DIY Paper Succulents

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I love succulents.  My home is filled with them.  There is just something about these green plants that are so calming and charming.  I also love giving succulents as gifts.   Yesterday, I decided to make some paper succulents as gifts.   I found this free succulent template on Pinterest.  There are actually many cool templates that you can find online.  Just Google it or search them on Pinterest.


All you need are the succulent template above, kraft paper, plastic pots and twine.


Tadaa…these are my Little Paper Succulents.  Do you think they look real?  I hope my friends would like them.   I want to make more and put them in a bigger pot.

If you plan to diy the paper succulents, remember to print 2 of the templates so that you can get a bigger bloom.

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