Where To Buy The Perfect Eyeglasses Online

Once you have gotten your eyes examined by the ophthalmologist,  the next step is to choose a pair of glasses.   Shopping for prescription glasses is very convenient now.  You can make your purchase online, the comfort of your home and away from the crowded shopping mall.  The best thing is that online purchase of eyeglasses is a lot more affordable than purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store.   All you have to do is simply find the frame that you like, enter the prescription and select the lens.  Your new frames will be shipped off to you in no time. How easy right?

I am going to share with you this awesome online store where you can get affordable, fashionable and premium eyeglasses – Zeelool.com.  They are a professional wholesaler and retailer specializing in a wide range of fashionable, high quality finished prescription eyeglasses.  Zeelool.com offers an endless selection of style in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


How To Order Your Prescription Glasses

1. Choose a Frame 

Select from their wide range of frames using their user-friendly navigation to narrow down your search by gender, type, material, shape and more.

2. Pick Your Lens Type

Once you have chosen your frame, pick the lens you need.

3. Enter Your Prescription

Simply fill out your details and prescription using their easy-to-use online form.

4. Fast & Free Shipping

Zeelool offers free shipping for orders above $59.

5. 24/7 Tracking

Once payment has been made, a tracking number and tracking links will be sent to your email address upon the order being sent out.

6.  Easy Return & Refund

Zeelool has an easy return and refund policy.  If you are not satisfied with the eyeglasses frames you have ordered, you can choose to return the items for replacement or a refund.

Easy peasy right?


Why Choose Zeelool.com?

Zeelool uses the latest state-of-the-art lens manufacturing equipment that is staffed by highly trained ophthalmic technicians. They produce some of the finest and most exquisite lens designs today.   All products undergo stringent quality checks and are fitted by experienced optical technicians throughout the assembly process.  The eyeglasses are then checked again during packing and shipping process.  Therefore you can be assured that every pair of eyeglasses meets the extremely high standards.

Competitive Pricing

Zeelool does not have overhead costs such as the rental of retail space and expensive displays.  Also, their frames and lenses are direct from the manufacturer.  Hence, no middleman is involved.  This means more savings for their customers.  It is estimated that a customer can enjoy a savings of up to 70%.


Zeelool’s eyeglasses feature a scratch-resistant coating that is very durable and is applied on both sides of the lens.  This scratch-proof coating is free.  When you request for this at your local optician, it usually cost between $30 to $50.

When you order your new prescription eyeglasses, you will also receive Free accessories such as a screwdriver and a Zeelool microfiber cleaning cloth which is to help keep the glasses clean.

Zeelool’s Commitment

They are totally committed to providing customers with premium quality product, fast delivery and at an extremely competitive price.  They have a team of professional warehouse staff who follows strict standards to inspect and packing orders before shipment.


So hurry and shop for the cheap glasses frames you love and have your glasses conveniently delivered to you. Be prepared for the compliments to pour in.  So are you ready for a truly unique online eyeglasses shopping that is also a great value?  Check out Zeelool.com today.

But don’t take my words for it.  Just read what others have said about Zeelool.com here.


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