5 Best Portable / Travel High Chair In 2018

Are you always on-the-go and are looking for a good portable or travel high chair for your child?  Are you like me who do not like to use the restaurant’s high chair because it is dirty?  When Ashley was a toddler,  we did not have a portable high chair.  I would use wet wipes to give the restaurant high chairs a good wipe down before I put her in.    Sometimes the restaurants we go to did not have high chairs available and if they do, the high chairs have no restraints.  Bummer eh?

When we traveled, I would sometimes feed her in the hotel room.  Hubs would have to hold her while I fed her food.  Wished that we had gotten a travel high chair because it would have saved us a lot of time and sanity.

If you have a young child, a portable high chair or travel high chair can make life a lot easier.   Below is my guide to finding 5 Best Portable High Chair / Travel High Chair that you can get from Amazon.

1.  Summer Infant Pop & Sit Booster Chair


This Portable Booster Chair that comes with a removable BPA-free tray.  It is lightweight and compact. Just pop it open when your little one needs a place to eat.

Buy it here

2.  3-In-1 Portable / Travel High Chair by Smart N Comfy

3-in-1 photo from largemedia - revised to black harness

This highly versatile 3-In-1 Portable High Chair / Travel High Chair is great for families who are always on the go.  It works as a portable high chair restraint, helps to keep your child close in public while allowing them to explore the environment and keep a child safely fastened in the shopping cart.   Lightweight and compact, this 3-in-1 Portable / Travel High Chair is very easy to use, fits most chairs and can be easily stored without taking up much space.

New Image 4

Just secure your child’s leg through the opening and loop the strap behind the chair.  It secures the child to a chair comfortably.  If your child is big enough to sit on a chair, but not big enough to stay safe, this portable high chair will ensure a smooth transitioning from the highchair to a regular chair.  Great for home, restaurant or when traveling.  Recommended for children who can sit unsupported (around 6 months old to 4 years old).

Buy it here.

3.   Chicco  Caddy Hook On Chair


This caddy attaches to a table with rubber handles which tighten and cling to the table, creating a safe and secure seat for your child’s legs to dangle out.  Weighs 7 pounds, it folds compactly for easy travel and storage.   Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Buy it here.

4.  Munchkin BRICA Go Boost Travel Booster Seat


The Brica GoBoost Travel Booster Seat from Munchkin is stable and secure with a strong internal frame.  This stylish travel booster seat can accommodate a toddler or child up to 50 pounds.  It has a storage for bottles, diapers and more.

Buy it here.

5.  My Little Seat Infant Travel High Chair, Hula Loops


The My Little Seat Infant Travel High Chair features a 5 point harness along with its extra reinforced seaming and is safety tested for strength and durability.  Just sling it over a chair and it sets up in seconds.

Buy it here.

Each design has its own advantages.  When choosing a Portable High Chair, look for one that is easy to use, won’t take up much space and most importantly,  secure your child comfortably and safely.   Happy Shopping!

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