Shopping In December

December is always a good time to do some shopping.  There are many great deals going on right now just before Christmas.  Last weekend we were in 1 U and then MyTown Shopping Mall.  Yes, 2 malls over the weekend.  Crazy much?  We hardly go to the malls unless there is something to buy or to catch a movie.   Missy has some Dress theme going on in school this week so we need to buy some clothes for her.  It is not compulsory but we thought it would be fun for her since she just joined this new school.

Managed to score some really good deals from H&M and Monki.

IMG_20171209_211616_863Bought missy a pair of pants from H&M and Monki.  Got myself a top for RM30. I am as happy as a clam.

Retail therapy is the best.  If you are facing stress, please read this article on how you can reduce stress in your life.

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