What I Do To De-Stress

I try to lead a healthy lifestyle by running.  It is one of the best ways to relieve stress or improve my mood.   I also love zumba but my  class has been cancelled because of low turnout.  So what I do now is to catch the free Zumba / Senamrobik that is held every Sunday at the park.


During weekdays, I would try to squeeze in one day of running after work.  On weekends, it will be Zumba and a run.

According to some articles I have read, running boosts our endorphins and this means that after a long stressful day, lacing up the shoes and hitting the road can help one to feel better.


I like to wear a running cap when I go for my run because it helps to keep the hair in place and keep the sweat from sliding into my eyes.


This is another one of my regular caps.  It is water-resistant and light.

So how do you de-stress?  Please share.   If you are facing stress, please read this article from Betterhelp on stress.

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