Bubble balls from Blueinflatable.com

Bubble balls are extremely amazing balls that guarantee laughter and smiles from the word go to the final whistle. They are used as sports uniform to play football. Each player is engulfed inside the bubble as it covers the head and arms up to the knees. They are manufactured in transparent types that are very resistant and reliable on various surfaces such as carpets, grass, artificial turf, gym floors, and sometimes the sand on the beach. This is because the players have to fall while playing soccer in these relatively huge bubbles. It makes them feel happier when they knock each other and split in the air onto the ground.

bubble soccer

Meanwhile, the objective of the game is to net more goals than the opposing team, to be crowned winners. These bubbles are transparent to reduce claustrophobic effects as this allows direct light inside. These balls are available in different sizes, designs, and colors which gives users a bunch to choose from. And for the case of competitions, each team is usually given a different color to distinguish team-mates from opponents easily. Nevertheless, the colors maintain the transparent view to the outside. To get access to this bubble with ease, kindly reach out to us via this website and shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, bubble footballs are highly recommended for kids and adults above 10 years old, from 4’8 to 6’4 ft, and those less than 240 lbs. Meanwhile, those outside these specifications should first seek permission from doctors and event organizers of the bubble balls. This also takes into account all the kids below 18 years to have signed waiver agreements from their parents prior to the game. These bubbles are essential in bonding family members, friends, colleagues, team-mates, and work-mates together. It further improves the health of individuals through exercising the body. And lastly, when you play a bubble ball, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable sleep at night.


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