Organic Strawberry Farm In Cameron Highlands

I have heard many stories about vegetables and plants with lots of pesticides in Cameron Highlands so I am rather careful when I buy produce from there.  During our stay at Terra Tree House Cameron Highlands in December, the manager of the resort told us about EQ Strawberry Farm which plants and sells only organic strawberries.  He said this is the only place he would buy the strawberries for himself or as gifts for others.

We decided to pay this farm a visit when we were there recently.  EQ Strawberry Farm is located just outside of Copthorne Hotel in Brinchang.  Missy was happy to be able to pick some strawberries and enjoyed her strawberries dipped in chocolate.



A notice I saw at the farm.


Our 500grams of strawberries

I got to have strawberries with only whipped cream.  Just nice for my keto lifestyle.

So if you are looking for pesticide-free and organic strawberries in Cameron Highlands, do check out EQ Strawberry Farm.  Address39100, Brinchang, Nº. 78, Jalan Kuari, Brinchang, Cameron Highland

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