Christmas Newsletter From Mid Valley Megamall

You all know how much I love Mid Valley’s Christmas Newsletter a few years ago right?  Since the time I got hold of some of its newsletter, I have been wishing that Mid Valley would come out with more every Christmas.  Maybe they did but I did not see any.  I could have missed them.   So after I blogged about my Christmas gift wrapping a few days ago, Shireen told me about the new newsletter from Mid Valley.

I actually sent a message to Mid Valley Mall on Facebook and asked them for the locations on where to get the newsletters.  They told me a few places and also they will replenish when the stock runs out. Without hesitation, I asked hubs to get some for me since he was going to the mall to watch the Star Wars movie with missy.  They went to a few Information Counters in the mall to find them and managed to bring back a stack for me.  I am a Happy Camper!


Front page




Back page


The stickers that come with each newsletter.  These are for kids to stick on the newsletter


Last night I used one to wrap a Christmas present.  I would say, apart from brown kraft papers, the Mid Valley Christmas Newsletters also make the best wrapping papers.  Love using alternatives to wrap my gifts.  Just decorate them with bows or ribbons and you are all set.

I think I should work part-time as a Gift Wrapper because I really enjoy wrapping gifts.  You think there is such a position available?

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