Divorced? Give Your Wedding Ring a Second Life

For divorcees, wedding rings can be a tough one. First, they serve as a reminder of a past relationship, and the memory itself might be something they just don’t want to think about. Secondly, what on earth do you do you do with a wedding ring once you’ve gotten divorced? You could always sell it and recouping the value of your loss, which might be the first option for some, but there are some more creative ways to give the wedding ring from your past relationship a new life. Before you sell the ring, read this first!

Have it Cleaned Up

You’d be really surprised at what a good cleaning could do to a piece of jewelry. Using proper jewelry cleaner and giving the ring a buff could give it that new shine that you’ve been looking for – and a completely new meaning to the ring itself!


Combine Rings into Two

Most jewelers are more than happy to accommodate requests from clients, and it’s useful to know that you can have two rings melted together – that way, you get to keep the design of the original ring if it’s something you like, and you get to combine it with another beloved jewelry piece that you want to keep close.

A New Designer Piece

You can also consult a professional jeweler to turn an old ring into a completely new designer piece. This is usually done by melting the ring down, so if you ended up with a design you don’t like or prefer not to be reminded by, this is likely the option you should opt for.  Have the design you will be looking for drawn up by a professional designer or artist beforehand, especially if you’re looking for something specific to make up the new piece.

Have it Altered

If melting the piece down completely is a little too drastic for you, then you could also consider simply having it altered instead. Now, the level of alterations that can be done to a single piece of jewelry is surprisingly vast and go far beyond simply resizing, adding a stone or taking one away. You can have a piece altered as drastically as you want – or not – until it fits what you need it to be and it stops being a reminder instead.

Pass it On

Sometimes, rings and other valuables have a habit of staying in the family. Especially if you had children during your time together, you might choose to have the ring passed on instead. It could mean a lot to the person on the other end! Whether or not you have the ring altered or melted down in any way beforehand is up to you. Here, useful options are having the ring fit to size, or having it engraved with a special message; you can also add a small stone or diamond to it to signify the passing of the ring from one generation to the next.

Selling It

Remember we mentioned that selling the ring might be the first option for some? Well, if we haven’t convinced you to revamp your ring just yet and you would still like to sell it, we’d recommend that you get all of the ring’s paperwork and grading details (if any) together before you sell, and only pick a reputable dealer or buyer when you do.  Also, you might need to check how to sell a ring online for more convenience than going to a dealer. These ensures that you get the best value for money, and that you’re able to put the money towards something for your future.

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