I Have Just Found A New Exercise That I Like

I go to Zumba classes once a week and I also run at the park for 2 days a week.  Unfortunately, my Zumba class is going to end soon as the number of people joining the Wednesday class has dwindled.  There should be at least 5 participants before a class can be held and for the past few weeks, there were only 2 and sometimes just me alone. Crazy right?

Anyway, when I was at the park yesterday morning for my usual run, I saw this group of people doing something really fun.

jumpPhoto via Jumping Fitness Malaysia

I took a video but the file is too big to be uploaded onto my blog.   As you can see, these people are standing on a mini trampoline and exercising.  They were jumping and moving around as if they were dancing on the trampoline.  It is so much fun!  I checked out their FB page and signed up immediately yesterday.

Will post more information later.


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