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I have been following the Heart and Greed 3 (溏心風暴3) TVB drama every day.  I watch it because I love Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓) and Heart of Greed (溏心風暴), a spin-off from Moonlight Resonance.  Some of the casts from the previous 2 dramas are still around namely, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee and Bosco Wong.  The storyline this time revolves around 2 families, one from a tea restaurant business and the other is from an elite printing business.  The 2 families are rich and successful but they belong to 2 different classes.  I personally find that the storyline is a bit boring.  There is no chemistry between then younger actors and actresses.

However, I am still following this drama daily because I cannot wait to see what happens at the end.  There are many conflicts between these 2 wealthy families and I hope there is happy ending just like the previous 2 dramas.  I have watched up to Episode 30 already.  There are 10 more to go.

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