I have a thing for floor tiles

I have this thing for floor tiles.  Love the colourful and unique floor tiles.  I was in Hoi An when I spotted these tiles in the old shops.  When I asked the shop owners how old these tiles are, they told me the shops have been around for almost 100 years.  The floor tiles remain unchanged over the years although they repainted the shop.  So interesting.  I can’t help but wonder who has stepped on to these tiles since they were laid on the floor until the present day.  What happened to all those people?


I can’t remember where I took this photo.


The above photo and the one below were taken in a tailor shop in the Old Quarter. One is in the living room and one is in the kitchen.


Please excuse my not so pretty shoes as I wore a pair of sneakers and padded shoe for comfort during my travel.  No heels or my trusted fitflops as I was worried the open-toe sandals may be too cold for my feet.


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