evil because, well, because of the birds and the bees. Plus, the boys are more consistent than females regarding mood. In a lot of ways, dogs and humans share the same gender characteristics!

Big Or Small?

A pygmy dog may be too petite. Anyway, breeding them so small is bad for their health and well-being. On the flip side, no one wants a massive mutt they can’t control. Sadly, there is no way to tell how big a dog will grow. Like humans, it’s down to a mixture of hormones, genetics and diet. But, certain canines are small or medium-sized and don’t get much bigger. A beagle is a prime example, as is a Yorkshire terrier. Labradors, on the other hand, can grow into monsters. Even though they are docile, animals are unpredictable and can lose their tempers. To avoid any unnecessary accidents, opt for a pet which won’t make you move because it doesn’t have enough space at home.

To Molt Or Not To Molt?

A stereotypical reason to own a dog is for grooming purposes. There is nothing more some owners love more than running a brush through a coat and cuddling up to their pet. The issue every person faces is dog hair. Not only does it fall out and cause a mess, but it also increases the likelihood of catching fleas. This may sound odd considering they still have hair, but many non-shedding breeds aren’t prone to parasites. Chinese Crested dogs are prime examples according to the info on Your Pure Breed Puppy. It is worth noting that PetAction flea prevention dogs and other treatments can stop fleas in their tracks. Still, most owners would rather not deal with the situation in the first place. With that in mind, consider buying dogs such as Labradoodles and Maltese Terriers.


Style Over Substance?

Over the years, man has played around with evolution. Nowadays, breeds of dogs exist which didn’t a couple of decades ago. Although the dogs are beautiful, they tend to have ailments which make them unhealthy. Consider a British Bulldog for a moment. Bulldogs are bulky, flabby dogs with short legs and a heavy set frame. Sure, they are appealing, but they often suffer from infectious illnesses because of their fat folds. Also, their sheer bulks can lead to joint and hip problems as their frame can’t hold their weight. And, they aren’t the only examples because a Saint Bernard doesn’t have it easy, either. In fact, Bernards have it as bad as any other breed because they suffer from cancer and cardiac disorders regularly. Losing a pet is a traumatic and upsetting experience, especially if you have kids. Therefore, the best decision is to choose a breed with a high life expectancy that doesn’t suffer from problematic health issues.

Rescue Or Pedigree?

There is no right or wrong answer, and wanting a pedigree animal doesn’t make you heartless. But, you should think about the circumstances of owning a quality dog. For instance, it will cost hundreds of dollars to buy, and the expenses don’t stop afterward. Once you purchase a top of the range pet, it will need the best food and a comfy bed. Plus, it will have specific needs which you, the owner, will have to take care of on a daily basis. Not only is this expensive but time-consuming too. Rescue dogs aren’t picnics and rainbows, however. Because of their history, lots can struggle to make the transition. Some even lash out and bite their owners and act aggressively. Therefore, research is essential as it helps to make an informed decision.

Hopefully, these considerations will help you choose which dog breed is the best for your family.

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