Terra Tree House Cameron Highland, A Unique Getaway

Since last Friday was a public holiday, we planned a short break to a magical place – Terra Farm Treehouse in Brinchang, Cameron Highland.   This resort lies deep in the rainforest of Brinchang and it requires a 4km drive in a 4WD to access.  The treehouses are perched high up in the hills and are built using bamboo and woods by the orang asli (the indigenious people).  We left KL at 7.30am on Friday and only reached Brinchang at 11.30am.  The north-south highway was packed with holidaymakers and at certain stretches, traffic was at a standstill.  We must remember to avoid going on holiday during long weekends that coincide with the school holidays.

We met the guide, Meng Yeow at 1pm sharp at a junction of a dirt road so that we can all travel in his jeep to go to Terra Farm Treehouse.  There were 7 of us and also other guests which consists of pre-schoolers and elderly.   The ride to the mountain was quite an adventure.  It was drizzling and cold and the ride was bumpy. All of us stood at the back of the jeep, holding tight to the railings.  It was funny and scary but Ashley enjoyed it very much.  The ride was also pretty interesting as we get to see the farms and the crops like cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, brinjals and more.  Meng Yeow also showed us the different types of farmings, the eco-system in Brinchang as well as shared many words of wisdom with us.  I guess staying on the mountain makes a person more philosophical.


Once we arrived at the foot of the treehouse, we need to hike about 300 meters up to where the Treehouses and Activity Hall are.


This is the Activity Hall where the food is being prepared and served.  Only vegetarian food is served here and the vegetables used are all grown on their farm.  The food is so delicious! Guests can also bring their own food to cook and have to discard the waste on the way out of the treehouses.



This is the first time we all stayed in a wooden tree house. What an experience!

We stayed in Tree House No. 3 which comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  One bedroom has 2 queen size beds and the other has 3 single beds.  The bathrooms are just a few steps away from the bedrooms.  Electricity is available 24 hours and there are heaters in every bathroom.  The spring water is very cold and the temperature was around 15 degree Celsius. We were wearing 2 layers and covered ourselves in the thick blanket when we slept.  The beds are very comfortable and clean.


The bedroom.  There is a mosquito netting above each bed but there are no mosquitoes at all.  They can’t fly so high up (1500 meters above sea level) and withstand the cold.  I guess the netting is for insects but there weren’t any.


The beautiful sunrise.  View from the balcony.t9

This is the view the next morning because it rained the whole night. So misty and cold.


After breakfast, we walked around to check out the flowers and plants.  Love this deck.  The photo was taken by our friend who is a professional photographer.


Missy on a hammock.  There are many hammocks around and she just enjoyed lying in them.

All of us had a wonderful time.  It is a place for those who want to be up close with Mother Nature.  The air is incredibly fresh.  An awesome place to unplug.  The only thing that I am uncomfortable is that we are not contactable by others.  There is no telephone line at all.  I don’t mind that we have no internet access but not being able to call out or receive phone calls make me nervous.  Gotta learn to let go and relax.

If it was not raining, I think there will be more activities to do such as visiting the farm and more hiking. We will plan another trip to this magical hideout soon.

Check out their Facebook page if you are interested.in a unique getaway  ~ TerraTreeHouse 

Website ~ http://www.terrafarm.com.my/2013/02/tree-house.html

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