Funny Looking Plant From Cameron Highlands

On our recent trip to Cameron Highlands, we chanced upon a cute and funny-looking plant at an Orang Asli stall.  When I asked the lady manning the store what is it called, she said it is known as Ayam Emas (Golden Chicken).   It has a fur-like surface and looks like it is growing from a stub of wood.  The colour of the fur is gold and resembles that of a monkey.  We were so tickled (pun intended) that we bought one.  I think it feels more like the fur of our dog, Buffy.

When I googled for more information, I discovered that this plant is actually a type of fern known as Cibotium.   The orang asli belive that the hair can be used to staunch bleeding wounds and leave no scars behind.


My funny Ayam Emas plant at home

IMG_20180102_113933-01The leaves growing out of the Ayam Emas plant.  The orang asli showed me this pot after I asked her how the plant looks like when planted.


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