The Kid From The Big Apple 2 – Before We Forget

On Saturday, my bestie and I went for a movie date to The Kid From The Big Apple 2 : Before We Forget.  We made a pact to watch a tear-jerker together because we both wanted to have a good cry.  Yes we are that crazy.


I felt a little upset that my favourite actress Jessica Hsuan was no longer playing Sarah’s (the granddaughter who is from New York) mom.  She has been replaced by local actress, Debbie Goh who is a wonderful actress and portrayed her role as Sophia very well.

TKFTBA2 is about Grandpa (Ti Lung) facing dementia and he starts to lose his memory.  The family is preparing their lives to cope with this disease and staying strong.  There are many heartbreaking scenes that made us bawled.  Old songs from the 80’s, made popular by Teresa Teng are also featured in this movie.

I remember one scene where Grandpa was not himself and kept looking for his dead wife.  He was agitated and locked himself in the room.  Sarah was scared and asked her mom what happened to grandpa and how can he become like this.  Sophia told her that this is not the grandpa talking but the disease.  It just shows how dementia can have a massive effect on a person as well as their families.

We should cherish our loved ones now.

Overall, I would say that I prefer The Kid From The Big Apple 1 compared to this.

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