Delicious Scones from Lord’s Cafe, Cameron Highlands

We spent the last day of 2017 in Cameron Highlands.  Stayed 2 nights at Copthorne Hotel.  Boy it was so cold up on the hill.  The temperature was around 14 degree Celsius and I did not pack enough clothing for this weather.  I thought just a jacket would do but I was so wrong.   It was a nice experience for missy to feel the cool air.  She had a blast at the Strawberry Farm and Time Tunnel.  We also went to Lord’s Cafe for breakfast just before we left Cameron Highlands.


The scones are very delicious and cheap.  They are only RM2.50 each.

IMG_20180102_102517-01Their homemade hashbrown is also very tasty.

The only thing I don’t fancy is the coffee.  Too bad they don’t serve cappuccino or latte. They only have local black coffee with milk and sugar on the side.

Don’t miss this little cafe when you are in Cameron Highlands.  They are situated on the same row as Starbucks at Tanah Rata.  Its entrance is not visible as you need to climb up the stairs beside a bed & breakfast hostel.


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