5 Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities In Latin America

It’s always not clear where LGBT couple can and can’t travel safely. The Pew Research Center ‘s recently released a world map to understand the acceptance of homosexuality in the society. The top honors for acceptance went to Latin countries with Mexico scoring 61%, Argentina with 74%, Brazil with 74% and Chile with the most whopping acceptance rate of 74%. Even though Latin America happens to be the region with the most devout of Catholics, the majority of the cities, however, are quite cosmopolitan and accepting of LGBT couples.  As Latin America gets a preference over other countries and continents in the world, we have tried collating a list of the 5 most friendly LGBTQ friendly cities in Latin America:

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Buenos Aires has been a strong advocate of LGBT rights in Latin America and has been forefront in its effort of providing equality to homosexuals in the country and promoting individualism with its laws and advances on same-sex marriage and transgender rights. The country has been progressive with LGBT rights and became one of the first countries in Latin America to legalize gay marriages in July 2010. The bustling city of Buenos Aires is also dubbed as the “Paris of South America”. Some of the best places to visit here include the Glam Club and Contramano Bear Club in Recoleta, The Stages bar located in Palermo and the Pride Café of San Telmo. The country boasts of a rich and vibrant culture with classic European influenced architecture in Recoleta, the avant-garde mix of Bohemian color and grandeur of San Telmo to the more modern city of Puerto Madero.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio De Janeiro is a vibrant, multifaceted urban destination for LGBT couples. The vibrant city has a wealth of attractions and holds the distinction of having the most stunning landscapes in the world. The city is welcoming of same-sex couples and in fact celebrates the spirit of homosexuality with round the year Pride Parades, LGBT festivals, trendy gay bars, clubs and lavishly gay owned hotels and resorts. The Copacabana beach happens to be one of the most frequented beaches in the country with a frequent horde of locals and tourists thronging the place to enjoy the sun. The city all in all loves to party be it any time of the year. For more such destinations, be sure to visit Hotels.com 50% Off discounts here to avail huge savings on accommodation to the hippest places.

3. Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexico city happens to be Mexico’s most gay-friendly city in comparison to other places in the country. For gay travelers, the Distrito Federal is increasingly gay-friendly and accepting. The night lie and social opportunities are more bound to the Zona Rosa neighborhood. The Centro Historico has many different cultural and historical sites. Finding art in the city also doesn’t come hard. They are present everywhere from park benches along Paseo LA Reforma, the beautiful murals in the metro, the city’s grand thoroughfare and sculptures spread across town.

4. Havana, Cuba:

Cuba has come a long way from its political tiffs and turmoils in the past. The LGBT scene, however, has been active in the city since the 90’s and in recent years has become more progressive and outward on sexuality and social issues. Just last the year, the city had the distinction of holding the Annual International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO). The attractions of the place include museums like the Fine Arts, Museum of the Revolution etc. Bars like the El Floridita, La Bodeguita Del Medico happens to be a great hotspot for the locals and the gay community alike. One can safely even ask taxi drivers to go to the latest gay venues and pop-up hotspots within the city.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica:

San Jose holds the distinction of being one of the most-gay friendly cities in Southern America. There are a number of gay bars and discos in the city like La Avispa which has been functioning since the late 1970’s. The Colours Oasis Resort is a gay, lesbian and straight friendly boutique hotel in the city catering to all kinds of customers regardless of their sexual preferences. The locals (TICOS) are accepting of the growing gay presence. Costa Rica has long been an ecotourism and beaches hub. In a recent survey, it was also found that Costa Rica happens to be the “happiest place on earth”.

6. Bogota, Colombia:

Bogota is slowly coming on the radar of gay tourists and couples and every year the country sees a rise in the number of visitors. Bogota today happens to be the most compelling city to visit for gay folks. The city is known for its nightlife with club “Theatron”, one of the largest gay clubs in the world. The “Pride” also gets here in the month of July and is a reason for endless festivities during the period.

So these are the 5 most gay-friendly destinations in Latin America that folks can visit for vacation and having a good time.

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