Back To School With Milo

When I was growing up, Milo was one of my favourite drinks.  I would drink a cup of Milo before going to school.  That would keep me full until recess at least.  Now, Milo is my 12-year-old ‘s favourite drink since she was a toddler.  Whenever we are at a restaurant, she would opt for Milo drink or whenever we are at a convenience store or gas station, she would choose a packet of milo to drink while on the go.  Her favourite breakfast?  Milo with cereal or just dunk some bread into a cup of hot milo.

According to a study by Nestlé , 1 in 4 children in Malaysia skip breakfast. This deprives them of the energy they need to perform in school.   Nowadays school hours are long and the syllabus is tougher.   It takes a lot of energy to get through the school day.  This is where Nestlé MILO® beverage comes in.  This energy drink is a unique combination of vitamins and minerals which provides an efficient release of energy, reduces tiredness and supports normal body functions to help children do their best.

Recently Milo has launched a Back To School Mums initiative in line with the brand’s campaign to highlight the importance of breakfast in giving children the energy they need to take on a school day, with a larger intention to foster greater understanding amongst parents about what goes on in their children’s day, strengthening the bond between parent and child.  Mums were sent to the same school as their child and  put through the exact schedule that they have packed their child with.  From the early morning rush for the school bus, to every lesson in school and every activity thereafter, mums did the same.

They finally learned how unbelievably long and tiring their children’s day was. They realised the need to give their children breakfast so that they have the energy to take on their day. More importantly, the need to communicate and understand their children better.

The films are quite heart-tugging for me as it shows just how tough the school life is nowadays and what our children have to go through.

Watch these web films by Milo here.



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